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President Lungu should disclose the source of Presidential Empowerment Fund-Kambwili

Headlines President Lungu should disclose the source of Presidential Empowerment Fund-Kambwili

Roan Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, addresses Masaiti residents during a public hearing by the committee in the district
FILE: Roan Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, addresses Masaiti residents during a public hearing by the committee in the district

Patriotic Front (PF) Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has challenged President Edgar Lungu to tell the Zambian people the source of the Presidential Empowerment Fund that is being disbursed to Marketeers across the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Pan African Radio news, Dr. Kambwili says there is something sinister about the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund.

Dr. Kambwili says the fund which was established prior to the 2016 General elections has no track record, alleging that no one has so far explained the source of the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund for transparency sake and to avoid speculations.

Dr. Kambwili has since alleged that so far k10 million has been disbursed to Marketeers and he wonders how President Edgar Lungu would account for such colossal sums of money because even if the president was to give up 10 months his own salary he would not afford.

“Where is he finding the money to give marketeers because even if he is to sacrifice his salary for ten months it can’t match what he has spent so far” Kambwili asked

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front (PF) National Youth Chairperson who is also home affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has charged that Dr. Kambwili Should be the last person in Zambia to hold an opinion on matters of corruption as he is number one culprit.

“Kambwili should keep quiet because he is more corrupt than any individual in Government” Kampyongo said

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  1. Ba neckless you said that you know every detail about govt. How come you’re blank on this. Upnd us relying on you how to chase ecz trucks carrying elections material in 2021 are you prepared fir the chase.

    • And nobody has answered why those drug-cartel of Findlays are travelling on presidential jets. For example to Swaziland.
      Is Edgar safe or hostage of thugs lead by Kaiser?

    • Mushota,
      you have said it before, and it does not get better by repeating it as you did again this morning.
      You wrote: “Zambians are dull”.

      If this is so, than you surely are a prime example of that!
      You sound completely lost, neither here nor there, forgetting where you came from.

    • Some secrets are better kept secret or you will be dragged into them as well. if there is any illegality the CK should be the first one to be punished.

    • It will only get better as far as entertainment is concerned. There’s more the mortar mouth will trot out about lungu. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. lungu has picked on a wrong guy to mess around with (to borrow a phrase from rambo 1st blood). It will get more hilarious when he begins pointing to graveyards where the stolen votes are hidden.

    • Our country has been handed over to thieves who can even afford the leisure of using tax payer money to go and watch young naked girls in Swaziland when there is a lot that needs doing to our schools ,hospitals ,colleges and universities . How many school leavers who cannot manage university fees could have benefited from the money used to get these dim wits to Swaziland and back. This country has gone to the dogs .You have an auditor general who is a political appointee scared and Sh!t*ing herself to even say a word about Lung& occupying a house belonging to the Ministry of justice for God how long .

      I am also interested to know what’s up and you have facts, kindly constitute a legal team and take one ECL to either report to the ACC or the competent court. The logic here is that if you are as blank as I am on this matter, then you are just making wild allegations. Stop making noise, else, lead us to the facts. My take on this is that you know exactly where the money is coming from. It’s only but a few months since you got your asz fired. Come on man fill us in.

    • Mushota, it takes one to know another! Your inferiority complex will be the end of you! You forget that your parents are Zambian your siblings, friends and family. What did they do to deserve these insults. You forgot you are Zambian, you haven’t even got your British papers yet, so chill madam!

  2. Kapyongo should explain assertion that Kambwili the number one culprit when it comes to corruption otherwise his statement is just hot air .What makes matters worse is that Kapyongo is not even the party or presidential spokesman to deny on behalf of Lungu. Let Lungu answer on his own behalf and explain the source of the money and many other allegations which Kambwili has made in the past.

    • Yes @PM, he is saying Kabwili is the ‘most’ corrupt of all of us, acknowledging that they are all corrupt including the president. But Lookking at the comments above, Zambians don’t care how corrupt their government is as long as they stop upnd from forming government. But they are sacrificing their country to turn into Nigeria ….

