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Secret dialogue meetings with HH which exclude other political parties will not work-Edward Mumbi

Headlines Secret dialogue meetings with HH which exclude other political parties will not...

Mulenga Sata with Edward Mumbi
FILE: Mulenga Sata with Edward Mumbi

Former United Party For National Development Presidential advisor Mr Edward Mumbi has said Secret dialogue meetings with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema which exclude other political parties will not yield any fruits.

And any fruitful dialogue should incorporate all political parties and must be premised on HH recognising President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as Head of State. Anything short of these conditions will be a waste of time Mr. Mumbi has said.

He advised the opposition leader to stop pre-empting the outcome of the proposed dialogue being spearheaded by the Commonwealth.
He said doing setting impossible preconditions would lead to failure and incite violence.

Mr Hichilema has charged that he was confident that the dialogue would be fruitful, but Mr Mumbi said Mr Hichilema’s initial statements were unacceptable.

“How can he pre-empt the dialogue? Can he tell the Zambians what the context of his convictions are in the dialogue which has not yet been made public? Is he saying that the Commonwealth has a pre-determined position in this dialogue?

“That is very wrong, what does Mr Hichilema say in the event that the dialogue was not successful? That will then be the beginning of violence, because it’s like he has the results already,” he said.

Mr Mumbi said that it was impossible to have a successful dialogue when the opposition leader was still in denial that President Lungu was legitimately elected by the majority of Zambians in the last election.

He has since suggested that the Commonwealth, being the initiators of the dialogue between the political leaders should first demand that Mr Hichilema recognise President Lungu. He noted that failure for the opposition leader to recognise the Head of State was the source of political tension that the country was experiencing.

“The Commonwealth should first make sure that Mr Hichilema recognises the sworn-in President if the dialogue is to be successful. Zambia has a President, there is no vacuum, and elections are over,

“The Commonwealth should be careful, because we are beyond elections and we do not expect them to be silent without advising the opposition leader to recognise and in the process work with the government in power,” he said.

Mr Mumbi also demanded that the proposed dialogue between President Lungu and Mr Hichilema be chaired by Commonwealth special envoy Professor Ibrahim Gambari and open to all political parties for contribution.

He said this would help the Commonwealth gather accurate facts and arrive at an informed decision. Mr Mumbi advised Prof Gambari not to speak to either President Lungu or Mr Hichilema privately, but publicly, saying that the dialogue talks involved all Zambians.


  1. PF you are in power. Why can’t you just work than concerned with what HH is doing? Honestly you guys just enjoy politicking.

    • What most pf mongosepians don’t understand is that HH did not give himself those thousands of votes, but there is a chain of millions of Zambians besides him and he can’t make a sole decision just like that, he needs to consult people woke early in morning, voted, and i don’t understand why these homosepians are so obsessed with HH recognizing lung, sometimes i begin to recognize him in what sense? That he is around? If he is around let him just work hard so that his presence is felt.

    • Why are such buffoons like Mumbi given an audience in Zambia? This man is trash at the very least. By the way I don’t even know this I.diot. Former what?

    • By the way who wants dialogue, and about what?

      To say that Lungu should not bother about being recognised as president is like telling a father that he should not bother about a son who dies not recognise him as father.

      Each time the father wants to talk to the other family members, this prodigal child keeps campaigning to others to abscond the gathering. What a son! Your own son tells you he doesnt recognise you and you and misbehaves on that account and you say you should not be bothered?

      What made HH to block the presidential motorcade? Is it not because of his refusal to recognise him, there by breaking the law?

    • Dialogue with thick headed people like Tongas will never happen. To them its them who are right, its them who should be heard. I pity this man from commonwealth, he is wasting time trying to convince Tongas to coexist with other tribes. FACT not hate.

  2. Only an id.iot would pay attention to what Edward Chimbwi is saying. The Bas.tard has no value even among thieves he is defending. Lungu has turned his requests for meetings – so I wonder what the failed lawyer is up to!!

  3. PF was founded on provocative and frustrated values. They only fit to be in opposition. They are alrways antagonistic. They don’t realize they are in power.. No wonder HH now behave as tho he is in power.

