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Mumbi Phiri asks Kapyongo,others to explain their sudden wealthy

Headlines Mumbi Phiri asks Kapyongo,others to explain their sudden wealthy

PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,
PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,

Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says those who are being accused of stealing must come out and defend themselves because keeping quiet will only confirm the allegations.

And Phiri says the only person who was genuine in the fight against corruption was Levy Mwanawasa.

Speaking on Joy FM’s The Platform program yesterday, Phiri advised senior members of the ruling party like home affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and his lands counterpart Jean Kapata to explain their wealth to the Zambian people to quench allegations of corruption.

“I am encouraging my colleagues because when a lie is told, you decide to keep quiet, others will think it is true and I am glad that you asked me what was presumed said by Kambwili to Weekend Voice newspaper, I am glad that you called me and the way I am responding, it is not bragging but I want to clarify because I am not a thief so if they mention you that you stole, or you built a house and you remain quiet, it is like you are confirming but if you know you are innocent, challenge those who are telling lies,” Phiri said.

Phiri, who was reacting to allegations that she built an eight bed roomed mansion within three months, said she could only speak for herself.

“Those allegations [of corruption] started some time back. Have you ever heard me come and defend anybody? No. I have come because today I have been mentioned and I know myself, I cannot speak for others umutwe uwamunobe chalo cimbi (your friend’s mind is another world),” she said.

“For the President, I understand he is not like Mumbi Phiri, Mumbi Phiri has no immunity, I can take you Kunda Kunda to the courts of law, there cannot be qualms about it, for the President, what surrounds the Presidency, it is difficult for him to defend himself. Even if his character is assassinated, he cannot take you as a citizen to court. But as for me, if anyone says something which is not true, I have resolved I will take them to court so that they can substantiate what they are talking about.
I was talking to honorable Kapata just last night and I told her that ‘I would encourage you honorable Kapata, me I know you, when people want to smear dirt on you, take them on and explain yourself because I know you are not a thief’.”

And Phiri said the only person who was genuine about the fight against corruption was Mwanawasa.

“The only person who was genuine over corruption was Levy Mwanawasa because when he saw the rot which was in MMD, he didn’t want to be fired. You know, it is very wrong, even the way I am speaking, and then tomorrow you hear that Mumbi Phiri is fired then I start talking that there is corruption, that is immoral. I need to speak now, if I see anything wrong, if I have integrity I should resign and then talk about corruption otherwise that is why I am encouraging everybody, bamunina, imweh bale lumbula muli (my brother, you who is being mentioned in) corruption, Kampyongo, everybody, please, come and clear yourselves,” Phiri said.

“You know, people like Kampyongo, people don’t know, baleba ati iyo ni kaponya, so muleba ati ifwe twafuma ku kamchanga, panthu twa kulila ku Kamchanga, we cannot be at the helm of this country? Because tuli baku komboni? Kampyongo nga ali mu street aleshitisha because ninchushi, tafwile ukuba mu leadership? What a shame. Kano fye abana ba mu ma yadi? Eh ba fwile ukuba mu leadership? Ba Kambwili ba fumine kumayadi? (they were saying that Kampyongo is a street vendor, so you are saying that us who come from Kamuchanga, us from the compounds cannot be in leadership? Only those from posh areas?) It is very unfortunate. And despising poor people is not right, in that Parliament when I was a parliamentarian, when I looked, there were very few, in fact there was none of a politician or those in the limelight in Parliament, twalifye amafonteen from Kamuchanga, ba Lungwanga ba kulile kumunshi, ba Simbao ba kulile ku munshi, bonse, villagers…don’t despise the poor.”

She said she had built some houses because she was married to a wealthy man who managed to fend for her.