    • But you are not interested to find out more about this? What if for sure Lungu got that money in a corrupt way, you still don’t care about that? So for you Whatvever Kamblili says is ‘chibwatebwate’ fye even if you don’t know the trust???

  3. Kapyongo should explain his assertion that Kambwili is the number one culprit when it comes to corruption otherwise his statement is just hot air .What makes matters worse is that Kapyongo is not even the party or presidential spokesman to deny on behalf of Lungu. Let Lungu answer on his own behalf and explain the source of the money and many other allegations which Kambwili has made in the past. People want to know why Lungu is using the police to protect his building projects and why upto now Lungu hasn’t handed over to government the house he held while he was minister of Justice before he became president?
    who is paying for the house?
    Why government particularly the auditor general hasn’t acted and billed Lungu ?

  4. Zambian people are the most complicated I have ever encountered…

    ,Kambwili is right on point on this topic….but look at all the negative posts coming from the doll Zambians…wow…what a country all the best folks.

    We need a transparent Gov…Lungu needs to explain where the money is coming from the Zambian people need to know, this is a straight forward situation….we all know that Mr. Lungu was a broke guy before he became the president…so please Mr. President in light us with the full details….we have the whole day.

    • Lungu could not even afford the nomination fee to stand as a president it was Ba Chikwanda who paid for him… today ate he had a life before he become president. Could not even afford a decent suit.

      Tell us which law firm he managed and what cases he represented which made him so much money…
      My prediction has always been that Lungu will be the first Zambian president to jailed after leaving office

    • That is what poverty has done to us, we worship the corrupt hoping to access their crumbs. We now have the sebana wikuti movement. Shame.

    • @Dweny: Ask yourself this: When Mwanawasa couldn’t stand the “corruption” in MMD, HE RESIGNED ON MORAL GROUNDS. Kambwili has been expelled and he has rushed to court to block the expulsion, why?? If he saw the corruption in PF why hasn’t he followed his elder brother, Levy’s example??? Kambwili knows that once he’s officially out, it’s over!!! So he’s just trying to remain relevant by spewing rubbish in the media everyday. Shameful creatures these politicians.

    • @Zambian Citizen
      Mwanawasa had integrity and Kambwili has’t. He is part of the PF rot. The idea here is ukufilila munsenga, if you understand this Bemba saying. Like Sata, Kambwili knows all the dirty tricks the lungu govt is up to. He will keep us up to date with how the rotten govt works. Just keep on pushing him along.

    • @Wantanshi: So how can you believe a person with no integrity??? So tomorrow if he goes back to state house on his knees, he’s accepted and he starts insulting you again, are you going to “keep pushing him along”?????

    • Zambian citizen

      Many ,many crooks, theives , embezellers, murders have been convicted and sent to jail on account of their accomplices and gang members turned wintness……..and testified against them…..stop trying to normalise corruption and stealing in Zambia.

    • @Zambian Citizen

      You read the confession from Kampyongo: “Kambwili should keep quiet because he is more corrupt than any individual in Government”

      Need we comment further on this straight forward admission of guilt? The govt of lungu is corrupt, according to Kampyongo. There’s no honor among thieves. By sacking him from PF lungu has deprived Kambwili of the benefits of belonging to the mafia govt and now he stands ready to expose its crookedness. He has nothing to lose. If Kambwili has to go down he will definitely drag lungu along with him. It’s time we started holding public officials to account. Here Kampyongo brazenly admits they are all thieves but Kambwili was a more cleverer thief than the rest of them. Isn’t it time to demand the govt resign and set up another one?

    • @Wantanshi: Everything you are saying, everything Kambwili is saying, IS ALL MEDIA THEATRICS!!! Do you think a credible court will open a case on speculation??? If Kambwili or yourself had HARD EVIDENCE of this corruption, we would be hearing this issue from the ACC or ZP spokessperson!!! After Mwanawasa’s anti-corruption circus, Zambians wont get duped again by that rubbish until a better method of fighting corruption is brought up.
      “Isn’t it time to demand the govt resign and set up another one?”-IS THAT YOUR STRATEGY FOR REGIME CHANGE??? I REALLY EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU!!!!