  4. This Man Is Very Dull. UPND Has Already Made It Clear That No Petition Hearing, No Recognition! Simple As Drinking Water. And What This Man Is Talking About That There Is A Secret Dialogue Going On, Does Not Exist. That Is A Malicious Lie Which Must Be Dismissed By UPND Members.

    • There will be no dialogue with your f.oolish preconditions. Fortunately they are only in your thick skull. We can go to 2021 without any dialogue.

  5. The minute one-man show parties without parliamentary representatives MUST NOT be near the round table.
    They will only be bought and vote/side with kadansa.

  6. MMMMMMMMMMMM …. Mr Mumbi What’s wrong with someone being hopeful for a positive result. You are just inciting the panel ( especially PF member ) in the proposed dialogue to be unreasonably stubborn so that this said dialogue can fail. It’s like you, Mumbi wants to write an exam, then you say, You don’t know if you are going to pass. Who should have hope in passing the exam other than the one to write. yaba Kuti wafi lwa ne fya kulanda. Ukuchenjela kumo aweee.

  7. It is sickening to read about these people who want to be recognized giving out useless advice. How about Mr Mumbi adcvicing ECL to let the petition be heard before the recognision topic. Who is he to make conditions to a dialogue that is not his bussiness?

    • The simple fact is that Lungu and his PF are AFRAID of the Petition being heard! THE GUILTY ARE AFRAID!

      If Lungu truly believes he was legitimately elected, what is he afraid of? LET THE TRUTH COME OUT!

      Lungu is NOT the legitimate President of Zambia. And Zambians should NOT accept a dubious stolen election. What will our children say of us when we allow thieves to get away with their crimes? Is this the Zambia we want them to inherit? Where the Rule of Law counts for nothing? Where thieves and murderers go unpunished? Where CORRUPTION is seen as OK and poor people starve because of it, while the guilty live in luxury?

      LET THE PETITION BE HEARD! Anything less will be a miscarriage of Justice and a path to ruin.

  8. Mr. Mumbi, if there is anything being waste of time, it’s you and this article. The second paragraph was enough for me NOT to waste my time reading this article trying to make sense out of it.

    This guy is du.ll. period. And doesn’t deserve further comments.

  9. HH must be left alone rotting in the opposition where upnd shall remain beyond 2099.
    There is surely no need to dialogue with HH because he lost 2016 elections and he will lose the 2021 ones too looking at the recent by elections where PF won 8 seats out of 10.moreover,regional voting has continued.meaning a party popular in 6.5 provinces stands high chances of retaining power in 2021.hence the so called dialogue with a bitter and arrogant HH is simply a waste of time!!NO ELECTIONS IN ZAMBIA WILL BE WON BY UPND OR PF VIA DIALOGUE!!!PF Govnt and HH’s upnd is like water and oil which cant mix!!!as long as HH remains out of state house,he will never appreciate anything done by those in power,so why waste time?

  10. Edward Mumbi has no mandate to talk for ECL. He should mind his own business. The Petition was filed by HH and GBM against the Election of Lungu who in turn is clamouring for recognition.The Petitioners are HH and GBM and Respondents are ECL and Gogo Wina. The Petition involves UPND and PF. The dispute is therefore between UPND and PF and as such other Brief Case Political Parties are not party to the Petition dispute.

  11. Frankly speaking I see no point in ECL dialoging with a man who doesn’t recognize him as Republican President. What purpose will such a dialogue serve?

    • You have no idea what recognition means in a political sense? You wonder why Lungu is crying for recognition daily. I’ll give you 5 more years to grow up than I will explain. For now continue in your ignorance.

