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Bring RTSA records to prove I got 3 cars from Grandview, Kampyongo challenges Kambwili

Headlines Bring RTSA records to prove I got 3 cars from Grandview, Kampyongo...

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo says Chishimba Kambwili is trying to cleanse himself by throwing mud at other people.

Last week, Kambwili, who is a former information minister, charged that Kampyongo got three vehicles as a reward for signing the $42 million fire truck deal when he was Minister of Local Government.

“Kampyongo was the Minister in charge at the time and must tell the nation why he accepted 3 brand new vehicles (Toyota Hilux, Range Rover and Toyota Landcruiser VX) as a vote of thanks for signing that lucrative deal,” charged Kambwili.

But debating President Edgar Lungu’s address to Parliament, Kampyongo seized the opportunity to hit back at Kambwili saying the Roan PF member of parliament would not succeed to bring the ruling party down.

He challenged Kambwili to produce Road Transport and Safety Agency records to prove that he owned the vehicles he was accused of getting from Grandview.

“For me, Mr Speaker, standing here as your MP and as your minister, if I am found wanting, I am not going to bother about what is happening to my next colleague. The best way to clean yourself is to make sure that you answer questions that are directed to you, that’s how you cleanse yourself. You don’t cleanse yourself by throwing mud at other people, you come here and say ‘no someone has got vehicles’, owning a vehicle is not like owning a bicycle, there is RTSA there you come with records to say this person owns this and that”

“So I am telling you that you won’t bring us down, we know of the few people who want to bring Chagwa’s soldiers down but I can assure you that we shall fight and we will not fail,” Kampyongo said.

Kampyongo claimed President Lungu was serious about the fight against corruption.

“Mr Speaker, when you see a President firing one of his own lieutenants from Cabinet on allegations of corruption, what more can he show? The President walks the talk and he has made it very clear to all of us here.”

“And I want to say this that here in this Chamber we make laws, so when you want to come and accuse this minister standing here, you have to stand firmly and say ‘this act was abused by this honourable minister of this ministry, in this line’ other than just jumping on the anthill and join all those that are not well informed”.

“In addition, we have got the Abuse of Office Act which also follows you in case you stray from your area of jurisdiction, they are there so when you are making allegations and accusing the President of not doing anything about corruption, it’s not fair at all,” Kampyongo said.

He said there was so much hypocrisy attached to issues of corruption.

“Mr Speaker, the President did allude to the fight against corruption in his speech and if there is a leader who is so firm about his stance against corruption, I think we all know where the President stands and having been here for six years, Mr Speaker I want to put it on record on how disappointed I have been to see the hypocrisy that we have attached to the issues of corruption, I was at the backbench there, progressed to the middle until I got here.”

“The debate we have heard here of accusing those in the front bench…we have even had newspaper presentations laid on the table, we had a minister (Kambwili) sitting where my elder brother is sitting, everyday it was ‘no this is a corrupt minister’ from our colleagues in the UPND, (no he has given himself contracts’ and we had all the papers flying around here. But what happened? The moment he crossed the floor to there, all the corruption finished and they all started calling him a great leader so he could win a slot,” Kampyongo said.

“We had a minister of tourism here (Sylvia Masebo) who was accused of corruption and when she was in [the] ruling [party] there was no corruption but the moment she crossed over from here to there, everything changed, the cases in Court became solidarity and it’s not only that Mr Speaker the catalog is long but what I am saying Mr Speaker is that the issue of corruption is a policy matter and some of us have been personally accused and have heard things concocted, that’s why I am asking that maybe it has become a skim of recruiting, when you cross over to the other side and they bombard you then the corruption starts. But when everything is said and done, some of us will be among the last men and women standing because we know where we stand in serving our people.”

Meanwhile, Kampyongo said government was not intimidated by witchcraft, in apparent reference to Chief Mukuni.

“Mr Speaker, we as PF have resolved to work for our people and I want to say that those who want to think that out of the genuineness of our President of wanting to co-exist and engage in meaningful dialogue we are going to sit back and relax, as much as we support dialogue, oneness and share the UN’s need to coexist, we are not going to sit back and allow lawbreakers to continue tormenting people’s lives.”
“Those of us who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace and order shall make sure that we pursue those who have tormented people’s lives to the latter.”

