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The Zambian Government is Obliged to Provide Answers to Issues Raised Publicly by Kambwili

Columns The Zambian Government is Obliged to Provide Answers to Issues Raised Publicly...

Bregedier General Godfrey Miyanda
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda


[By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 2nd October 2017]

I urge the Zambian Government to answer truthfully the issues raised by Honourable Chishimba Kambwili and drop the obvious scheme to divert attention and make him the villain. This diversion suggests a ploy by the government to avoid answering the questions raised. Such tactics usually work in political shadow boxing; but this time the ploy is not working. I appeal to all citizens to understand that this is one ‘crusade’ where partisan spectacles must be taken off. It is better for Honourable Kambwili to be exposed and shamed as a liar by factual government responses, than for any culprits to be let off scot-free. It is evasive if not unsavoury to continue using cadres to respond to Government issues while calling Kambwili a liar: for how can a question be a lie? How can a question be corrupt? How can a question be guilty of something?

Character assassination usually works and in Zambian politics it actually wins elections. Since he begun to expose publicly some questionable acts by his PF colleagues, Honourable Kambwili has been labelled a liar, corrupt, allegedly arrested in South Africa for stealing, telling true lies and so on and so forth. But his statements are neither true nor lies because they are just questions, valid questions demanding answers. It is not wrong for any citizen to ask questions or demand of our leaders in government to be transparent and justify their actions. If those in the corridors of power think that it is only Honourable Kambwili who wants the answers then they are not on planet Zambia! There are hundreds if not thousands of Zambians who want and expect answers to the issues raised. These questions evoke high emotions, are annoying and provocative yet one cannot help doubting: Is Kambwili fabricating or exaggerating? Could what he said be true? Has this really been happening?

In the immediate circumstances of the fire tender saga, it is duplicitous and evasive for those in authority to call for evidence from the public. This smacks of an abdication of presidential and fiduciary responsibility. The President must suspend his travels and study the files and reports until he fully comprehends both the security implications at home and why citizens are angry and questioning everything, even doubting what could be true. The buck stops at the President’s feet!

This is no longer a PF issue. Employing diehard party zealots and sycophants to divert attention from specific questions raised may confirm the old adage that there is no smoke without fire. If you remove Kambwili’s political banter and tantrums from his statements you will notice that there are serious issues now in the public domain deserving unequivocal responses instead of evasive attacks on him, including the following: (in US dollars) purchase of fire tenders at 42 million, purchase of five Russian jets for 36.4 million each, Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway at 1.2 million per kilometre, 360 million for KK international airport, 418 million Copperbelt C400 roads, 300 million Lusaka L400 roads, 1.7 billion Kafue Gorge Lower Power Plant, 280 million digital migration, 430 million Kariba North Bank Power Plant expansion, and some personal multi-million constructions allegedly for and by the President in Lusaka, Petauke and other places. All these debts and many more begun to accrue in less than three years of the PF in government (12 months for President Lungu). Was the PF mandate to come and kill and/or enslave Zambians with debts for sacrificing and clearing the HIPC debt?

Honourable Kambwili’s questions must be answered formally by the Government and by President Lungu; not answering him will leave the Government completely vulnerable and naked because human beings are wired to provide their own answers to unanswered questions. And when answers take long, the people’s answers become indelible and may hardly ever be erased even if the government uses an “anointed rubber or eraser”!

The ACC’s inertia is too loud to go unnoticed. I opposed the PF’s removal of the age-old principal of “innocent until proven guilty”. I was one of the few, if not the only political leader, who strongly spoke against the reintroduction of the provision that the suspect should prove his innocence. The PF did not believe in what they did but did it for votes. I still condemn and insist that the provision must be expunged from our statutes and the “innocent until proven guilty” principle be reinstated in the ACC Act. What is my point? Honourable Kambwili’s insistence that the ACC should probe the President is correct because that is now the law passed by the PF. This law is that prima facie the President must prove his innocence of how he acquired more than 21 billion Kwacha in twelve months of being Republican President. This is the law that the ACC must enforce. For example the President’s electoral declarations of assets are with the Judiciary Registry. So why ask the public to provide evidence? And which law is the ACC relying on to wait for evidence from the public? Citizens are angry, very very angry. There is a time for everything; and this is the time to answer and reveal the truth that will counter the alleged lies of Honourable Kambwili. It is contempt of the people of Zambia to prevaricate, evade, bob and weave while diverting attention from the real issues raised. Whether Honourable Kambwili is corrupt, a liar or whatever does NOT negate the questions he has asked the Government and the President to answer. Those in Government must answer the questions and provide their own evidence against him if they have any.

