Multichoice Public Relations Manager, Mwiika Malindima speaks at the ‘Kopala Magic’ launch
MULTICHIOCE Zambia has announced its K175,000 partnership with Sotambe Film Documentary and Arts Festival (DFAF) based in Kitwe City with an aim to educate and raise awareness of social issues in society through creative arts.

And Multi-choice – Zambia public Relations Manager Mwiika Malindima says his firm has injected about 18,000 USD in the Sotambe documentary film and arts festival that will show case some of Zambia’s best talent in creative arts.

Speaking during the festival media review briefing held at Kitwe Little Theater today, Mr. Malindima said in its quest to help the film industry grow in Zambia, the pay TV firm is working with local film makers by providing them a platform to showcase their talents.

Mr Malindima said for this reason there is need to in the film industry as it is creating real income opportunities for many Zambian film makers who sell their content to his firm.

‘’Multichoice has over the years been working hard to build capacity of film makers in various ways. With the leading of SuperSport and Mnet, the business has trained many Zambian camera handlers, sound and technicians, actors and directors of film to produce quality programming that the country is enjoying on most channels on DSTV and GoTV,’’ he said.

The efforts of Multichoice are in line with the film policy that was passed by government this year to ensure that the film industry is recognized as a real business venture that will create jobs and income for the local people, he added.

He further emphasized that Multichoice Zambia will continue to support initiatives and provide platforms that will enable the local industry to showcase their talent not only locally but internationally.

The five day festival is one of the areas that Multichoice will support so as to continue with its leadership role in making sure that the film and television industry becomes viable and profitable.

Kitwe District commissioner Binwell Mpundu says government appreciates the private sector ‘s initiative in promoting the creative arts industry.

Mr Mpundu says it is for this reason that government will always support the film industry in Zambia because it has great potential to create jobs.

Meanwhile, Sotambe DFAF Director Martina Mwanza said the media and arts are powerful tools for social change adding that through film and arts national developmental objectives can be achieved with the participation of interest groups and individuals.

Ms Mwanza said despite limited manpower and equipment facing the industry, film making in Zambia is growing at a fast rate.

She revealed that Sotambe DFAF has received over 30 local submissions for this year’s festival including documentary movies, feature films and short films.

Sotambe film festival will be held from 26th September to the 30th 2017 at the Kitwe little theater under theme ‘The Future Belongs to Us’.

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