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Zambia’s Civil Servants Get Salary Increase of Between 7.4 and 9.6 %

Headlines Zambia's Civil Servants Get Salary Increase of Between 7.4 and...

Cosmas Mukuka ZCTU Secretary General
Cosmas Mukuka
ZCTU Secretary General

GOVERNMENT and the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions – ZCTU have reached an agreement to increase salaries for civil servants between 7.4 and 9.6 percent effective January 2018.
The two parties reached a consensus after 10 days of serious deliberations that saw eleven different civil service union leaders from across the country attending the discussions held at Twangale park in Lusaka.

The 9.6 percent salary increment is the first of its kind for public service workers.

Speaking after signing the agreement last night, ZCTU General Secretary COSMAS MUKUKA said the increments were done in the best interest of both government and the civil service.

Mr. MUKUKA said the wage freeze that was imposed on civil servants against increased cost of living affected their input which led to less production.

He said government has demonstrated its willingness to improve the welfare of civil servants in the country, by allowing the workers to express themselves through their respective unions.

Mr. MUKUKA said all the negotiations are concluded and that the parties are satisfied with the agreement reached.

Mr. MUKUKA said the deliberations of the meeting and the subsequent increment of salaries will be presented to the ministry of finance so that they can be added in the national budget to be presented on Friday.

And Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary BONIFACE CHIMBWALI said the PF government has once again fulfilled its promise of increased salaries to public service workers.

He said it is the first time government has increased the public service workers salaries by a margin of 9.6 percent.

He said the PF government wants to have a happy workforce for increased productivity and economic development.


  1. More money in your pockets for sure. I don’t support this increment though because even the an undeserving lazy pf critics will benefit.

    • There is NOTHING wrong with this especially if you know like some of us that this is NOT an annual increase.

      I have a Phd, an MBA, a Msc, CIMA , ACCA, BSc, BA and I am still in my 20’s



    • Mushota has been in her 20s for last 10 years. Next years or sometime this year, I am pretty much sure she will be 30. Right Mushota?

      I have just finished my craft certificate in automotive repair. Thrilled!! Mine is True!!

    • Talk of actual amounts and not percentages, they are misleading. This increment is nothing, e.g, 9.6% increment for Civil servants that get K4,000/month will now mean that they will be getting K4,384/month. This amount is nothing compared to what Ministers and MPs get.

      For the increment to make a difference, the salaries should have been increased by 20% to 40%.

      Civil servant are surely paid like servants… while lazy politicians get huge salaries.

    • The agreement was made in the last 10 days. Mmmm, what a coincidence, could this be a way of blindsiding us with the fire engines debate. I smell a rat.

  2. Where are the salaries for civil servants this month? How can Mr Lungu get all the monies from the treasury for touring South Africa, Swaziland and the USA just to take cadres to go and drink, dance and have a glimpse of Trump, without thinking of the plight of the suffering workers who only get crumbs. This man has no heart for the people. He is a very good pretender. He has even stopped mentioning God now each time he makes a statement.

  3. Congrats. 9% just shows you how the country’s economy is being managed….not ma 50% and above % then you will know the economy is not doing fine…..viva PF

  4. Has IMF approved this or is IMF bailout not happening.. dollar now 9.56 that is 11% devaluation of kwacha in 1 month.. exchange rate changes so does our debt increase…

  5. while PSs remain loyal to the GVT, It sounds partizan to state ‘This PF Gvt’ or “This UPND Gvt” for the future PSs . Simply ‘This Gvt’ is enough

  6. This is a way too high increase. Inflation is siting at 6.3 as of August and this is bad for the economy as it is going to push prices up. 9.6 increase in an environment where inflation is benign and running at such a low rate is very very dangerous for the economy in the long term and borders on popularism that alsom wrecked the economy under Saka-Chikwanda tenure of excitement and mad responsibility with no regard to the future generation of this country.

    I think this is being irresponsible and I doubt if MMD’s Felix Mutati even endorsed this. This is being reckless

  7. HH oval head i have voted yes..so that you and your partner can be happy….thought you would follow the rainbow party..the rainbow colours are the colours of the gay , lesbian and transgender community.
    Oh sorry for those orf you who arent aware the yes vote in Australia is for SAME SEX marriage…its a crime in zambia.
    Now i know why HH and his/ her partner are in australia good to see you coming out.

  8. IMF is an international entity of 189 members who pay fees to be a member and yes ZAMBIA is a member. IMFis essentially there to assist members whose economies are struggling. It is not a a fund for development , the world bank has programs for countries that are looking for development funding in a multitude of areas

  9. Correct Mugoto!….as if this country is still under a one-party state. Why do senior civil servants like PS’s, who are supposed to be non-partisan, always rant ‘ PF govt; PF govt; PF govt’? This is the Zambian Government; for Heaven’s sake! Wake up and Stand up!!!

  10. A large number of academic staff at UNZA who retired more than five years ago still haven’t been paid their terminal benefits. Many others are now working on their third or fourth contracts without having been paid a single gratuity during the last ten years! Where are we headed as a nation?

  11. Inflation is at 6.5% that is a lie inflation in Zambia is at 106.5%. This was done and said by renowned best finance minister so far produced in Zambia Ronald Penza. You say civil servant salaries increased by 9% increase it by 109%. You get paid today after 5 days you are block and say inflation is single digit practically it is senseless economically. Am looking at law in labour law that shall allow citizens to work in more than one scheduled work not where you a glued to 8 hours. Let us have more working hours of maximum 16 hours in other countries workers have 24 hours working shifts, nurse at government hospital and after knocking off work at private clinic.
    That the natural syndrome of God given poverty shall be removed. Sorry have a research in what i have said.

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