No way MTN is pulling out from Zambian football – Molapisi

MTN CEO Charles Molapisi has reaffirmed the companys support for Zambian football

MTN Zambia will continue its long-standing support of Zambian football, recently announcing its unwavering sponsorship deal to Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) for the MTN/FAZ Super League and National Football Team.

In the last seven years, MTN Zambia directly injected a hefty amount of money into the sport, during which Zambia has won the senior Africa Cup of Nations, U20 Africa Cup of Nations and seen the Super League grow in popularity both locally and on the African continent.

Speaking to journalists after the Zanaco and Zesco Football Club match at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka at the weekend, Charles Molapisi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for MTN Zambia, said following a positive impact as witnessed by the company on Zambian football, MTN Zambia has been encouraged to continuously invest in Zambian football. 

“There is no possibility of pulling out from the FAZ sponsorship deal. We will be in the next round of contractual discussions to renew contacts with FAZ.

“We are committed to the growth of football in Zambia and we have seen it working for us and the nation during the past seven years we have been at the forefront of supporting the sport.

“Hence we will continue doing so with absolute confidence that the sport is improving.”

Molapisi said, “If you look at the successes of Zambia at the Nations Cup, the Under 20 and World Cup qualifiers, MTN has always been supportive. As a company we want to be part of the success and we have spent a lot of time building and cultivating the relationship.”

On possibilities of increasing sponsorship support, he said he would leave that to the discussions between FAZ and MTN and would not want to pre-empt on what will happen.

“Remember, we have a common vision of shaping football in this nation with a common interest of taking football forward and with this common interest we will continue working together to find a mid-point to complement each other.”

Meanwhile, the statement comes at a time when Vodafone has been challenging MTN Zambia over branding rights at the now deserted Woodlands Stadium. Vodafone is reportedly said to having been orchestrating a plan to lure FAZ to accept its proposal to sponsor the country’s topflight football league in the forthcoming soccer season.

On resolve the matter, MTN said, “We are guided by FAZ, they are the custodians of the game in the country, we get instructions on how we proceed from them. And we will continue to seek wisdom from them on the way forward. Our interest is to make sure that we deliver the support so that Zambian football moves forward.”


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    This is the result of not being transparent by the Galu Administration…contracts signed in the bar. City can not even take sponsors on board.

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    If I were vodafone, I would offer twice what MTN is offering and promise not restrict advertising by competitors. FAZ cant say no to more money

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      I am new, I have not even got my returns in the country and then I would offer twice, how mwebantu APeter Njobvu sure?

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    Well, there’s a contract isn’t it? If FAZ signed that contract they must honor it until it comes to an end. What FAZ can do in this situation is at least try and get some elbow room in the new agreement where some of these issues can be managed. Otherwise kaya, ba Vodafone didn’t ask FAZ? Useless chaps

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    Thanks to MTN, they came in when everything looked gloomy, and at that time pumped in very substantial amounts to revive the soccer. What is good is good.

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    Indeed we have seen the talents in under 17 & 20 teams which would have gone to waste had it been for MTN’s coming onboard to revamp football in Zambia.
    Our Local League is also regaining its old glory, we are seen supporters who were shunning our local clubs proudly talking about local teams now soon the EPL which gained support by these people will lose market as most of them are slowly going back to their old local teams such as Mighty, Power, Kalampa, Ciy ya Moto, ZESCO….etc.

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    If vodafone is owning Woodlands Stadium. There is no need to stop them from advertising. Mopani has adverts in their stadium, so is CEC, so is KCM and other. Even in English premier league Barclays does not stop others from advertising.

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    If vodafone is owning Woodlands Stadium. There is no need to stop them from advertising. Mopani has adverts in their stadium, so is CEC, so is KCM and other. Even in English premier league Barclays does not stop others from advertising.
    What of those adverts on the foot attire. Suppose Vodafone jersey for one of the premier league teams. What would MTN do.

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    If you’re failing to resolve the impasse. Try a green area, with a lot of impact Zambia Rugby is ripe for harvest with a lot of gains on both sides.


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