The President should ban his cadres from commenting on these serious government questions. I expect the Government to answer truthfully Honourable Kambwili’s allegations forthwith so that We, the People, may decide for ourselves who is or is not the liar!




[2ND OCTOBER 2017]


    • They are not obligated Miyanda.

      They don’t have to respond to every nonsensical lie spewed by that sorry excuse of a man.



    • Which other avenue does the government expect Kambwili to give out the information that he has other than the media? I remember too well a few months after he was fired as minister that he tried to make an appointment with the President so that he could furnish him with information on the happenings in PF and government but the president turned down his request. I don’t think it is right for those being accused of being corrupt to lebel Kambwili as a frustrated bitter man after his request to meet the president proved futile. Just answer to his allegations.

    • Citizens have more formal manner to extract the answers from an erring corrupt Government. Gen. you write and sound like an attorney at times and you appeal to us but issues of claims can not be answered through the media. It is a wrong platform. Already HH has taken up the issue with his lawyers I believe, lets calm down and let relevant authorities take up the issue, it is important. The crusade should not lead to the street is hereby encouraged. The rule of law Gen, rule of law. Right now the ECL’s Government is innocent until proven guilty. CK is accusing the government, so let him sue them if he has a prima facie issue. For once Yes, ECL must halt is incessant trips. I believe it is a big cost to our country. Also question him on these trips. Or take him to court. Right now I…

    • Cont’d
      … can’t distinguish you from the diehard party zealots and sycophants who are spreading innuendos (acts of empty tins). Those big projects you are talking about are here in Zambia, not in heaven. You have institutions and committees that are supposed to interrogate project executions in Zambia. Should we not build infrastructure because the Gen or Kambwili and cliques are upset? You can not build infrastructure without borrowing. Big projects cost money. It’s in the budget. Don’t you have a copy of the budget? If the ACC is failling call for reforms my friend. How the hell would the ACC perform without input from people with facts? You are so bitter like you once never served in Government. If CK is not a liar, why wait until he was given a boot to accuse his former…

    • Cont’d
      … compatriots of stealing? In any case if he has points, let him share them with people who care like you. Iwe Gen., you know the steps that ought to be taken to initiate investigations from erring leaders. You want to run to the streeys? The fact that you’re scared in taking the step makes me question your credibility. Shouldn’t Brazil save as an example. Benchmark from how Brazil dealt with a corrupt form of leadership. Don’t brainwash us.

    • @Mushota;
      It’s nincompoops, brainless and useful id!ots like you who have helped destroy our beautiful country.

    • Mr. Miyanda, in the right frame of your mind, do you also believe it that it is possible for president Lungu to amass k21 billion in 12 months? I expect senior politicians like Mr. Miyanda to help solve the problems that the country is going through than maliciously making the situation worse! By the way, General, what is your take on Hh being hosted at two traditional ceremonies in southern province where GRZ was not welcomed? Or is it that you only critic where it negatively involves ECL?

