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Construction of the $1.2 billion Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway is a road contract scandal-GBM

General News Construction of the $1.2 billion Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway is a road...

GBM in a selfie with his wife
GBM in a selfie with his wife

United Party for National Development (UPND Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has charged that the construction of the 1.2 billion United States Dollars Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway is a road contract scandal.

In a statement to pan African Radio news today, Dr. Mwamba said the construction of the Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway which President Edgar Lungu commissioned on 8th September 2017 is the greatest scandal in Zambia’s time because it was supposed to run from Livingstone to Solwezi.

Dr. Mwamba said there is no sensible way China Jiangxi can be paid US$3,7 million for a kilometer adding that it is a serious scandal that might land people in prison should there be accountability in the near future.

The UPND vice president explained that the quoted sums of money are so huge disclosing that over US$3, 3 million per kilometer, and enough money to make 8 extra kilometers is embezzled.

“The construction of the 1.2 billion United States Dollars Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway is a road contract scandal” Dr. Mwamba said.

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      EIZ kindly enlighten us on this , not out of malice but sheer professionalism. Are these allegations from one GBM true?
      Professional bodies must not hang in there chewing member subscription moneys as laymen like GBM make wild allegations without a comment. It is indiscipline of the highest order. It is actually sabotage.

    • GBM is a DR.??
      I don’t know what’s worse, that all zambian politicians have PhD, or rooting $1 billion in broad day light.

  1. NO COMMENTS! But note that it will be 2 lanes on each side meaning if one lane is from lusaka to Ndola is 300km then they are making 300×4 = 1200kms then u can now safely say its $1.2m per km! BOOOOM!!!

    • Sickening how some people are trying to justify reckless expenditure and rampant corruption …this is your children’s money they are stealing!!

    • People please open your eyes…what kind of a road is this rail road….we are talking about 1.2 billion dollars not kwacha….these people are stealing right in front of your little eyes. I don’t understand Zambian people and they just sitting quietly…

  2. Dr. has spoken. Now cralify is it dual carriageway from livingstone to solwezi you are referring to? Dr. take your time to condem Ndola Lusaka is too congested. Support good projects.

  3. Dr. has spoken. Now cralify is it dual carriageway from livingstone to solwezi you are referring to? Dr. take your time to condem Ndola Lusaka is too congested. Support good projects.

    • Even $600, 000, 000 for a road is too expensive …maybe it will sink in if you count the zeros. This is the problem with stealing because you steal so much you dont know if you are saving or overspending !!

  4. opposition means opposing even before you see the design.

    one dangoke can fund this project from his pocket.

    we need votes for north so that pf can rule for 50yrs.

    after 50yrs we a new party to immerge not tribal party

  5. Tht is the reason why I didn’t vote for upnd becoz of gbm. This is the same person who got the contract from Zesco to supply logs at a huge money through coruption at yet ths tym he is condemning something everyone will benefit. Please Mr fake Dr we don’t want cheap road. We want somethin expensive tht wil last long. You Mr fake Dr will b the same person tht will blame the government if the road does nt last long becoz its cheap. if you don’t hv any valuable contributions, its better u remain silent becoz you possess big postion in upnd. Don’t b lyk chibwi who Don’t think before before he speak

  6. If HH is to win some weak souls,he should not allow dull cadres such as GBM to comment on big projects which many Zambians are excited about.
    Let upnd look at how this lusaka-ndola road and bypass roads are designed.THIS IS A SPLENDID IDEA BY THE PF LEADERSHIP AND IT WILL WIN THEM MANY VOTES IN 2021 IF THIS PROJECT IS DONE!!
    one would understand why GBM is worried here.its because such huge projects if done,push HH further away from plot one!!

  7. buchilandelande have you seen the design
    opposition at work.please let that project take off as soon as posible.more vote for pf.lungu as shown that he can work.

  8. It irks GBM because as a self confessed tenderpreneur he will not be a supplier or subcontractor to the project. He once said “If I eat from corrupt government projects, nomba nindalama sha kwa wiso?”
    And under5 wonders that him and his UPNDonkeys can rule Zambia with such sc.am as running mate. And under5 claims his party shall fight corruption with corrupt people, oh yes UPN.Donkey party can do that in a Donkey world.

  9. I just googled for this baffoon Mwamba, who seem to have stolen a doctorate from Matero.”Construct a new 6-lane Interstate highway – about $7 million per mile in rural areas, $11 million or more per mile in urban areas. Mill and resurface a 4-lane road – about $1.25 million per mile. Expand an Interstate Highway from four lanes to six lanes – about $4 million per mile.” These are figures obtaining in the UK and US.

  10. For a grandson of Mwine Lubemba who is totally more objective than you, muli mbulwa mano. Let the civil, surveyor, mechanical and building engineers do their job. Wainine kamadumbo buruya we. Wabeja.

  11. There is nothing special abt the design to warrant such amounts, audits already show that the small stretch of road done along great east was out of budget by 300%.will wait and see how much some one will be worth by 2021 but simple but when you apply simple math it’s roughly. If 1 year = 1.3 million,so in 5 years time = 1.8million × 5 = 9 million. This is just the humble from a humble man.

    • Lungu is worth in the region of 20 to 30 million US.
      He does not even attempt to deny all the corruption allegations against him incase he is forced to account.. ….

      His silence should be taken as an admission of guilt….

  12. 18.1 Spaka like lilo, naimwe bu UPND.onkey nabu mishupa. Mule bwatabwatafye. Your MPs attended ceremonial opening on Friday but I remember that you vowed that they would never until the “petition” was heard. We tried to pump sense into your head that this was politics but surprisingly we could not locate any head on your shoulders.

  13. Is GBM among the PhD holders? When did GBM become a Dr? Or is this to try to fool us into believing that UPND is a party full of the learned and bigwigs of the country?

  14. GBM though not an engineer is a business man, he has done way too many projects in this country. if my ignorance is anything to go by he might have even been involved in the construction of roads. that being said i think he has a point here. EIZ kindly enlighten us on how much it would take to do a kilometer and from there lets see how it would cost to do the ndola lusaka road. baring in mind that we have the Kitwe solwezi road still not done.

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