  12. mr mumbi up to now you are still thinking an clockwise i wonder how you were going to permform if you won i believe the late mr m sata saw the emptyness in you. you couldnt talk any thing when hh was in prison but you want to bring in some useless ideas. the issue is the petition is in court so no forcing recognition can apply. and if one does what would be the reason for dialoging

  13. If indeed Lungu was democratically,legally and Constitutionally elected President in 2016 why does he want HH and UPND to recognize him? Why should HH and UPND recognise a Vote Thief as a Legitimate President? No way man. This will not happen and Lungu should stew in illegitimacy. Until now Lungu claimed that Foreign Election Observers recognised Lungu’s Presidency. Well the Kenyan Precedent has shown that validation or recognition must come from the Electoral Court.Foreign Observers’ s opinions or validation is irrelevant. What matters is for the Electoral Court to declare Lungu as Winner and duly elected President. The Court can only issue Lungu with a President Elect Certificate after hearing and determining the Petition. Lungu must know that “No Petition Hearing and No…

    • @Musa,

      Lungu doesn’t need HH and UPND – a minority of voters – to recognize him. The majority of us have already recognized him. Why do you guys still indulge in this self-deceptive and vainglorious hope that somehow HH will emerge victorious and become the President of Zambia before 2021? It just won’t happen!

  14. This all thing is just wasting our time, if the PF won this election there is no need for dialogue. To dialogue about what? The person UPND labelled that he has no vision has been doing better than what his predecessors did. So what vision is this Hichilema’s UPND talking about? We do not want a vision that is just sung in the streets we want a vision that is being followed by meaningful and tangible developmental projects. Infrastructure is in top gear whether through borrowed money or not.

  15. @Kubweka;are you sure you cant see ECL’s vision or good works?
    Walk with me;Kwacha is now stable,fuel price reduced,mealie meal is at K55 for breakfast and around K40 for Roller meal,inflation is below 7%,new roads are everywhere,huge developmental projects are being done such as new schools,hopspitals,airports,ring roads,new houses for civil servants,new districts,L400,C 400,Lusaka-ndola dual carriageway,new toll plazas,new jobs,new universities,no load shedding,etc.SURELY WHAT MORE DO VOTERS WANT?

    • Njimbu; whilst I agree with you on some of these things; where is the poor man in all this vision. Look at the electricity; the highest in the region I think. Where is the money for toll gates going to? where is the accountability of funds? make all this transparent and I will agree with you. No more over inflated costs.

  16. HH is the only aggrieved opposition leader, especially in as far as the 2016 general elections are concerned and ofcourse his arrest a few months back. So, yes, the meeting should be exclusive between HH and Lungu. The proposed meeting between HH and Lungu by the commonwealth is a special arrangement meant to bring the two to terms. So you Mumbi shut your big mouth. Don’t confuse the arrangement.

  17. Leave the loser alone! We don’t need him to recognise the president! The Zambian electorate did that over a year ago. Let him bome Paramount Chief of the Namwala!

  18. when did mumbi dumped hh cause this man become more upnd than hh himself just to deny win for pf zambian politics tomorrow tou ear gbm and nkombo joining pf malambishi

  19. It is because of people like duno that other countrys are at war, because you don’t care about your children (if you have one).you only think of hh and his upnd.the man can go anwhere he went he got money wht of us who are poor.pf or upnd.let us taik peace.only have one zambia.noah was right about the flood but the people didn’t believe him.mumbi is right but we dont went to believe him.it about our country zambia not ECL or HH. God bless.

  20. In what capacity has this Mumbi resurrected this time around? This man is shamelessly unprincipled. He jumps from tree to tree like a mischievous monkey. What gives him the guts to address Zambians after betraying so many left, right, centre….?? This is a guy who fits KK’s St..pid Id..t!!!

  21. What type of animal is this Dialogue? Dialogue with who? A looser? ECL should just concentrate on developing this country while the losers go on talking and talking. As a country we dont need these commonwealth to come and arbitrate? Arbitrate on what? They were here during the elections and they confirmed the elections free and fare…so what Dialogue are they coming for? HH lost clean game, we do not need the commonwealth to waste their time on this Foo1. Is the the Commonwealth telling us that they did not do a good job when they came in as observers during the election? Let them find something better to do other than come to make allowances here. Why cant they go to Kenya were thing are still happening….let this so called HH go back to his drawing board and start afresh since he is…

  22. contd.. Kenya were thingS are still happening….let this so called HH go back to his drawing board and start afresh since he is wamuyaya for UPNDogs. MUMBI WELL SPOKEN MUDALA…ECL HAS BUSY SCHEDULE OTHER THAN ATTEND TO TRIVIAL MATTERS………LEKENI LUNGU ATEKEEEE PLEASE

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