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Wear police uniform illegally at own peril

General News Wear police uniform illegally at own peril

President Edgar Lungu during the Swearing in Ceremony of Mr Malcom Mutale Mulenga Deputy IG,  at Statehouse on Thursday  19-02-2015 PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
President Edgar Lungu during the Swearing in Ceremony of Mr Malcom Mutale Mulenga Deputy IG, at Statehouse on Thursday 19-02-2015 PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.

The Zambia Police Service has warned of stern warn action against people that illegally wear police regalia.

Police say doing so is disregarding the State Security Act CAP 111 Section 6 (1)(A) of the Laws of Zambia.

The State Security Act CAP 111 Section 6 (1)(A) forbids people without lawful authority from possessing, importing or manufacturing any uniform of the Defence Force or the Police Service or any other official uniform of the Republic or any dress closely resembling the same as likely to deceive or falsely represent himself to be a person who has been entitled to wear any such uniform or shall be guilty of an offence and liable of conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than 15 years.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Malcom Mulenga said the Zambia Police Service is dismayed with the manner in which members of the public have continued to abuse replica military regalia.

Mr. Mulenga has also warned second hand clothes dealers and traders who are in the habit of selling the replica military attire to desist from doing so as they will face the full wrath of the Law.

He said in a statement issued to the media in Lusaka that the Zambia Police Service in conjunction with other security wings shall enforce the law to the latter.

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    • Yes Empty indeed.
      Just aimed at the opposition. Look around in PF ranks you will find Max the cadre who beat up people with military uniform

  1. What will happen to the Thugs supplied with Police & Military attire by Jona, Kaizer, & Chimpyongo?? These are the same brutes when not in unofficial uniform, feel emboldened enough to box your official cops on the streets of Zambia.
    When will Munir, & fellow goons hand back all unofficial uniforms & blindfolds we saw them donned in when they invaded, & terrorised the main opposition leader @ his home??

  2. He should be busy investigating the $1,000,000 fire tenders and the $1,200bn Road contracts.
    Their are bigger fish to catch Ba Mule!

  3. How come all these things are happening when pf is in power? We have never seen this kind of lawlessness. Where is Zambia heading to?

  4. What is “police uniform” ????

    Last week I was stopped at a “police” roadblock by two women that were wearing civilian clothes and reflective vests. They demanded bribes for me not stopping at a road with no stop sign. When I asked them for identification that they were real police they refused and tilde to go without paying anything. Were they real police? Are police allowed to wear any type of clothes? Can they refuse to identify themselves?

    Is this how police are now operating in Zambia?

  5. This is good and makes a lot of sense from the Police but not stopping people from demonstrating against the purchase of fire tenders at one million dollar each especially that protests are provided for under the constitution and also irrespective of whether the people protesting have wrong or right assertions of the fire tenders costs, that is for the courts to say. People must be allowed freedom of assembly, association and right to be heard. What is difficult?

  6. Yes Ba Deputy Inspector: Me I agree with you 100%. Ichalo mwalinga muli ifunde abantu tulekwatako umwenso mulifimo. The second ba Deputy IG look at Cars with tinted glasses (windows) you cannot tell why people hide in such vehicles. why hide when you know that you are innocent person. All these are the works of the devil. Consider that very strongly. I am wishing you God’s blessings in your new job.

  7. Forwarded as received.

    Afternoon comrades….. Something interesting here, some guy just called saying ba the Swaziland visit was more than what we saw and read. Apparently, the real news is President Lungu and his associates are establishing a mobile Telecoms company in Swaziland. It is expected that this is the same company that will be given the license back here in Zambia. I think this is a rumour deserving good attention. The guy who called me has promised to give me contacts for the people with facts on this issue. If this is true then Zambia is just so vulnerable

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