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President Lungu at the official opening of Parliament

Photo Gallery President Lungu at the official opening of Parliament

President Lungu with Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini on arrival for the official opening of Parliament

President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu leaving parliament buildings after the officail opening of Parliament

President Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu with Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini on arrival for the official opening of Parliament

Mayors arrive for the official opening of Parliament

Vice-President Inonge Wina arrives for the official opening of Parliament

Part of the 21 man gun salute at the arrival for the official opening of Parliament

Zambia Air force fighter Jets during the official opening of Parliament


    • For change, bana dalisto with Jonathan, it seems they have reconciled after the sex.y adventure in Swaziland… Mumbi Phiri must be crying seeing bana dalisto back in the picture

    • @Ndobo, even UPND walked with Edgar before reconciliation. Bana Dalitso is a difficult a one, she will not let him go free after taking such a sexx adventure for girls younger than counselor Tasila.

  1. it doesn’t matter if UPND recognises Lungu or not but Zambia is in safe hands, I can assure you Lungu will be the president till 2026


  3. we need to change these gears mwe.. mayors na ma chain.. and by the way BOMA should be changed if it still stands for BRITISH OVERSEAS MILITARY ADMINISTRATION… come on… even the national anthem, doesn’t make bring chikonko for patriotism and os too long… Our musicians can come with a better inspiring some… Just thinking out load.

  4. Those ZAF planes, they look like right out of a Vietnam war movie, wholly obsolete! With his dictatorial tendencies, Lungu must be careful lest an Angolan MIG 31 lands on his gurumutu and dances “Dununa Reverse”, konji ai nyelele musululo mwa siziba sahae yena namunungu yoo!

  5. But Lungu is a fontini full cycle, what manner of President wears a blue suit for the official opening of parliament? No wonder the UPND are refusing to recognize him, he is a loser. And why is his wife also walkin on the red carpet, so protocol is also a challenge like was the case with Vera Chiluba? Asikana a kumawa tulo ndithu muleke!

  6. There are so many people treading on the red carpet. It is now meaning less. Red carpet is for the President only! Please!

  7. Iwe Lilomba Memma nichi red carpet cabe icho. Can’t you see everyone is walking on it. ECL doesn’t mind about such no sense like your Oval Head.

  8. I know that UP.NDonkeys don’t watch ZNBC TV, or so they pretend…..kikikiki. My point however is that I watched ZNBC and saw UP.NDonkey MPs in attendance and obediently too….kikikikikiki…..Yes, and to prove what I am saying, I also watched UP.NDonkey MPs led by Gary Nkombo and Jack Mwiimbu greeting The President, or rather being greeted by The President..its semantics I guess…..kikikikiki….
    Now let me announce to the nation that I am preparing to restore the name “UPND” in my Registry to replace the current “UPNDonkey”…..on condition that they maintain good socially and politically acceptable behaviour and advise under5 accordingly. I just hope and pray that the great Andy Mazoka looking on from Heaven will not disapprove of this.

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