“Equally, those who would want to start thinking they can form their own clusters and design their own laws, they are making a very big mistake and we are not going to be even threatened by the so-called ‘science of darkness’ which some people have been trying to use.”

“We shall pursue wrong doers by using civilized means of policing and make sure that they don’t get away with wrong doing and misleading people,” Kampyongo said.

Speaker Matibini however asked Kampyongo to clarify what he meant by “Science of darkness”.

“Mr Speaker those of us who are charged with the responsibility of pursuing wrong doers and the corrupt suffer a number of things from those people fighting back in different ways. We have heard of people saying they will come for us because they sleep in the graves,” Kamypongo responded.

Asked if he meant witchcraft, Kampyongo said; “Thank you Mr Speaker, yes it’s witchcraft but I just know it in my language that it’s called ‘ubuloshi’. So we are God fearing people just like our President and we shall remain under the shelter of God Almighty the creator.”

“So let them not make a mistake of thinking that they can get us distracted by those empty threats, we are resolved to make sure that this country remains a united nation with so many tribes and regions. Our role is to ensure that every Zambian is given an opportunity to enjoy their rights as citizens without being suppressed by any grouping and therefore, we encourage the President who has committed himself to the process of dialogue, to dialogue with those that will come

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    • He sounds scared and lacks cohesion in what he’s saying. I hope there are no photos and videos to the contrary. One thing is a fact; Kampyongo and even ECL, didn’t have the luxury they now have. How does he manage to send his kids to expensive schools and acquire so much property in a short period of time? Rome was not built overnight.

    • Kampyongo here has been caught pants down. He can’t even diffend himself. Really his answer is lacking merit. Now talking of “ubuloshi” ? Wow….

    • It has ineviatably degenerated into ‘cho, chise’. This punk has been accused of corruption, a serious charge, he doesn’t sue. Of course Kambwili can’t sue either or report to ACC, because the crime boss in state house will ensure the case doesn’t go anywhere.


    • this is dullness. so iwe kampyongo you are given three cars, what can stop you from having them registered in your sons,wifes,cousins name or any other scheme. that is not proof enough,and i know it will be hard to prove such a thing unless it was caught on camera etc. but the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence of the crime in this case corruption.

    • Look these are the guys in power what stops him telling the RATSA boss that owes him his job and is his boss from changing the records. Kampyongo did not respond immediately to this issue like he normally does …. I am a bit suspicious here. We have come to know of how Government officials even in the past have covered up ownership of vehicles and real estate properties

    • The part of this statement that I found interesting was the witchcraft part…Open Defecator Mukuni “the Lord of Baboons” be careful or else he will send a baboon to your house to steal malight which he can use at his palace.

    • “So we are God fearing people just like our President and we shall remain under the shelter of God Almighty the creator.” Said Kapyongo.
      If it is true you and Lungu have stolen from Zambians, let us see how God will shelter you when you have not asked for forgiveness from Zambians. Kambwili and the chief swaaaaah!! Swaaaaaah!! Swaaaaaaah!! get him with your magic.

    • Meaningless ranting by Kampyongo. Criminals know how to manipulate even RATSA records. We are talking about criminals here, not just mare thieves.

  1. So this kapyongo is agreeing that there is corruption in his government by saying when ck and others were in of, opposition accused them of it, now that they are pointing at him, now with regards to rsta, whose a kid here, vehicles can be registered in someone else name, for example his cousins, stop kidding us please.

    • Africa what is wrong?
      South Africa’s anti-graft watchdog called for a judge to investigate allegations of influence peddling in President Jacob Zuma’s government, in a report released on Wednesday as thousands of protesters called for the president to step down.
      The 355-page report, titled “State of Capture”, stopped short of reaching conclusive findings, but is likely to add to pressure on Zuma by demanding a full inquiry within 30 days into the biggest crisis of his scandal-plagued presidency.
      The affair has rattled markets in Africa’s most industrialized economy, which faces the risk of ratings downgrades later this year. Divisions within the African National Congress (ANC) have widened since the ruling party suffered its worst-ever local election results in August.
      The rand…

