Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina addressing a meeting at Legatum Institute in London.
Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina says the provision of legislation to guide operations of political parties should be viewed as an opportunity for the country to enhance the legal framework of the country’s democratic agenda.

Mrs. Wina says political parties have a role to play in promoting democracy, constitutionalism and transparency. She was speaking during the official opening of the 5-day national stakeholder’s consultative forum on the 2017 political party’s bill.

Mrs. Wina says the financing of political parties will strive to curb corrupt financing in politics and bring about transparency and accountability. She has urged various stakeholders to guide the way political parties should operate in a growing democracy.

And minister of justice Given Lubinda says his ministry has received a number of written submissions from various stakeholders concerning the political party bill 2017 since the consultative process started in August.

Mr. Lubinda says the political party bill will promote morality, patriotism and also constructive criticism in the political system. He explained that this is because political parties will begin to function with a national purpose and represent the interests of the people.

And European Union head of delegation Alessandro Mariani says once the political party bill is adopted, it will strengthen and formalize the role of political parties in the country.

Ambassador Mariani says the EU recognizes the role that political parties play in holding government accountable and is supportive of an inclusive consultative process on the political party bill.

The UNDP Officer in Charge Sergio Valdini says the process will deepen democracy and increase participation among various political parties in the country.

And the Zambia Law Development Commission chairperson Roydah Kaoma says the commission will report the recommendations made during the 5-day consultative forum to the ministry of justice.

She said the commission is happy to participate in the attainment of the legal reforms of the country.

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  1. This bill is about stifling the opposition finances while the ruling party dips its fingers in govt coffers for campaigns. Ever wonder why CDF is almost never released in opposition held constituencies while ruling party enjoys stead funding.? This will be the same scenerio with party funding under this bill. I will only be good on paper just like the POA.



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