    • Ati if you had hard evidence…..what happened to the kaiser Zulu case where he got $200,000 from a chinse to meet lungu and the Chinese went to complain to the ACC ? Lungu intervened and stoped the investigation…..

    • When your country is full of people like Zambian Citizen, then you’re in problems. They see no wrong in the party that they voted for. No matter what PF does , they will support…its a shame..


    • …thank you, Bombwe. We get carried away with s.t.u.p.i.d issues that just require common sense. No wonder we wasted over $100m and eight years on a dumb anti-corruption circus!!!!

    • Zambian citizen

      When the Chinese or indians bribe a minister and his subornates with say $10 million to sign a contract that is unfair to Zambia or is useless, Zambia in turn losses at least 20 to 100 times that amount, you think they would be bribing ministers to get less ?

    • @Spaka: Save us your ignorance. please!!! If $100bn was given to ministers, the economy would receive a massive boost!!! Remember our national budget is about $2bn??? That’s why I say your accusations are baseless and are devoid of facts.

    • Zambia citizen it is you who is selectively ingonrant by design to the evils of corruption and the loss to Zambia…..

      Take the Mopani deal resigned in 2015 by PF that gives mopani mines a fixed electricity cost for 40 years no matter how high electricity costs raise , how much is Zesco losing ? Some one was bribed to sign that deal

      Take the lie that lungu told That he only hears of rummers that gold, cobalt, and other precocious minerals are a by product of copper extraction….. how many 10s of billions of US has Zambia lost ? Some was bribed and is still being bribed to play ignorant to this theft…..

      These looses are only a tip of a mammoth corruption mountain in Zambia.

    • Zambian citizen you are as du.ll as the other kaponya rat njimbu,

      Ati if ministers were given $100 billion, ……to you thieves its all about money in your pockets , you don’t see the accumulative loss to Zambia in the long run…..just go back to thinking of stealing , you can’t understand jack…

  6. “Kambwili should keep quiet because he is more corrupt than any individual in Government”… This statement confirms that there is corruption in Government… but not at Kambwili’s level…. Funny!!!

  7. Even IMF would Not lend its money to a country involved in Money Laundering. ECL should come clean and explain how the Presidential Empowerment Fund is being funded. The money is not coming from the National Budget so where is it coming from if not from the Drugs? Lungu must explain this to the Nation.

    • What did the Chiluba case achieve, given what is happening?
      It is about fifteen years since Mwanawasa accused Chiluba of stealing millions of pounds in public funds during his 10 years in office. Parliament lifted Chiluba’s immunity from prosecution.
      The move delighted ordinary Zambians, who watched their leaders grow rich while they sunk into poverty. Diplomats said it may be an exciting first for Africa, too – a retired leader being taken to task for corruption, the continent’s most notorious vice, within a year of leaving office.
      One western ambassador said he was “shaken and excited” by recent developments; another diplomat noted that “other leaders in the region are very concerned with what is happening here”. She mentioned in particular Kenya’s president Daniel arap Moi, who…

  8. Ba LT, why do you keep referring to this quack as Dr. Chishimba Kambwili? What this man has is a fake honorary doctorate from a California Certification Program. Are you not aware of what the Zambia Qualification Authority’s Executive Director, Mirriam Chiyaba, said about honorary doctorates? She categorically and unambiguously stated that honorary doctorates shouldn’t be used as titles. Only earned doctorates – obtained after several years of research and scholarship – could be used as titles. Apart from ransacking railway sleepers between Luanshya and Ndola as scrap metal, has Kambwili ever spent years in any reputable university in any scholarly academic endeavor? Your guess is as good as mine!

  9. Some people never cease to amaze me with their confusion. Someone is telling you that your wife was seen heading to a lodge with her Boss at 2300hrs when you were attending a funeral in the village, instead of getting concerned and swinging into action to find out, you shout and blame the whistle blower!