“I am not married to a kawaya waya. I am married to a professional aeronautic engineer. He worked in the foreign service as a diplomat in his own rights, being paid in dollars outside the country. An aeronautic engineer, not kawaya waya engineer, no! He buys my clothes, he pays for his children’s school fees son even the salary that I was getting as a diplomat, you can go and check, I can bring a printout from Indo Zambia Bank, they will show you…I am ready to give you my documentation because I don’t want to be

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  1. Heeesh!!! Mumbi is it again, but kusabaila uku….
    -Accusing Lungu that he can’t be better than Mwanawasa, and only protected by immunity.
    – Kapyongo, no well, that he was kaponya, street dealer.
    And why Ba Jean Kapata, is Mumbi encouraging her to leave corrupt government?

    • It is true that only Mwanawasa was serious about fighting corruption.

      While she should be applauded for taking this stance, she should spill the beans and help us understand how these street cadres-turned-ministers have accumulated their wealth in a very short space of time.

      The problem is that the government know that people of Zambia know they are corrupt. And they do not care. They do not think beyond their terms of office. These corrupt leaders will fight for amnesty and reconciliation when a new government comes in.

      Now even hardcore PF members can see your true colours. They are not defending you anymore.

      No amount of rigging will save you in 2021.

      “We challenge Kaizer Zulu and Mumbi Phiri to deny if they never told us to bury Hakainde Hichilema’s votes at Kalulushi cemetery. Upto now we know where the UPND ballot papers are buried at Kalulushi Cemetary. Let the push us too far and we shall bring them out as they are properly secured,” the PF CB officials have revealed.”

    • Ba LT, it’s important to write correctly. The person you commissioned to write your Bemba does not know. Please let somebody else write vernacular for you. What you have here is a pitiful attempt that must not be repeated.

  2. Awe tell them limbi kuti mwapusuma But bakampyongo let him tell us were he got the monies. Surely even if they say awamwibala alya mwibala mwati nifi? W
    Mwachita ove even ba presido Why is he just quiet?


  4. Well said, Mumbi. You have put the prejudice surrounding leadership in context. It really is a shame that while we complain that the west looks down on us, our very own neighbours do the same. That’s why we will never allow them to hold power. 2021, dununa again, ECL nafuti!!! Do not stop your counselling your colleagues, encourage them to put the record straight

    • Great!! Just put the record straight and lets move on. Bravo Mumbi Phiri..she has left many open mouthed with her sharp reaction when she is expected to be ZEE..

    • You don’t know that the beef between ck and Edgar started way before Edgar became president?

      Edgar needed co to win cb. Pf tayakabutunge my 2021. Mark my word, not with the chatterbox in opposition.

  5. Quite different but matters have moved beyond this point as the public interest in the matter has now assumed a national character.Press statements by those accused may not be sufficient.Neither shall calling CK a thief,corrupt,conman. Only a credible investigation can bring these matters to a satisfactory conclusion.CK was a senior PF Cabinet member and he could not have been the only ‘thief’. After all he is no longer in Government and arresting him should not present problems.The public is ,however, taking his allegations against the PF seriously and public opinion,which has long been ignored in regard to corruption, is changing fast. Ba CK please don’t be intimidated. Cula afwila pa menshi yakwe. Afterall the biblical Apostle Paul was once called Saul.


  6. Mumbi has spoken well today I must fairly say. The biggest problem we have is the president. There is a very serious outcry from the people about corruption by named presidential appointees yet he has at the least indirectly defended them. The best he could have done was to immediately suspend the named people and appoint an independent commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations and then act on the findings. As it stands now people are becoming more and more suspicious that he may also be a beneficiary of the said corruption.

    • @ Job

      “…people are becoming more and more suspicious that he may also be a beneficiary of the said corruption.”

      There’s absolutely no doubt lungu is involved. His past criminal record, inaction in the face of such damning charges, the ACC’s flatulent attitude, all point to lungu’s involvement. Rest assured nothing will happen, because Don CorleoLungu is a beneficiary.

  7. Ba Mumbi,please KNOW THAT increasingly more and more Zambians are complaining about foreign trips also. Don’t ignore this.It can be the one drop that starts a blizzard for the PF.