    • [email protected] shall not allow:
      1. I am in my right frame of mind. Candidate Lungu gave the figure K23 million when he signed and lodged his Declaration of Assets for the August 2016 election. This updated his Declaration of K2 million in the January 2015 election. The documents are at the Judiciary Registry and are available for public scrutiny.
      2. Zambians elected (employed) President and ministers NOT Miyanda to solve their problems. They are paid for their work and must answer to the people when accused or challenged because they are servants of the people, not demigods. The rest of your comments are NOT relevant to this topic here///

  1. The government cannot respond to Kambwili’s allegations because the Supreme Ruler will be implicated. He is a beneficiary of all the shady deals his lieutenants are involved in

  2. Yes, government is obliged to provide answers to issues of corruption raised by Hon. Kambwili, because the Zambian people have a right to know how government resources are used. Government is entrusted with power by people to act on their behalf to promote their interest. If government is not able to do so, it forfeits the right to rule.

  3. Not forgetting the “mukula logs” saga… Wait on Sunday Chanda, Stephen Kampyongo, Emmanuel Mwamba and their fellow PF nonentities to start barking. Zambians you have ears and mouths use them to hear and ask #corruptionallegationsmustbeanswered.

  4. Corruption is like Cancer. It destroys economies and that is why the Chinese govt has a zero tolerance of corruption. In Zambia unfortunately the current Lungu govt thrives on and promotes corruption. The President is a wrong Role Model in eradicating corruption. He can’t hold Kampyongo to account becoz he is the biggest beneficiary from this scandalous deal. No wonder the Man is now filthy rich at the expense of the masses. He started off by stealing our votes and now he Is stealing Taxpayers money on every deal. We saw the maizegate, Roadgate and now its Firegate. The man needs to be stopped b4 he destroys the Zambian Economy.

  5. It’s so plain that lungu and his henchmen have been plundering resources on a massive scale. The evidence is there for all to see. In the blink of an eye his personal wealth shot up through the roof and into the stratosphere. As the General says, instead of responding to these serious charges he sends his lapdogs to bark at Kambwili. But then people shouldn’t be surprised, lungu is a thief, period! His past thieving is public. Do you really expect this guy not to help himself to the money at his disposal? Maximum pressure must be exerted by all Zambians to have this thug govt brought to book.

  6. Good one general and on point too. Add in the “New State House” and the numerous Chinese investments which have the blessing of the one most high. Kambwili is certainly not talking from without as he was in the inner circle as PF were carving out contracts. This is turning out to be a kleptocarcy of the worst kind. Every one “Government” is rich beyond comprehension. Is this what we signed up to? It shouldn’t be too difficult to respond to Kambwili if the correct answers are at hand. But No. they are not. The Chinese are the worst thing to have happened to Zambia. By the way the Chinese Government equates plunder of state resources to treason and they have , on paper, zero tolerance for such greed but they don’t mind if they do it in other countries

  7. TIPIMA. TIZAPIMA VONSE BALINAVO. They are now panicking. the wealth they have acquired will be returned to the rightful owners, the people of Zambia.

  8. The question is what format, or in what manner will the government respond to Kambwili’s tantrums? Is it through parliament, or by a press statement? The logical thing to do is simply to ignore Kambwili. Those who seem to have questions are merely the opposition who will not even vote for PF. ECL should just concentrate on developing the nation as he is doing right now till Zambia reaches the pinnacle of glory.

    • Kikikiki.. 1mbecility has taken a hold of the nation..or is it the curse of social media where even the most basic brain can type??

  9. @Brig Gen Miyanda, but why should you mention Kambwili and not outrightly you yourself raise those issues? Kambwili is a juvenile both in terms of experience in public service, conduct and manners in comparison with yourself. I for one have felt greatly disappointed with the opposition as a whole for avoiding real issue based politics but rather focusing on matters that the everyday man and woman are not concerned with. When will we have an opposition to look at Prison conditions, when will we have an opposition to address issues of inefficiency in govt which breeds corruption, to address matters to with farmers-the maize floor price etc?? Hopefully even though he is a juvenile he is making some of you more esteemed Statesmen open your eyes to putting the State to task!