    • If that ‘someone’ is the person you are not in ‘talking terms’ with and don’t see eye to eye, you won’t take his whistle blowing seriously. Would you?

    • @Grand Funk
      Zambians are not called ‘DOCILE’ for nothing. Read this confession from one of the thieves:

      “Kambwili should keep quiet because he is more corrupt than any individual in Government” Kampyongo said

      Isn’t this an admission of guilt on behalf of lungu? lungu is a thief who has been convicted of stealing from a poor woman. He is now in charge of the corrupt system, it’s therefore not surprising that he is suddenly a rich man.


  11. Kambwili knows exactly where the moneys are coming from and he better just give to us other than waiting for Jonathan to reply to rhetoric. How sad that Kampyongo confirms that they are corrupt except not as much as Kambwili. Just how do these people think about Zambians by being so careless and clueless.

  12. This is politiking, when you were in government why were you not asking the very questions you are asking now when you are out of government? Those questions will not gain you any populality. Mind you Zambians now are more and better informed, no one will ever cheat them again. So sir just bring issue based politics if you want to become president. In europe leaders resign on moral grounds if they come across issues that are against there principles and morals. Ba Chishimba be mature enough to build the nation.Please do not try to make a name by discrediting others, just be factual then zambians will consider you.

    • Look at these people, are you for real ? Kambwili is asking genuine questions that should worry any Zambia concerned with the moral integrity of of country ! Ohh I forgot some of you have morals from the toilet and corruption and stealing is part of a job….shame.

    • Zambian citizen

      You must be part of this endemic corruption in Zambia or certainly a benificiary ……you try very hard to normalise and make corruption and stealing part of being in GRZ and some thing that must be done. . ?

    • @Spaka the colonised: The saying goes, “kawalala ni pa kwanja”. Why don’t all your corruption allegations yield convictions??? Because of your approach, simple!!! Instead of investing in robust investigative and anti-crime organisations, you invested in individuals like Nchito and convicted no one!!! That’s what is wrong with anti-corruption in Zambia. Using the post newspaper and the fake media as open air courts to fix alleged enemies, That’s what is wrong with anti-corruption in Zambia.

    • One day a true messiah will lead Zambia and all you theives will pay…….mwanawase and posts fight against corruption and looting where noble causes that began to teach Zambians the evils of corruption and looting…….you want to normalise corruption and looting

    • “….mwanawase and posts fight against corruption and looting where noble causes that began to teach Zambians the evils of corruption and looting…”
      8 years later, $100m+ later, NO MEANINGFUL CONVICTIONS, CHILUBA AQUITTED, NO PROPERTIES FOUND IN EUROPE, NO SWISS OR BAHAMAS ACCOUNTS STASHED WITH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS…kwekwekwekwekwe…only Richard Sakala for “stealing” a car; A man worth over $5m stealing a car???…meanwhile Nchito and M’membe open airline???….What a bunch of rubbish!!!!…kwekwekwekwekwe….

    • 8 years later $100 million spent on fighting corruption………20 years $100 billion lost through corruption……

      Get a calculator to help you do the maths….

  13. No sir, kambwili should not keep quiet about the corruption and thieving that he knows exists. We need to start being honest and transparent as a nation or else Zambia will never progress. We need our next generation to be a lot more responsible and accountable.

  14. CK baffles the hell out of me and possibly a million other Zambians. This ranting would have been received with credibility if he had pointed all this out when he was still in government. Even if he alleges that EL is syphoning funds from government coffers or dubious sources, I wouldn’t take him serious because I perceive him a bitter and angry man crying over privileges he has lost for not being ‘inside’. It would have been more credible then, but why now? I am afraid he is treading the path of past disgruntled politicians and he will soon cease to be relevant.

    • So you telling us that thieves who testify against their other gang members can not be believed ?.?

      What a pathetic excuse to condon and except corruption and stealing..