  8. Thieves have no honour. They are now exposing themselves.After stealing the Votes the Election Riggers are now fighting for the accumulation of wealth. Those accused of corruption must explain themselves. Lungu and his criminals are now filthy rich from these Corrupt deals. Kampyongo and Lungu must explain the Firefighter deal. Kampyongo was bribed with 3 Luxury Vehicles by the contractor. Lungu needs to make his Ministers accountable and he must lead by example. So far he is bad example. Clearly the fish rots from the Head downwards.With the level of corruption in Lungu’s illegitimate govt IMF will be throwing their money in a bottomless pit.

  9. This is THE BEST OF MUMBI PHIRI in her political life, though she has lied on her husband, which aeronuatic ENGINEER is he engineering ? How could an engineer be a diplomat ? In the diplomatic service we have planes to maintain? which university did he graduate and what level? Which companies did he work for? what is the value of the 8 bedroomed hse? KAMPYONGO Should explain his wealth anyway

    • Your eductational qualification is not a direct determiner of your management skill/ability!! A mathematician, engineer etc can be a CEO of a management company (many examples).. Our diplomats have a wide array of qualifications!

  10. Well done Mumbi for deciding to break the silence in PF Govt stealing mould. This turnaround is too good to be true.

    Levy Mwanawasa was nicknamed ‘ichibumba’ for a reason.

  11. This govt is made up of thieves. The president is a documented thief. That’s why they are dragging their feet in responding to Kambwili. A court case against him would not only open a can of worms but a pandora’s box into which the president will inevitably be drawn. Instead of suing Kambwili they are counter accusing him, which indicates that they agree Kambwili is correct! The noose is fast tightening on these crooks’ necks.

    • You stool elections, closed The Post, unlawfully locked up HH and others, … knowing very well that your hand are not clean.

  12. The mistake that Zambians made was to elect a Thief as President. Lungu had a criminal record having stolen a client’s money as a practicing lawyer. Lungu was de-registered by LAZ. With a criminal record Lungu should not have been elected as President. Lungu has lived to his stealing talents. He stole a client’s money,rigged the PF Presidency,stole the State Presidency in 2015 & 2016 and now he is stealing State Assets. Lungu is the fastest growing Corrupt and wealthy President. Within less than 3 years of Presidency Lungu is already filthy rich. His Networth is now estimated to be in million US dollars while most Zambians are languishing in poverty and hunger. Lungu and his criminal Advisers have to be stopped b4 Zambia is completely destroyed thru State Sponsored Corruption.

    • That is why Zambians have continuously rejected your preferred tribal, prejudiced leaders. Listen to yourself, you think you can hoodwink the masses into believing that one can stand for public office WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD??? You are just a bitter loser and it’s good you don’t live here because you would contribute nothing to the country. Your reasoning is so childish, that “thief” strategy you used on Chiluba and RB will never work again because we have laws: A PERSON IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. no more newspaper open court sessions of M’membe; PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS: SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!!!!

    • Zambian citizen you are the sort of chap where even if they bring a picture of some dude on top of your wife you would still want to see it happening live for you to believe it. People with less brain power than you are rightfully questioning how Lungu became so rich in a space of two years without any declared businesses apart from his allowances and salaries when a legitimate businessman would take over twenty years to make that kind of money and you are not bewildered? What dullness is this? Have a questioning mind mune, thats what defines intelligence not just seated like the dunderhead you are insulting people raising valid questions. The !d!ocy you are displaying should be prosecutable. Very embarrassing.

    • @Dudelove: as usual bone-headed examples!!! The problem is you get carried away with these media frenzies. My take is very simple: just like the 10 years or so you wasted on that Mwanawasa circus, do you want to waste more time with another over hyped media-charged anti corruption crusade with useless politicians like Kambwili who just yesterday was barking at anyone who said anything about the PF or do you want to sit down, use your brain for once and set up effective crime solving institutions that our children will inherit regardless of who is in power??? When you figure this out you will realise that you are the useful !d!oit Kambili is using to propagate his nonsense!!! Useless twit!!!

