57 year old villager killed in a crocodile attack in Chiawa


A 57 year old woman of Muchingamire village has been killed by a crocodile in Kafue’s Chiawa area in Lusaka province.

ZANIS reports that Chiawa ward councilor Joseph Kajiwa confirmed this in an interview yesterday adding that this was when the deceased who was accompanied by two others went fishing along the banks of the Zambezi river.

Mr. Kajiwa explained that reptile drugged the victim, whom he named as Sophia Njovu into the river despite her colleagues’ frantic efforts to rescue her.

He added that efforts to retrieve the body failed by broadcast time .

As this is the fifth life to be lost in since 2016, Mr.Kajiwa has urged the wildlife department to urgently crop the reptiles on the river to prevent further loss of lives in the area.

Mr. Kajiwa has also appealed to the department to consider giving licenses to professional hunters to help crop the reptiles to reduce further loss of lives.



  1. MHSRIP. Cropping is only done in cases of over population and/or when wild animals start spilling into human habitats. In this case, the humans went to the animal habitat.


  2. Crocodiles do a lot for the ecosystem. The government just has to come up with safety measures when it comes to people fishing. Pin point where these attacks are happening and suggest places not infested with crocodiles. People are starving and willing to go anywhere to get fish. The government can put up sustainable fish farms for villagers to harvest their own fish. This way they feed themselves and have enough to sell to people. We have a very lazy and sleeping president leading Zambia who only cares to enrich himself, friends, family, relatives and girlfriends. Vote wisely net time around!


  3. Safety measures is what we need. People will continue being killed by those crocs as they have to earn a living through fishing. How do you fish on the banks of the river? That’s the most dangerous spot. The crocs are not found in the deep waters but in the shallow waters near the bank



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