  15. Enlightened and Mulenga Mulenga, Mr Kambwili, should have started asking questions while in government and should also have resigned the same way Mwanawasa did on moral ground.
    Zambians should stop buying stories from these politicians to avoid being fooled by these people.Zambians should first analyse the issues and then comment effectively, so Chishimba is WRONG!!!!! These politicians must be factual and not trying to win favours from the general masses.
    We should never be fooled again and again.

  16. I am on record saying lungu is the most corrupt president Zambia has ever had……lungu is so corrupt that the words corruption are a joke to him and his gang…….the tradegy in all this is Zambians, the upcoming generation are being tought that corruption and stealing is part of life and being in government…..even the PF supporters on LT want to normalise corruption and outright stealing and make it look like it is a normal thing for one to do..

    • Corruption is what has made hh to be leader of the upnd for more than 10 years without intra party elections. All the positions are appointed based on tribe and business connection. You’re not the right donkey to point out corruption in pf. Do you know why hh has managed to silence anyone with presidential ambition.

    • HH small willy oval head

      Where in this topic is HH mentioned ? Stop trying to mislead people away from the topic at hand.
      Kambwili is insinuating lungu is involved in money laundering…….maybe you know the source of that money, tell us ?

      And if HH is corrupt or has in the past indulged in corruption he should be investigated and prosecuted

    • If he failed to explain his wealth, he should be investigated and convicted then, not so , that is the way things must be….

      Investigate the source of the wealth of HH , every body must support that , especially if he wants to be president. Period.

  17. Each day I am more convinced lungu is the worst, corrupt president Zambia will ever have.

    Scandal , after scandal about corruption and stealing in government and not a single word from him or his spokes person, the only news we see of lungu is commissioning overinflated projects all with nothing but borrowed money.

    As kambwili says , lungu was dishonest with a clients money before, he lost his law liscence , what makes us think he will be honest with the countries money. .?

    • …task force 2.0. That’s why you will never get into office, you think you can dupe Zambians with that anti-corruption garbage again??? How did Lungu, who you claim was convicted of chewing client’s money, stand for public office with a criminal record??? It’s simple, you have no strategy to convince Zambians in the 6.5 to change their minds and vote for you (unlike in the 3.5 where tribe is the criteria!!) so you want to lump falsehoods on ECL/PF Chiluba style hoping Zambians in the 6.5 will see you losers as noble. Try something else, BITTER LOSERS!!!!

    • Zambian citizen

      First and foremost I am not UPND, I am an activist for good governance….I will be against any one in statehouse who shows the thuggery and connivance in corruption as PF and lungu…

      Second…..police arrested a man for calling lungu ” chi.kala” , why can’t they arrest kambwili or others calling lungu a theif ?

      Third …..lungu is supposed to be a lawyer, why does he not sue kambwili and the mast paper for deformation of character for saying he lost his liscence fof chewing a clients money ?

    • Then your idea of governance is utopian!! It is a fantasy. You speculate and dream of corruption in the PF yet you can’t prove one single thing in a court of law, what do you call that??? I call it pure misinformation and hatred!!! I myself would not support PF if the corruption was real but I will never support social media speculative accusations and gutter journalism from the mast.
      2. Chi.kala is an insult, it is an arrestable offence. Kambwili is accusing the government of corruption, he hasn’t insulted the president.
      3. Why should the president waste his time suing 1dio.ts and attention seekers on falsehoods they can’t even prove??? I believe he has more important things to do like run the country!!!

    • And forth….CK was being investigated by AAC, they completed the investigations and to date no case against CK and yet he was fired because of corruption. That should tell you something?

    • Zambia citizen my utopian idea of governance is better than yours that swimes in the sewage of corruption…….kambwili called lungu a their so have others, and lungu can not sue anyone because he will be unable to explain the source of his sudden wealth…….ati gutter journalism ? Again kambwili pointed out that kaiser Zulu was accused of getting $200,000 from Chinese to fasilitate meetings with lungu, this was reported to ACC and lungu intervened to stop the investigations…

      Bwana you and the PF enterprise are a corrupt gang of thieves who don’t even try to deny or defend their stealing and looting…….

