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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

HH and GBM appear in Luanshya Court, case fails to take off

General News HH and GBM appear in Luanshya Court, case fails to take off

GBM and HH at the Court in Luanshya
GBM and HH at the Court in Luanshya

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice Geoffrey Mwamba today appeared in the Luanshya Magistrate Court in a case where they are charged with seditious practices and unlawful assembly.

The case however failed to take off as the presiding magistrate was attending a workshop in Ndola.

The matter has since been adjourned to October 16 and 17 for continued trial.

President Hichilema and Dr Mwamba were both in attendance with a host of their sympathizers.

And the state prosecutor prosecuting the matter is also out of town.

When the matter was called, the state informed the applied to Luanshya senior resident Magistrate Dominic Makaliche that the matter be adjourned.

Defence lawyer Chimuka Magubwi said the state had put a notice to have the matter adjourned.

“To save the PP from embarrassment, the issue is that there is a notice to have the matter adjourned from the NPA. The dates are already agreed,” Magubwi said.

Magistrate Makaliche after consulting with the sitting magistrate John Mbuzi adjourned the matter to October 16, 17 for continued trial.

GBM , Masebo and HH at the Court in Luanshya
GBM , Masebo and HH at the Court in Luanshya

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  1. Because the Judge was attending a workshop! Hilarious. Is this like a Judiciary wind-up, Zambian style. But who gains here.

    I suppose there are many ways to torture……

    • This is why people are calling for judicial review. If doctors worked like these useless Judges, there would be a lot of funerals

    • Does it mean this judge has no diary, have seen a lot of judges adjourn cases because they attending to something else, does it mean they don’t look in their diaries before setting dates?

    • Even most of these local town or village courts there is only 1 judge. Voted in office. If you get arrested at night, judge come to read case for you and set date for hearing. At night!. You get bail or you go to cells. At night apo.
      If the only judge is attending WORKSHOP, I am sure people will be informed to bother going to court house.
      Because in Zambia, workshops are a fundraiser, there is no way Judge will leave for just 2 hours to attend to HH & GBM. Leaving allowances from NGOs??? Kwisa??

  2. Mr Dundumwezi president your friends are in New York attending the UN summit in America,so how come you are at a lower court in Luanshya?hasnt icc declared you as 2016 winner?this is what you told your cadres after losing in 2016!!kikikikikiki

  3. This is exactly what happens in a banana republic! Our judiciary is a joke. You agree on a date for trial and the magistrate, of all people, goes to a workshop! What the…? But the prosecutor is also out of town…something fishy here for sure. What a cursed nation.

  4. This is irresponsible behaviour by the court official. He must be charged with contempt of court.

    It is this attitude that makes African nations lag behind in development.

    • Look at this hopeless PF kaponya rat….ati lungu is enjoyingvthe presidency……

      He is running away from corruption accusations day and night people are accusing him of stealing….

  5. At President Hikainde? What a mockery. Anyway just let Tom and Jerry alone. Oh no Dr GBM must spend a few months at Kamfinsa until Mrs Scotland comes to his rescue.

  6. It’s only good when HH and GBM don’t attend and give lame excuses sick notes while attending with DA Mmusi Maimane and lying to court at they are sick. When the adjournement comes from UPND its ok and if its from the state you insult. No Wonder they are telling you that when a UPND member is aqutted theres ustice and if convicted then judiciary is compromised

  7. HH and GBM also left for South Africa when the case came up. Please people everyone has got to do what they got to do.

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