  10. Lungu was given in the region of $5 million for the corrupt fire trucks ………we will be vindicated.

  11. Gen. Miyanda, Chibamba (TIZ), Laura Miti and other civic groups are fondly remembered to have been part of the oasis forum. A group famous for fighting Dr. Chiluba’s third term bid, with the support of then Zambia’s biggest circulation, the post, they were a formidable force!! The fire tender fiasco has had these same familiar faces popping up in the name of fighting corruption. But is it a genuine cause or is it a personal hatred of someone they didn’t deem fit to be president?? Amos Malupenga, Local Govt. PS has issued a statement, so has Kampyongo done so to parliament, the Fire Union and the ACC has also done so, even a London court cleared the issue, The AG, ZPPA…so must the whole nation be held at ransom by a group, sorry, the group we are all too familiar with having…

    • …challenged presidential power in the past?? Must the whole country stand still to please the demands of these characters whose intentions and motives are not 100% clear??? Gen. Miyanda has never said anything positive about the president, all his failed attempts to discredit him through the courts we all know about. So what makes this latest attempt different??? As a nation we need to focus our energies on positive developments and place characters like Gen. Miyanda in the political dustbin where he belongs-HE HAD HIS TIME IN THE PAST TO CREATE A BETTER PRESENT AND FUTURE, WHAT DID HE DO FOR US???

    • We are trying to focus our energies on development but those at the forefront of that song are getting unexplainably rich over night..Or have you missed that point????

    • Citizen

      Stop lying, what London court did clear the corruptly overpriced trucks ???

      That court case was nothing to do with the corruptly over price of those trucks

    • @Arms: “unexplainably rich overnight…” Why can’t you gather SOLID information and give it to the right authorities?? That’s exactly what I mean, we want to point fingers, make noise and cry “corruption” and then when matters go to court, NOTHING COMES OUT. Total misdirection of energies!!!!!!!!!!
      @Spaka: Albion and the two tonga country representatives took the matter to a court in London and were awarded damages of some sort, where do you get your info from??? You still reading that watchdog site, spaka??? Shame on you!!!!!

    • [email protected] Citizen: here you go AGAIN and AGAIN falsifying. I have never “fought for Dr Chiluba’s Third term”. Why are we no longer in the MMD? You have conveniently “forgotten” that I was one of the 22 senior MMD leaders “expelled” in absentia for rejecting the Third Term. Confess your lies and when you return lie no more!!!

  12. @2020vision, so you call those issues raised by Hon. Kambwili as not REAL ISSUES? I feel sorry for you. This debt we have accrued in a very short time, who do you think will bare the burden paying back? Of course our children. During the Mwanawasa regime, we were by far better than we are right now. Just a small homework for you, find out how much a US dollar was compared to our Kwacha.

  13. Important points raised by Gen Miyanda. But what I have observed so far is that President Lungu and his cohorts are choosing to ignore CK as well as all those demanding answers. They are behaving as though they are no issues. They are hoping that this, too, will pass just like everything else in Zambia. We need to keep these issues in the public domain for as long as we can. Journalists need to question President Lungu on these issues when he is leaving at the airport . He needs to start feeling the pressure because right now, he is not.

  14. CK is correct ECL is the Chief Minister of Corruption. He must have benefitted most in the Firefighter deal and thats why is quiet. Lungu is earning commission from all corruption deals in his govt. Lungu did nothing about Maizegate,Roadgate and Firegate becoz is the beneficiary of these deals. No wonder Lungu is now filthy rich. Lungu stole the Election in order to enrich himself at the expense of the masses. Its not surprising that Lungu has done this. As a practicing lawyer he stole a client’s money and got de-registered as a Lawyer by LAZ, he rigged his way to the PF Presidency and rigged elections in 2015 & 2016 to be State President. Lungu is a habitual Thief and criminal and should be stopped b4 he destroys the Zambian Economy. Corruption is like Cancer. It destroys economies.

  15. Suddenly corrupt Kambwili is a hero. …so easily duped are the Zambians. Me as a Zambian I am still waiting for the answer as to ordered the shooting of Dr Kaunda and Dr Roger Chongwe in Kabwe. And also who announced on TVZ the liquidation of Zambia Airways. Thanks.