  13. Ask much as madam mumbi says she is really trying to deflect any guilt from herself. Ask her to explain her wealth or ability to build and constantly campaign. She is worried

  14. I am impressed with Mumbi Phiri. This is a brave statement to make. She is always with the President travelling but I think it is also too much for her. Bravo Mrs Phiri. Stand with the people.

  15. But ba Z tell me which Govt that you have NEVER accused of corruption? Every Govt in Z since Kaunda was said to be corrupt. Chiluba’s Govt was said to also be. Next Mwanawasa’s was also being accused of the same such that RB was just caught in what was already blived to be corruption. Sata came in & took road tenders to State house with Willy Nsanda as his agent of distribution. Even Kambwili was a beneficiary of these tenders. We all remember that GBM was said to give himself all the tenders at defence. So the EL & kampyongos have just continued what Sata / GBM / Kambwili started. All of them are the same

  16. That is the problem when you chose a hyena to look after your goats and you later discover that your goats are finished, do you blame the hyena or yourself?

  17. Well said DUNUNA , empty tins makes too much noise. SYSTEM of the government is too difficult for a common man to understand; lest everyone is WISER than word itself.

  18. Where is Ka MUSHOTA to read this similar Bemba bragging.
    “I am not married to a kawaya waya. I am married to a professional aeronautic engineer. He worked in the foreign service as a diplomat in his own rights, being paid in dollars outside the country. An aeronautic engineer, not kawaya waya engineer, no! He buys my clothes, he pays for his children’s school fees son even the salary that I was getting as a diplomat, you can go and check, I can bring a printout from Indo Zambia Bank, they will show you…I am ready to give you my documentation because I don’t want to be

  19. You cannot have a convicted criminal as your president! “umuntu ni Lungu”. You deserve what you are getting.

    • You guys must be either very thick or just plain s.t.u.p.id!!! Tell me, ECL was mp and later filed for president, HOW DOES SOMEONE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD DO THAT??? HONESTLY CAN A CONVICTED CRIMINAL FILE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE??? No wonder I don’t waste time on this corruption nonsense which to me is exactly what Mumbi is talking about: the PF and it’s leadership were not “accepted” as leadership material by some prejudiced people in our society but was preferred by the Zambian population. This corruption strategy is exactly the same tactic they used on Chiluba, tried on RB before it stopped making sense. Now the same people want to bombard ECL with it after the petition, dictatorship strategy failed. And it will fail again for one simple reason: IT DOESN’T SEEM TO YIELD CONVICTIONS!!!!

  20. Zambians you have put yourselves in a mess for voting for pf a most corrupt party in the history of Zambia. Ukwiba nabantu balelosha nensoni iyo? No wonder you are quick to involve Police in any small issue for defensive reasons. Shame on you guys.

  21. Ba mumbi, if you continue coming out in open like this and challenging others whilst in ruling we will give you more likes. We need you servants to do us justice. Thumbs up!

  22. The ACC and DEC should stand firm and be vigilante if such allegations are to be unearthed, why is it that they boards which are supposed to curb corruption in Zambia are mute?
    It took the foreign nationals to unearth the scam of donated funds towards farming for ACC to take action, and one of the accused died during the process a she Doctor ……..
    The maize scam which lead to a Malawian Minister to be fired, was just swept under the carpet here in Zambia.
    The firegate alleged scam is also slowly dying out, we need answers as the nation so that things are cleared right now and then, it will be a shear waste of taxpayers money to come and bring back these issues when the other party takes over the helm, by then some of the people who might give evidence will have already answered the…

  23. Thank you Mumbi Phiri, Ask Kampyongo to tell his Kakoma Kanganaja and their accomplices in abuse of authority of office to release my Zambia Police benefits. I went to work for the UN and they pillaged me in a use. Just because I am female, yet they are amassing unknown wealth. We need answers p,ease. And Tell them to bring back my Jeep, Toyota Corono Premio and Toyotat Harrier.mthey have been stealing from us in conspiracy and hiding under government. Why??

