Dr. Bright Chunga dies

Dr Bright Chunga
Dr Bright Chunga

Former Presidential advisor to President Levy Mwanawasa and Director at Trade Kings Bright Chunga has died.

Dr Chunga served in various capacities over the years.

He was Permanent Secretary and Director of Higher Education Research, Planning and Policy Development; Medical diagnostic imaging, Technical education development; Curriculum evaluation, planning and management.

Dr Chunga also provided technical expertise on sociology and policy analysis.

At the time of his death, he was Director of Corporate Affairs at Trade Kings Limited.

Dr. Bright M. Chunga holds a PhD in Sociology from the University Sussex in the United Kingdom and a Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum Evaluation, Planning, and Management also from Sussex.

He also holds a Diploma in Technical Teacher Education from the Technical and Vocational Teacher Education College of Zambia (TVTC).

He further holds a Diploma in Radiotherapy (DDR) from the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital in Sutton, Surrey in the United Kingdom and a Diploma in Medical Diagnostic Imaging (DDR) from the School of Radiography at the Evelyn Hone College.


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    This is how you use your education to serve your country in the public or private sector. Go well, Doctor Chunga and may your family keep your legacy alive.

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    Ebu doctor ubu. With identifiable qualifications. Not these honorary doctors. He was always Bright, not Dr. Chunga and yet he had worked hard and deserved this title. It is the chancers who are given the title on a platter who want to be paraded as Dr. So and So. Mwanya ba Pwele!!!

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    I remember Dr Chunga also served in Dr Kaunda’s government. He was also very instrumental in the creation of Kafue steel plant under Trade Kings together with Dr Julius Kaoma. Farewell gallant son of the blessed Zambian soil till we meet again in glory bye bye to you.

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    Ati :” He was Permanent Secretary and Director of Higher Education Research, Planning and Policy Development; Medical diagnostic imaging, Technical education development; Curriculum evaluation, planning and management.” Hmm guys, is there such a long title?

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    I first personally met Dr. Chunga in Johannesburg in 2013 at a UNDP meeting at King George Hotel. He was such a humble and pleasant person. I had a very fruitful discussion with him. During the discussion, I learnt that he was from Eastern Province in Chief Nzamane’s area near Mtenguleni the venue for NXcula ceremony of the Ngoni people.

    Go well Dr. Chunga!

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    Sounds like he was a Great Guy.
    We need more of this type to transform Zambia, but sadly they are averse to politics. MSRIP

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    we were family friends, and he was friends with my parents from before I was born. he was honestly a very good man. He was kind and humble. He did alot for his country and always tried to help those he could. MHSRIP.

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    Indeed he was a humble guy as I indeed interacted with him for a long time. Not only did he serve as advisor topresident Levy Mwanawasa but he also served as advisor to president Nelson Mandela and Jerry Rawlings

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      You took long to comment, thought you never would. You could have done a disservice to this great humble man who you were privileged to have worked with and whom you so passionately extolled…!

      R.I.P. Bright Chunga +

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    You are a good example of those who have done so much for this country. One does not need to be a politician to be seen to contribute to the development of mother Zambia. MYSRIP Dr.

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    Rip, Dr chunga,such a simple man i would ever imagine, did alot during kaunda time, helped set up mandela’s office after he won elections nd jerry Rawlings too.back home…the steel factory will alwsys remain identified with him…go well.

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    Such a great man… It was just barely last month when we had such a great productive discussion at Kafue Steel Plant. He was sound and objective in all his actions. I am humbled and saddened by his demise as I had an equal share of his vast knowledge having worked under his charge at Kafue Steel Plant.

    On the social fabric, he was such a jovial, calm, friendly and guardian to many.

    Bon Voyage Bright as you always preferred to be addressed than Dr. Chunga till we meet again.

    May the Almighty God grant your family, colleagues and “us workmates” His fortitude during the painful period.
    RIP gallant soil of the African soil…..


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