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Oktoberfest Lusaka to showcase over 20 Kraft and International Beers

Headlines Oktoberfest Lusaka to showcase over 20 Kraft and International Beers

PR Girl Media will host the first annual Oktoberfest in Lusaka this weekend

PR Girl Media will kick-start the summer with an Oktoberfest event to be held in Lusaka on 15 & 16 September 2017. It has been a busy year for the Public relations and Event Management company who recently held the jaw-dropping ‘Lusaka July’.

This weekend, PR Girl Media has committed to showcasing some of the world’s most popular beers and festival food to celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest.

“Oktoberfest is a beer festival dating from the 1800s. Today, it has become a time when we celebrate with our family and friends and let our hair down for an epic party.” Said Monde Nyambe who is the Event Coordinator at PR Girl Media.

Oktoberfest Lusaka will be an annual event hosted to attract beer, food and music enthusiasts with an appreciation for premium events. “To differentiate this beer festival from the others in town, we are calling it ‘Beerville’ and creating a beer garden right in the heart of Lusaka”, stated Monde Nyambe. The event boasts of over 20 kraft and international beers to be presented and with Devil’s Peak Brewery from Cape Town being a top brewery in South Africa, it will have some of the best brews on the continent. Our very own Mosi Lager will welcome the other beers to Zambia through an interactive set of activities at the event.

Oktoberfest Lusaka promises to be a unique experience as PR Girl Media has confirmed that they will lean towards delivering an authentic celebration of the German event. Zambia’s top DJs such as DJ Hussein, El Mukuka, V Jeezy and many others will entertain the audience as they mingle in the scenic outdoor garden park of Chita Lodge in Lusaka.


Details of ‘Oktoberfest Lusaka’ can be found on PR Girl Media social media platforms.


  1. “The event boasts of over 20 kraft and international beers to be presented and with Devil’s Peak Brewery from Cape Town”

    • Oktoberfest Namibia The Best In Africa

      The only Oktoberfest in Africa where we celebrate authentic German traditions, great atmosphere fueled by Namibian passion. The Oktoberfest Namibia event starts 27-28 October 2017
      Typical to a traditional fair, there are a lot of games to ensure fun times, but the most prominent are “Stamm-sägen” (Log-Sawing); “Bierstemmen” (Beer-Lifting); “Hau den Lukas” (High Striker / Strong-Man / Ring the Bell); Nageln; Mechanical Bull-Riding, Archery, Speed Ball (Table Tennis), Soccer wall and many, many more…

      Traditional German food include Schweine Haxn (Pork Knuckle); Schweinebraten (Pork Roast), Bretzn (Pretzels), Weisswurst, Bratwurst, Obatzda and much more…

      We will have all the local Namibia Breweries beers available…

  2. Traditional German Dirndl Dresses are much much longer than the mini-dresses Zambian girls are wearing in the picture .
    Just legalize prostitution in Zambia instead of pretending to be a “holy nation”

  3. WE just COPY EVERYTHING WESTERN WITH OUT REFLECTING ON THEIR RELEVANCY TO OUR COUNTRY and CULTURE!! Of what value is this to our country when WE have FAILED TO ORGANIZE A FESTIVAL TO CELEBRATE OUR OWN ZAMBIAN FOODS and DRINKS!? HOW I WISH WE COULD REVIVE and ENHANCE the LIVINGSTONE CULTURAL and ARTS FESTIVAL(L’CAF) instead of these copy and paste way of doing things which may us look lost and sometimes foolish to the very owners of the cultures we imitate!!

  4. I respect black women like Linda Kasonde who look natural; not these artificial ones; they want to look like whites with their hair and bleached skins; we’re rude to white yet we want to look like them;

    • If you mentioned the first lady I was going to agree with you not Linda kasonde a woman who applies foundation on the face and wears a gstring.

  5. If the girls in those mini dirndl dresses are meant to attract the outgoing German men to come to Zambia for sex tourism, then it might sound like a good idea. Except the dates for the Zambian Oktoberfest may coincide with the Bavarian Oktoberfest in Germany which ends on the last day of September as I remember from my long stay in that wonderful cosmopolitan city of Munich. I am just thinking aloud why we Zambians should not be thinking of a carnival like one finds in LONDON or RIO in BRASIL (or BRAZIL) which would depict and celebrate our different traditional ceremonies all at once. It would also have a roadshow attached to it like the German Techno music roadshows of Berlin. It would probably unifying us more and attract more tourists.

  6. My question is why bring German traditions to Zambia as if we do not have our own Zambian traditions? Now I understand why Mobutu Sese Seko banned the playing of foreign music in Zaire and why Congolese rhumba music has developed to the level it has today.

  7. These are things we should never entertain in this country.. a festival with a lot of illicit activities in the name of cultural exchange.. just to erode our values. Rubbish!

  8. Ati “The event boasts of over 20 kraft and international beers to be presented and with Devil’s Peak Brewery from Cape Town being a top brewery in South Africa”, ,you even write Devil’s Peak, its plain and simple to see that these activities are associated with Saturn himself, Zambian’s awe sure mwandi…………

  9. Makaka,
    Who told you we cannot have a cultural exchange around katubi, katata, lutuku, umbabmba, skokiana and who told you that our women can’t wear misisi?

  10. Oktoberfest in Zambia! German heard Zambia is a nation of drunks! As for Girl Media, honestly I’ve seen everything now. Black frauleins in Zambia selling beer! Das ist capital!

  11. Something needs to be done to control the number of minors who have become slaves to tujilijilifest which runs 365 days in a calendar year. Better the sell of quality beer than fongkongs.

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