  18. where ever this money is coming from is not an issue,poor marketeers are benefiting and the nation at large,this are politics of hatred which should not be entertained.why speaking now when he is fired.

    • So if drug money or Chinese corruption money or terrorist money laundering is finding its way into state house, that is not an issue ?

      Zambians have some serious moral integrity issues, or is it just PF ?

  19. CK is just trying to gain political sympathy from the Zambians by coming up with stories, if there is something fish with the empowerment funds why is it that CK kept quiet about it the time he was fulltime in PF, now that they have offloaded him he wants support from the people.
    Certain things are better reveled when you are still in the boat than when you are chucked out?
    CK just portrays to us Zambians that he is not trust worth, there are certain things which should remain state secret even after someone has been chased from the party for the wellbeing of the government and the nation.

  20. Ichi chena Chipuba! If i had away, and in control of the media i would not cover this foo1……he recently was in government and for me he should be the last person to talk like this. Even him can he tell us where he got all the money that he boasts of?? Can he account for all the money that he has and tell us!! I have been working for over 30 years, i do not have such amounts…..where did he get his?
    As for the president, from my small understanding, he gets a salary, and a lot of allowances and a has a good standing with a lot of well wishers…….why should we then doubt the source of his income? Should he be announcing every ngwee that is given by any well wisher? I know some of you might say for accountability…….the president is a very busy man for such….REMOVE THE LOG IN…

    • So let ECL prove to CK, that CK accumulated wealthy through corruption. CK was fired apparently because of corruptions. Investigations were completed and no case against CK, what does that tell you?
      You have a shallow understanding


  22. This Chi CK if he was to stand with a Hyena…….i will go for the Hyena for sure. He is so irritating mweee! mmmmmm aweeeee

  23. When you hear a person come out this vocal, its clear they have no cases to be afraid of. If he had corruption cases, he could have opted to keep quiet like many politicians have done.

    This guy has clean hands and loves his country.

    • This friendly advice from Watchdog was timely, given that CK had survived another road accident. It read;
      WARNING. Hon CK.
      Now that you have been expelled, be extremely careful with the way you expose the corruption that you condoned  while in PF starting from State House to the District Commissioner.
      We are in the know that you have a dossier on Lungu and the entire cabinet starting from very big tips from Avic International, Petroleum suppliers and so on.
      Ba Kambwili where you around the time Paul Tembo was assasinated by the Chiluba regime? to be fair,  assasinated by Chiluba? Paul Tembo was an emissary for Chiluba’s third term. He went round the country dishing out money campaigning for Chiluba. What he did not know is that Chiluba had a line up. He wanted Kavindele to be his Vice…


  25. Most of the writings here just shows how much hatred you have for ECL….There is no difference with this animal called CK…And most of you are UPND cadres….one wonders the rhetorics coming on this fora about OUR PRESIDENT!!!

    • What did this get to do with hatred? Is asking for transparency a sign of hatred? Is it okay to steal? Is it okay for a leader to be corrupt?

      Your logic of thinking is flawed.


  26. What is concerning is that Lusambo, Kampyongo, Kampamba and all the other sycophants are more concerned with painting Kambwili with much more mud & dirty instead of strongly stating that the President has never and will never engage in corrupt activities.Probably they know what CK knows and it is not good….

  27. Bwana CK welcome back to the real world now that you no longer drink from the same “stream” with your ex-boss!!

    Am sorry man no sympathy from me!

    • It is not kambwili losing…..it is the millions of Zambians losing because of this corruption kambwili is talking about….

    • unlike UPND who seem to have forgotten and forgiven this fat buffoon who run the most anti-Tonga campaign during last year’s election.Is this not the same chap who was apparently feeding his livestock on a public golf course in Luanshya but is now a paragon of virtue according to unprincipled UPND sycophants.

    • Mpendula Kayaula

      Have you not heard of criminals turning into state wintness and testifying against other criminals ?

