Commission of inquiry on the voting pattern and violence completes its sittings in Luapula province


The Commission of inquiry on the voting pattern and violence characterized during the 2016 general elections has completed its sittings in Luapula Province.

The commission ended its sittings after receiving oral submissions from the residents of Lunga District, yesterday.

ZANIS reports that while in Luapula Province the Commission conducted sittings in five Districts namely Chiengi, Mwansabombwe, Chipili, Mansa and Lunga districts, respectively.

And Commission Vice Chairperson Mevis Chisanga thanked the people of Luapula Province for their overwhelming cooperation to the commission through their sound submissions.

Mrs. Chisanga stated that the success of the commission lies in the people of Zambia who were the witness themselves or victims of the violence that characterized the 2016 general elections.

She also announced that the commission will this Monday 25th start public sittings in Northern Province.

President Edgar Lungu appointed a 15-member commission led by retired supreme court judge Munalula Lisimba to inquire and make recommendations on what happened and who caused the violence during the 2016 general elections.



  1. Good job! 100% turnout in regions with fewer people but more people! Let us see if anything that breathes was registered including Under Fives.


  2. Poor tax payers at abuse again. High PAYE , poor education standards, serious health service delivery challenges, high unemployment rates, high rates of crimes, suicide,prostitution , HIV/AIDS, corruption.Most african leaders lack desire to get their people out of poverty. Instead the use poverty as a tool to manipulate their citizens and enforce their rule on them.



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