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Police warn firegate demonstrators

General News Police warn firegate demonstrators

Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo
Police have vowed to deal with all those planning to hold demonstrations at Parliament against the purchase of fire trucks ahead of today’s budget presentation.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said in a statement that no one will be allowed to hold any demonstrations at Parliament today.

“It has come to our attention that Alliance for Community Action has dared the Police saying that they will go ahead with their protest at Parliament and that they were calling on their members to turn up in numbers irrespective of police advise not to go ahead with the planned protest,” she noted.

“We are further informed that youths from the Patriotic Front are also planning to go ahead with their planned march to offer solidarity to the Minister of Finance tomorrow at Parliament,” Mrs Katongo said.

“As Zambia Police, we shall not tolerate any person or grouping that would want to act outside the provisions of the Law.”

“We therefore advise all those involved to take heed of the police advice or risk being dealt with accordingly.”


  1. And yet demonstrations are catered for under the constitution. PF chaps only came on the scene to demonstrate after hearing that others want to demonstrate and they come up with a disruptive mechanism. Ati Zambia is a democracy – my foot!

  2. This is rubbish, South Africa was demonstrating against their president and No one said No. what’s wrong with you iwee mayo.. please proceed we need answers to abuse of resources.

  3. Leave those gallant corruption fighters you have arrested alone? What are you hiding? Muli fibwa fyakalyelye fye imwe bakabwalala. If the Police were occupied with other commitments, where did the ones who arrested them come from? What happened to what they were occupied with? Muli Mbushi fye bakabalwe imwe.

  4. Let people demonstrate.This a a democracy.It’s ok as along as they do not break any property.That’s why in this country leaders keep enriching themselves without being made to account while in office.Jacob Zuma was made to pay back to the national treasury what he stole

  5. This gov is still in 1964:::let the people protest freely, PF gov is scared of people protesting because the Zambian people will finally open their eyes.

  6. Zambians need not to be afraid to protest or demonstrate against corruption. Just like our founding fathers did for our indipendence. if it Means giving our lives for this cause we should be prepared for the sake of our children.we have the Euro bond to pay back, these people can’t be wasting our money like that.

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