  2. No he speaks nonsense Why is he sucking up to the speaker?
    “For me, Mr Speaker, standing here as your MP and as your minister, if I am found wanting,…” Who told him that he is Matibini’s MP or Minister? And why does he want to hide in the collective? The PF? (saying the Roan PF member of parliament would not succeed to bring the ruling party down) He is alone he shouldnt be dragging the PF into Kambwili’s individual accusation

    • UKO,uli muchibe Kampyongo naifwe tatwa sekelamo ukumona ule twala abanensu munjema leka naiwe chikwikate,dont hide in PF sue Kambwili baba olo report him to the police for alarming the nation.You remind me of Mutembo Nchito sending pipo to jail when he was not so innocent himself at least for him those retirees were not so innocent.Ngaimwe Mwaliteta alichoma,HH mwaonawula napa bed.We want to see you test the same medicine you prescribed your innocent friends..This will not go away without us seeing the end of it,we dont expect to expect Edgar to fire or prosecute you but wait “vox populi vox dei”THE VOICE OF THE PIPO IS THE VOICE OF GOD.LOLELA

  3. Mushe – agreed. Very stupid defence. Only a full can keep stolen things in their names.People steal and register companies in which they hide all the loot. We have people who register companies in relatives names, steal and hide the loot in those companies. These ministers from Katondo street think that they can hoodwink people. But just wait for your time mwana. This time you can’t be investigated because you are in charge of all the investigative wings.

  4. Half baked – Are you surprised that he is Matibini’s minister? That is how this parliament works. An opposition would be interrupted to speak from time to time if he spoke the way Kampyongo Katondo is speaking.

  5. Mufana Kanpyongo wa kamba. Ask those who worked at ZCCM, Luanshya Division. They will tell everything. You Lusaka guys bena Fred Mmembe you know nothing.

  6. Half baked you are an empty vessel for sure. So you can’t understand what the minister said. You are a dull human being never seen in Zambia that is why your hhdonkey will never see state house but will remain a dreamer of plot one. Viva ECL, viva Pf

    • Ba Professor,
      The answer from the minister is not sufficient. We all know that no thief keeps property in their names. The minister needs to counter react by showing who owns those vehicles. If they are his, prove that they are not proceeds of crime.
      That’s the way to shame accusers. If you accuse me of having stolen to build a mansion, I must counter react by showing you my loan offer letter to put the matter to rest.

      That’s my take.

  7. Should kampyongo crosses floor to the upnd all the corrupt accusations will disappear. This is the challenge he has thrown at you. He even made reference to masebo and ck. What has happened to them now…..innocent people. So even kampyongo is not corrupt going by the trend. Gbm was a corrupt minister when he was in pf but the moment he crossed floor he has even earned himself a veep position on silver plates no elections involved. That’s why fail to believe these nonsense stories of accusations. Believe them at your peril.

  8. What empty attempts to deflect attention from the 42 million tender that should have cost less that 20 million.

    now bringing in witchcraft……comon kapoyongo sue CK if you are not corrupt.

    And which du.ll theif would leave corruption cars in his name ??? Also explain your sudden wealth ?

    • HAs your hh explained his sudden riches. He was asked by mpho at sabc how he acquired his wealth and the answer he gave we all know it. How do you know kampyongo is wealth. Show us the evidence. You are just blowing this issue out of proportion. What amount is $42 million pounds? Mixing pounds with dollars. Kiki.

    • Small willy oval head

      If hh failed to explain his richers then let him also be investigated we say ???

      You are still not telling us how trucks costing less than 380 K cost Zambia 1 million each ?

      IT is kambwili and others alleging that kapoyongo came with nothing into GRZ from katondo street and today owns mansions…let him deny and sue for character assassination if it is not true

      Typical of theives, distract the masses with pointless arguments….

  9. this man forgets that at time of recieving the vehcles they didnt know things will come to this far end. what he says is not defence but admission.

  10. Dr Kambwili please DO NOT STOP until the culprits pay.
    Ignore rubbish “dark science” accusations.
    There will be more accusations at you, remain focused on issue.

