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Bankers Association of Zambia backs ZRA in TPIN campaign

Economy Bankers Association of Zambia backs ZRA in TPIN campaign

Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) says it is working closely with Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to ensure compliance to acquiring the Tax Payers Identification Number (TPIN) before the set December 31st 2017 deadline.

BAZ Public relations and administrative officer Miriam Zimba says her association is working closely with its stakeholders to ensure the smooth implementation and compliance to the directive of having TPIN by all account holders by the deadline.

Ms. Zimba says BAZ has been sensitizing its member banks to stress the importance of having TPIN to both existing and would be clients.

“We have been working closely with our stakeholders by sensitizing banks to stress the importance of registering for a TPIN to both current and would be clients,” she said.

ZANIS business news reports that the BAZ Public relations and administrative officer in an interview today added that a project implementation team consisting of members from the Banks and ZRA had been constituted which she said will soon be in operation before the end of the year to ensure the smooth operation of the exercise.

“We have formed a project implementation team which is looking into alternative ways of how we can ease the whole process for compliance because it is now law that the banks comply and the account holders,” she said.

She urged members of the public to take advantage of the registration period given to register online through the ZRA website or at their offices country wide and have the TPIN included to their bank details.

“Members of the public should take advantage of this period given to register for a TPIN because we are not aware of any extension after the December 31st 2017 deadline.

Lusaka, September 19, 2017, ZANIS—

The established team will continue looking into ways of our clients to be able to register for TPIN through the banks but until then ZRA is the only one doing that,” she said.

The Zambia Revenue Authority has warned taxpayers in the country that it will freeze all bank accounts whose holders will have no Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) by 31st December, 2017.

Government recently, made it mandatory for financial institutions registered under the Banking and Financial Services Act to require all bank account holders to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number from ZRA.

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    • I don’t understand why banks are not doing the registration, just like tuntembaz used to do during sim registration, i wonder how my grandfather in sindamisale without Internet and no zra offices will manage to do this registration, when the only bank he knows is Zambia national building society and is a100km from his home.

    • Why are banks and ZRA telling people to submit TPINs without explaining the reason behind this idea?

      Using TPINs, will ZRA now start taxing me for the money that I receive from my relatives who are abroad?

      Using TPINs, will ZRA now double tax those working abroad and receiving money in the Zambian accounts.

      ZRA needs to come out very clear on the motive behind this idea before people stop banking.

  1. IMF Conditions
    raise more money and screw the public
    reduce kwacha exchange rate
    remove electricity subsidies
    removefuel subsidies…
    what is the result?
    perpetual Kaloba….until death of the country….

  2. Who chose that path,,dununa reverse….now start dancing……to the tune of the IMF……HE ECL won’t have to dance to that tune just his misguided supporters

  3. I don’t think if there be money in circulation most of the people will be keeping money in there homes please hear from the people who voted for you don’t take things for granted people can change at any time.

  4. Am beginning to hate pf government and I don’t think they deserve my vote in 2021 coz this is an fare I only sale tomato pa chisokone and my profit is k100 per months and I used to take it to the bank for safety keeping but not anymore.. Feeling depressed

  5. I always doubt the mental status of politicians,whats this no sense? Do these politicians know that they so many people working in other countries but keeping their hard earned money in zambian accounts? so where do they get the TPIN since they pay tax in their respective countries. ubu ebupuba and yet they keep on encouraging citizens in diaspora to invest back home.

  6. exactly my thought,may some body answer for the issue raised by the blogger above of account holders working in other countries please

  7. I really feel dissapointed with this coping things from zimbabwe and why cant we do things on our own and when getting paid they cut money and also when banking cutting tax why do the government eating money double?we are voiceless and have no where to complain because we dont found in the

  8. I mean in the parliament to decide what would be helping the needs any way we will just stop banking and even paying napsa its forcing why?

  9. The issue of linking your account to ZRA has got nothing to do with the incumbent government. In other countries this was done way back. That’s how its suppose to be. If you were overtaxed, the ZRA has to refund you back directly into your account. There are a lot of dubious people out there whose fatty accounts have no source of funds. These are the people who will be exposed. A common civil servant don’t need to worry.

  10. Let our banks acquire the so TPIN.It will be easy and smooth.Most of us illitrate account holders will have our accounts frozen due to limited time to que up at ZRA.Will shall now tell our paymasters to pay us directly on the table to avoid the nonsense.

  11. Its a pity we always copy other countries whose economy is fine. We chaat people that’s how its suppose to be. People are paying tithe and PAYE by ZRA has not educate us on how we should be refunded. Don’t cheat us about dubious people out there whose fatty accounts have no source of funds, we Financial Intelligence Centre. Civil servants have no say Gvt. Imposes they follow because they are slave of a salary. Let focus on agriculture and industries.

  12. ZRA has broadened the TAX BASE.
    These marketeers, cow-herders and spare parts dealers are making millions then they want free education and medicine and dual carriage ways. How? Pay your taxes bafi**la.
    Well done PF and keep the projects coming!

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