    • I am not implying kambwili is a thief, but he has come out and challenged lungu and ACC to release the results of their investigation…..and he is accusing lungu of corruption and lungu is failing to defend himself…or even deny those allegations…

  28. Zambia citizen you stand for corruption, or paid to defend it, tho kambwili might be or might have been corrupt while in government, he is not talking about hidden thing but things that you can see yourself, like the money dished out to marketeers if it is not grz budget, where it coming from or his building projects which people can see and think that they are -above the President’s means he has the obligation to enlighten the nation. In other words what kambwili is saying is that if those in in power say I am corrupt let them also account, because they also seem live beyond their mean. That is purpose for the Presidential candidates disclosing their assets when they register their intentions to stand, is for accountability – that he will not use his public office to amass wealthy…

  29. A warthog cries loudest when it is giving its last breath. Ba Kambwili, were you not part of this same system you calling corrupt. You should be ashamed of yourself. How clean are you with the rail line ripped off and the Golf course encroached in Luanshya

    • In fact if Kambwili had any “dossier ” ECL, ECL would not have fired him. He’s just like all over making allegations and fishing in a pond hoping to catch something by chance. I call this tavern talk where we all rely on rumors, which also take to other taverns having spiced it more.

    • “Tarven talk” ….where a president is being accused in a newspaper of stealing and corruption and being openly challenged to say something Is tarven talk ?

      Hehehehe koma PF have become brazen in taking Zambians for foo.ls…..

  30. CK has said that he was fired from government for questioning what we are hearing from him today. So don’t question him why he did not do that when he was in government. He did what we hearing from him today and it cost him his job as minister and expelled from the party.
    Secondly ECL is so hateful and with the government machinery at his dispose he cannot spare CK in this manner if by any means CK was corrupt. So the revelation by CK have substance just wait and see. But CK must be careful because the next thing might be to eliminate him. Remember the number of accidents he has survived. They could possibly be linked to what he he knows.

    • Ok, he should have resigned and inform the nation of the reasons. You’re not there to confirm that he was questioning anything. It’s his word against a wall.

    • It’s not kambwilis word against the wall, it is kambwilis word against lungus silence for the millions of hunger unemployed struggling Zambians to judge….

  31. By in large Zambians only want mr lungu to come out and deny or defend against these allegations of corruption looting and sudden wealth…….some say he is too busy, too busy to keep the nation at ease that he had time to go a see semi naked girls for 2 days……

  32. Comment:Corruption starts in the home-daddy I will give you ka coin if you do this for me. So,how do you expect it to end???It’s everywhere,don’t be cheated.
    Then,when the president goes to attend the kuomboka ceremony,he dresses up in the lozi attire,is it wrong? Why should it be wrong when he dresses up in what the president of Swaziland wears?? If Kambwili had been in that entourage would he have refused? ? You people,get a life!!!!

    • If everyone thought like you, Zambia would be like Congo…..thank god we have some people with morals who don’t think stealing and looting is part of life….

    • Tell lungu to do him self a faviour and say something about the allegations of his stealing…..how can you just keep quiet when you are being accused of being a thief ?

  33. Let ECL just answer the question & shut-up Dr Kambwili.

    “…We sourced the money from Saudi Arabia.”
    “…JZ donated $500,000 after Agric Show.”

    Presidents are protected against gifts that would compromise their decisions, ruling, policy or presidency.
    Ask LAZ!!!!

  34. People! Dont dismiss Neckless over this one, Lungu is stealing money from us because of such hazy empowerment funds. Rupiah Banda is teaching him the roped

  35. Yes it is true from ck but example if your son takes the money from yo bedroom and given it to u a u. Going to co that chap a thieve no ecl is giving back to the true owners not to take his family to London if ck ask wear he gets
    to keep his family In London yes

  36. mumba really you are right ,ck must turn down otherwise he has lost it ,I remember very well on the copperbelt ck defended this fund that its a duty of govm to uplift welfare of the marketies and he said the money is from well wishers what has happend today

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