  11. Well said Hon.Kapyongo!!all well meaning Zambians do not take Kambwili’s nonsense serious.even upnd must not taken serious.for upnd,a politician is corrupt when he or she is in PF Govnt.if that person is fired,he or she becomes an angel.Sylvia Masebo,GBM,Kambwili are examples!!IS THAT BEING NORMAL?
    President Edgar Lungu should be very careful with empty tins such as Kambwili and those in upnd whose aim is to weaken PF by throwing mud on senior ministers!!
    KAMBWILI COULD HAVE MADE SENSE TO MANY OF US IF HE SAID ALL WHAT HE IS SAYING NOW WHEN HE WAS STILL A MINISTER!!indeed records are at RTSA,let Kambwili get evidence about those vehicle from RTSA then show us all.

  12. Kampyongo if you tune your ears to the rantings of all these partisan bloggers, you will have yourself to blame, your response to the allegations leveled against you is clear and honest. let the accuser build a strong case against you with damning evidence and I will be the first to pelt a stone at you. As it is they have no legal basis to paint you black. Thank you for realizing that some ill bent elements want to sway you from your noble duty of protecting the innocent lives .By all mean they will try distracting you, because they are themselves perpetrators lawlessness . Slave or master , rich or poor, king or commoner , a law breaker deserves no honor and MUST be termed. We expect you to do just that. Keep strong .

    • Any innocent person who has been accused of corruption should sue accuser in the Court of Law.
      Accusation will be always there until proven otherwise.
      Ba Minishta, instead of childish blabbing that only retarded PF cadres can accept, defend your integrity in the Court.
      Sue the accuser if you are innocent. Or, you are afraid that due process of law with mandatory “disclosure” will show your lack of moral integrity?

  13. It looks like Kampyongo did not eat alone in this firefighter deal. He must have shared the CUT with Mr Corruption 1. Lungu is corrupt to the core and whatever deal he gets involved in there must be a huge Facilitation Fee. As they say Corruption is now rampant under the Illegitimate Lungu Regime. The fish rots from the Head downwards. Corruption is now like a Cancer in Zambia under Lungu’s watch.

  14. Kampyongo thats not the point. Thieves register car in the name of wives or children. Tell the nation more about the alleged three cars rather than making noise un parliament. Young man be serious we are not stupid as Zambians as you think. Your ranting in parliament Kampyongo lacks substance it was all noise and hot air threats.

  15. Lungu and his bunch of thieving minions have a similar and familiar script when pinned down to explain their loot: oh “bring the evidence“! What a tired script. They know very well that they have destroyed the evidence; and they know very well that the law enforcement agencies are their puppy dogs who can’t touch them. But in fact the ‘evidence’ is right there in their faces and everyone can see it: $1 million for a second hand fire truck equipment; $1.2 billion for a 300km level surface road. This is the evidence and you need to explain that. Other ‘evidence’ it’s your cops and ACC who need to dig deeper to trace the money trail and transactions. By the way who goes to register a car and explain on the registration form who gave or bought them that car?…

  16. Yes there are no records that he owns those vehicles but still admits they are his cars recorded in other peoples’ names. A lot of ministers have stolen properties that are recorded in other peoples’ names ranging from friends, relatives to girlsfriend. Who does not know that. Even KC himself has property recorded in other peoples’ names to make sure that we are f.ooled forever, after all there are no records meantime stealing continues!
    Mentioning president quite often in this corruption tells a lot of stories. Clean thieves!
    What a disaster!

  17. Kampyongo should just answer the question. Was he given 3 luxury vehicles by Grandview or not? It seems he was given the 3 vehicles in return for giving the scandalous Tender to Grandview. CK has the evidence so why is Kampyongo not suing CK if he is lying? Kampyongo should justify why each Firefighter cost $1 million. He should give the cost breakdown and get the Supplier of the Firefighters produce an Invoice. Kampyongo should explain his role in this since he was the Minister of Local govt at the time.

  18. If this was a transparent government, they could have given us a breakdown of the costs of the firetrucks justifying the $42m.This is where the Office of the Auditor should come in to audit this ridiculous purchase. As for Kampyongo,drag Kambwili to court so that the court can prove him wrong about the 3 vehicles he is alleging Grandview purchased for you.

  19. Somehow, the expense of usd 42 million is too high for our size of economy. I don’t think these were an emergency to do at a go.
    It was going to be fine to do in phases. Or even better, we could have opted for lower bids for a start. Govt is doing very well to stabilize the economy but such elements of huge expenditure will disturb all efforts.

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