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Zambian delegation to the United nations spending Vs Tanzanian delegation

Headlines Zambian delegation to the United nations spending Vs Tanzanian delegation

UN Delegations

Remember by staying away, John Magufuli saved his nation the cost of expensive Presidential Suite, food and transport . 

For approximately 15 member delegation, Zambia was paying close to K5,700.00 per night per person making a total of minimum K85,500 per day on housing alone. This is equivalent to 1,315 x 25Kg bags of mealie meal spent in one night, in New York, in the name of the United Nations. Add, food and transport! Ati vyakulolavye. Excuse my namwanga. Next, let as ask them what they did while in NY.

By R.Chali


  1. PF cadres will insist Edgar Lungu was attracting investors when all credible data show a decline in pledged FDI to Zambia. We are in trouble!

    • Be careful with this irrational money shredding expeditions. They are spark-plugs you cannot afford to ignore. Even us professionals in our own practices whopping 6 figures per year in hard currency and more often on wealthy corporate firm cards when on consulting trips are more prudent.

    • PF is a wasteful government!! they are a true definition of economic mismanagement.

      Why did they have to send 15 people when big and richer countries like China only send 5 people to the UN general assembly?

    • Across the NorthEast Megalopolis corridors during the annual UN meeting week, business plan to mop out millions from our African delegates. US business Executives and Federal officials laugh and call our African delegates “Money Shredders”.

    • If Tanzanians dont like to sleep in good hotels it’s not our fault! Spend your energy in lifting your families out of poverty! Praising Mangufofo will not!

  2. You what do you mean what they did in New York?Did you not see the Great Leader condemning early marriages three[3] weeks after attending the Reed Dance ceremony where the friend chose a 19 year old as wife?Dont ask 5tupid questions you understand,chankalipa sana.

  3. Anyone who’s been on such missions knows that each delegate is given per diem allowance and it is their choice to waste it by lodging in a luxurious hotel or save something for themselves by finding a cheap hotel. The only meaningful way a country can save is by reducing the number of delegates. So if the Zambian delegation was double that of the Tanzanian one for the same purpose, perhaps somebody would have something to write about. Otherwise, find something better to do please!

    • If theie per diem allows them to stay at a K5,700 a night establishment then obviously The Republic of Zambia is spending way more than it should…

    • That is not true. Only officials pay hoyel bills from their diem allowances. Ministers’ hotel and food bills are footed by the government and their allowances are intact regardless of where they stay. If they were forced to pay from their allowances, most of them would be sleeping on benches in parks to save money for their small projects.

  4. Stupid way of looking at things. So where have the Zambian delegates been living over the years? You chaps have really been brainwashed by your hate.

    • This extravagance is measured on the margins. This means where the delegates have been living in the past has no bearing on today’s spending.

      Think like an economist!

    • On BORROWED KALOBA that our children and their children’s children will still be paying back in 50 years? Is that what you think is “affording it”????

      These reckless thieves have put us in debts of TEN BILLION DOLLARS – that we know about. And maybe ANOTHER TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS they have hidden away and are LYING about.

      Is Mutati.begging from the IMF because we are rich? This is the stupidest comment.I have ever seen !

  5. faka mulilo opposition.. these are issue that need follow up and closure not just talking here and end here… I would rather discuss such matters than who is the president of Zambia because only dilusional people don’t know the answer…

  6. How do you someone who has been so inconvenienced by leaving the comfort of there home and family to be further inconvinienced by sleeping in a ramshackle after a day of hardwork. Lets be honest and serious! One needs that comfort when you are away from home. Besides they are using there hard earned perdiem to pay. Its their choice.

    • If they have been “inconvenienced” the solution is simple!

      Resign! Or don’t take the job in the first place!

      We all know well this is just another way of legalised STEALING public money!

  7. no matter what u think, magufulu is pragmatic. at UN at the end of the day it was trump and kim who carried the day. some of these meetings are not necessary. there is a lot of value in international meetings but I cant just understand how our president goes to all these. his international trip tho helpful for the nation but its just exagerated

  8. Every Tax payer in Zambia, and every Tax payer in Countries that fund loans to Zambia has a right to know and question how his/her money is being spent. Period.


    • thats true,but poor choices results in poverty,its nots there money to decide how to spend it,it is tax payers money,so we have the right to decide how they ought to spend it.the time sata was in opposition he raised such isssues on mountain top and it earned him some votes and eventually the presidency.

    • @ Chisenga
      If the “Zambians” (or Zambian parasites) have their own “standards” (LOL) to maintain, how come they choose hotel without pit-latrine?

  10. If UPND supporters think that resident Hakainde Hichilema would have gone to UN with a smaller delegation OR COULD have stayed in a cheaper hotel than the Zambian delegation then they are hallucinating. Hint : Compare HH’s hotels in South Africa and our Presidents.

    • @ luapula Deriere

      Up to now HH is using his money, not the tax-payers

      Hint instead of using Deriere for thinking, use the brain (or crap)

  11. This is what the main opposition party should be doing but they are still waiting on Concourt.
    This is a govt of reckless empty tins ..you add chartering a private jet oh my god.

  12. The usual UP.NDonkey noises, coming after their fire tender campaign timed and targeted at the presence of our President at the UN failed to embarrass the President…..kikikikiki….now ati hotel extravaganza….you Donkeys don’t you know that Zambian civil servants are paid allowances to fend for themselves and therefore will not waste such money on hotels? Why do you think civil servants are well invested in Zambia you Donkeys? You Donkeys, do you have to be wrong and stupiod ALL the time without exception?

  13. The level of stupiodity among UP.NDonkeys since under5 was released is just aoproaching too much. We have serious business to attend to. Mr Percy Chato, Commissioner of Correctional Facilities, when are you inviting under5 back to Mukobeko?

    • Iwee c1kala don’t deviate attention! We are talking about Lungu and his stup1d recklessness. UPND and HH are not the issue wee mbwa iwee c1kala chawiso. You must beyond dullness for you to support such stup1dity illiterate cadre.

  14. Lock the boy up! We had some peace last time he was away attending some correction lessons…kikikikikikiki…but seriously, lock up the boy!

  15. The author of this article is a disgruntled U.P.NDonkey fellow who was not picked for the trip and missed out on perdiem. Besides the DoubleTree Hotel Chain does not have amahule aya suma. Kufwayika uku donsa when away from home not you have delele everyday kulyako naka rumpsteak.

  16. In as much as they could be an ounce of truth, what the writer of the article deliberately left out is that the top African countries that stayed in these lavish hotels that range from $800 & $ 1800 per day was from Togo, Mali and Swaziland….. So stop demonizing the Zambian delegation.

  17. The Presidential delegation can be more than 15 people. How do you expect a head of state go to New York to attend UN General Assembly with a handful of officials. There are experts from Foreign Affairs, pressmen plus security men who go before the head of state arrives to make arrangements. The Presidency functions any where the Head of State is. Let us talk of something more constructive. There is always a big cost when one belongs to a certain organization. A good example our friends who Lion Club members world wide foot their own expenses when they travel outside their home town.

    • The security detail ought to be next to zero since the USSS takes over upon landing. Then there there’s a bunch called permanent representatives from Zambia to the UN.

      Plainly, no need for huge entourage .

  18. Obviously people do not know how accommodation works when you go on foreign trips. Government doesn’t pay for you. every person on the delegation gets an allowance and you choose your accommodation. Those with relatives even sleep at their relatives houses to save some money. It is through such trips that most government workers even build houses.

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