    I urge President ECL and his Opposition HH to dialogue and come up with an international justice mechanism to probe and reform ZIALE and LAZ. I have observed the majority of Zambian lawyers lacking in human rights and humanitarian law, integrity and professionalism. Deception is their way of litigation and it really makes me sad…

  24. I do not think much of Mumbi Phiri BUT I must give her credit for some of the things she has said. The biggest problem with this Government is that the spokes person is concentrating on the wrong issues. Government means to be answerable to people ….even what you might conceder lies!
    As at now, everybody is yapping without proper order…..

    respond with order please…

  25. As long as the loot is not shared equally or even enough to others, these issues will begin to emerge. I’m no fan or supporter of politicians (both in opposition or government) but soon enough, the knives will come out. Some won’t make it to 2021. I can assure you of that.

  26. Wow! Is the director of this movie the same one who did Scandal? Popcorns please. Will you please make it double butter?

  27. There will be no dialogue, explanations, you can cry blood as much as you want it won’t happen unless Kabwili brings the evidence. How many times do you think the Government will explain? No matter what they say it is falling on deaf hears. we know your aim is to confuse the people , Hon Mwale , ACC, The President and others have been trying to explain but no, you still insist, even Kampyongo did, what explanation are you look for, may be you want Kampyongo to take himself to court, why can’t Kabweili report him or any of you since you have evidence? 3/4s of Zambians have bought vehicle, built houses so what will stop a Minister to buy an expensive vehicle or build a mansion. You like people to suffer even if they can afford. By the way why have you stopped asking Kabwili over his…

  28. What an analysis, sounds great and hilarious. What are the Implications of Mwanawasa being the only one sincere about war on corruption. Bring it on! Kambwili we are waiting for more revelations. Anti ba lungwangwa bakulila kumushi na ba Simbao. Lol.

  29. My President should be careful, act now before its too late. Kaiser should not be part of the adversely team is he a grade 12 how did he get the job mwebanthu. Mr President wake up bwana and smell coffee i beg


  31. i congratulate you for speaking out,these thieves will try to rig 2021, fast and pray you win otherwise i see a lot of prosecutions, we will freeze assets,watch the space Zambians are waking up now.

  32. Chachine mukwai. Noone should be spared this challenge:
    “….and you remain quiet, it is like you are confirming but if you know you are innocent, challenge those who are telling lies,” Phiri said.
    So how did Lungu double his assets in less than one and a half years?
    Zambian leader’s assets value doubles in just 16 months – report
    Lusaka – In just less than two years in power, Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s assets value has more than doubled from K10.9 million in December 2014 to K23.7 million (2.2 million) this year.
    According to Zambian Eye, Lungu’s total assets value was revealed while he was filing papers for the upcoming presidential elections in August.
    Local media reports indicated that Lungu’s net worth increased by at least 100% after becoming president.

  33. I am mouthless, yaba!
    Mumbi Phiri do not sink with the boat. At least do something to save this situation.
    Thieves are just that, they do not deserve any mercy from anyone and not even from God almighty.

  34. Thanks madam for urging the people being accused to clear themselves.zambia is for zambian we must fight corruption with both hands otherwise we be runing in other countries to deal medical services when we should have built hospitals from the monies stolen by corrupt leaders.

  35. She danced dununa reverse with Lungu but he twice skipped her for PF SG and never appointed her cabinet minister so the grapes are souring. We kanyo iwe, mwine Chipata used you like a condom, ala ka nunkile uko!

  36. She’s “washing her hands”
    Good to come out and distance yourself from the obvious rottenness we are smelling inPF.

  37. Her explanations advice to Kampyongo and Kapata tells something is cooking.PF is stinking full of kabwalalas but one day,time will catch up with these thieves.

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