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Zambia has made strides towards e-Government, President Lungu tells Parliament

Headlines Zambia has made strides towards e-Government, President Lungu tells Parliament

President Edgar Lungu shaking hands with UPND members parliament Garry Nkombo shortly after the official opening second session of twelfth Assembly at parliament
President Edgar Lungu shaking hands with UPND members parliament Garry Nkombo shortly after the official opening second session of twelfth Assembly at parliament

President Edgar Lungu has told parliament today that the country has made strides in the transformation of Government operations into a smart Government, with the stablishment of the Smart Zambia Institute.

In a speech during the official opening of Parliament today, the President said that to date, a total of 19 e-Government systems have been developed, deployed and are functional.

The deployed and functional systems include the electronic tax system, electronic patents and business registration and electronic entry visa system. . The president further said that from January 2016 to June 2017, more than 4,000 businesses have accessed e-business related services online.

The President further promised that the Government will introduce electronic payment systems for public services with a view to increasing collection of non-tax revenue and minimising leakages.

The President further said that Government was in the process of implementing an electronic cabinet system across all Government ministries which will enable Cabinet business be conducted under a paperless environment, and thus improving on time and cost efficiency as well as contribute towards attaining a green economy.

The president also said that his Government implement the e-pamodzi, which is an integrated electronic platform that will enable Zambians to access Government services and information on-line from any location, at any time with ease, adding that this will contribute to reducing the cost of doing business and eliminating corruption by reducing human contact.

Meanwhile UPND Members of Parliament remained in the house during the Presidential address, ending their boycott.

President Edgar Lungu took time to shake hands with some UPND Members of Parliament after delivering his speech including Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili, drawing cheers from mostly PF Members of Parliament.


    • I love the photo. They don’t fight yet we are busy insulting one another. Could it be that somebody influences these MPs to hate ECL? I can see genuine smiles and handshakes here.

    • Pay attention to the body language: almost 2 metres apart.

      CK has nothing else to do the whole day but run an election campaign. ECL, on the other hand, is doing his job. One voice speaks, like “SImon Says”.

    • The UPND MPs’ move to attend parliament makes it harder for ECL to delay coming to the dialogue table. This is chase. They are putting ECL in the corner. And let’s be serious, our country needs reform. The Govt is not doing well, it lacks legitimacy and confidence. So the dialogue table is very important.

    • @Shooterz those are not smiles of happiness. The audience is just amused at the gesture. Amused that two sworn foes have to shake hands

    • Is that Kambwili in the second picture? His face is more “willing to ECL” that his latest media attacks on ECL! Is this comedy or reality?

    • Technology will definitely help us close the information & knowledge gap Africa has with rest of world. Zambia is doing well to embrace it. If we keep at it we will be 1 of 1st countries to make serious strides & greatly improve lives of our people. GRZ is doing well to set the standard. With technology corruption will reduce, efficiency in delivery will improve, monitoring & gathering information for lessons learnt will maximise. Vulnerable will easily be identified. I appreciate this. God Bless Zambia

    • Well done Lungu, Leadership is about accepting everyone. No hard feelings. Now Go visit HH… to show Zambians you are a true Leader.

  1. What was in the mind of CHISHIMBA CHIMBWILI to rebel against the party he claims he loves? The best for him is to apologise and then we move on mune Mbwili.

  2. We want lungu to deny or accept the allegations of grand theft and looting by him made by CK….
    keeping silent on the matter is taking Zambians for fo.ols….

  3. President Lungu should seriously consider reorganizing his Cabinet and Advisers as they have failed him. The speech at the opening of Parliament is clear testimony of his team failing him. The President means well and is keen to deliver but his team is letting him down by thinking with their bellies and not providing him with solutions to move this country forward. I thought the President’s friendship with Rwanda’s Kagame should have given him insight into policies and vision to take this country forward but am sad to say it is clear that we need to listen to HH from now on wards because with the vision that was just delivered today, prosperity will never be achieved for Zambia. Too bad i really thougth President Lungu was the one to industrialize Zambia, shame!

    • We thought thats what he was doing in Mfuwe for 5 days but alas the Bum was eating game meat and prepping for Swaziland trip.

    • “The President means well and is keen to deliver but his team is letting him down by thinking with their bellies……”
      Someone who means well can’t have advisors like scandal-ridden Kaizar Zulu.
      Someone who means well can’t allow a poor nation like ours to procure a fire engine for 1 million USD.

  4. @kabs I share the same sentiment! The team surrounding the President are letting the nation down!

    Yes more govt workers should become farmers as stated in the speech but what incentive is there for them when the maize floor price is not making sense? Farming as a business is now unattractive and fewer Zambians will venture into it- this is as a result of very poor advice from the Ministers of Agric and Finance plus the jokers in FRA!

    Maize floor price has killed farmers this year!

    • If you want cheap mealie meal, you can’t have expensive maize. To encourage growing of our staple food, Govt should subsidize inputs.

  5. Kambwili will be counting the days until he is kicked out of this house!! He will soon be shouting from the wilderness

  6. Which house na iwe? Why are you preoccupied with issues of being in the house. Life does not begin and end in the house.We are not in the house and life is going on. Should people fail to speak their minds because of wanting to be in the house? These are politics of poverty. House or not in the house Kambwili hammer the chap punch on punch.

  7. But Kenya and Rwanda have made more significant steps in E- govt and in ICT in general.You’ve got to give context bwana Lungu.

  8. President Wrungu is wrong .You can’t invest in E-government that still has analogue mindsets running the show.

  9. @Mzambia wa Zamani, #14 The president will NEVER do anything right or good in the eyes of Namwalans! It is a cultural thing!

  10. @Ntaulu, #1.3, Dialogue? Who needs dialogue? The President doesn’t need one. It is the loser who wants dialogue! When you decide to be losing perpetually and not stepping aside for another person to try you get heartaches!

  11. Well done Mr. President! You are doing a great job! Continue to focus and please do not let losers take you off track! Zambia is on course!

  12. Easier said than done. Reality is completely different. ZAMBIANS are wallowing in abject poverty, pushing to stand or sit by the road sides selling their little merchandise trying to earn a living.

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