    • [email protected] Khakis: Kambwili is not a hero but a WHISTLE BLOWER covered under Section 69 of the ACC Act. Rest of your comments are your usual ‘Argumentum ad Hominem’ which you should have graduated from by now. Completely IRRELEVANT and of no value to the topic///

  16. What I can say is that Kambwili could not speak out on the wrongs committed by the PF regime when he was still in government because of the fact that he still wanted to keep his job. I also take it that he was not participating in the corrupt activities of this regime when he served as minister, otherwise it would be insane of him to condemn the corrupt activities he used to partake of. I think I would not be wrong to assume that Kambwili was fired for refusing to partake in the corrupt activities of this worst government in the history of our country.

    • “He could not speak out on. ..
      For fear of losing his job ” and you think you’re making a point? He lost the job anyway. …and how could Lungu fire someone who had all the information on lungu’s corruption? You’re the same people who were calling for Kambwili to dropped from cabinet because he was corrupt. What has changed or is it a question of not knowing what you want?

  17. The President has already said that those with evidence should bring it up so that the culprits can be brought to book. Good HH and his cowards are taking this to court, we are all eagerly waiting to know who the thieves are, Kabwili to tell everyone what he knows about this by being a witness and showing us proof and whoever has evidence rather than ranting and ranting without proof.

  18. One way compelling government to respond to concerns raised by its critics is to take the matter before courts of law. It is political rhetoric to rely on the moral argument in itself to force government to issue statements that it does not want to make. The right to remain silent when one is questioned is guaranteed under the law. In any case, where were the key players when the problem just started. It would have been better to build a firebreak instead of waiting for the fire to break out.

    • [email protected] Makasa Kasonde: 1. NOT rhetoric to ask President to explain the growth of his assets portfolio which was K2million in January 2015 and K23million in August 2016! ACC Act provides for suspect to account for “UNEXPLAINED PROPERTY”;in this case it is the Declaration of Assets lodged at the Judiciary Registry by the President himself. We are in the Public People’s Court; the people, the employers, are demanding answers from their employees, the President and Cabinet. The firebreak is already built: it is called Anti Corruption Commission ba Dr Kasonde. 2. Your “right to remain silent” is misplaced. It is supposed to be pleaded by the accused personally NOT his supporters. Has the President asked you to plead for him? In this democracy govt is obliged to answer when queried.

    • Voice of wisdom – A thief (If Lungu and team are) cannot be judged in the media. These guys have already responded to the accusations (they have rubbished Kambwili many times). Of course the responses are not sufficient. This is not most Zambians want to hear. By forcing them to respond to Kambwili it will be Kambwili’s against their word. The best way is to call the two parties before an arbitrator (a court of law) as UPND has started doing – who will be given the evidence. Arguments for and against will be recorded -at the end of the day even if we do not agree with the judgement, we would have heard from both sides and will shall have an idea of who is telling the truth. Thanks ba kasonde.

  19. One can only be amazed at how some people are turning to Kambwili of all human beings as a voice for the voiceless! Where were these people when Kambwili was amassing so much wealth he became a millionaire directly as a result of his position? Let us leave kambwili out of this picture and just address the issues!

  20. The government is responding. How are they responding through cadres. Minister of information responded that his boss made money when he was a lawyer. Then came Saturday Chanda and finally Bowan Lusambo. But what the General is saying is that the responses should come from the president himself by issuing a full statement to the allegation and not calling Kambwili this or that.
    So those of you saying the government can’t respond are not up to date to the happening or mere cadres blindly supporting and issuing statements. The Government is responding but the form of response is from cadres.

  21. “I was one of the few, if not the only political leader, who strongly spoke against the reintroduction of the provision that the suspect should prove his innocence.”

    When ever the ‘General’ begins his ‘I am the only…, I did this…, I … tatatata’ I confess I almost always become wary of what is to follow. But the quoted words above had my utmost attention. ‘General’ since WHEN do suspects need to prove their innocence before judgement? I know it is your admirable firm custom to defend your statements with precise citations and I KNOW you will promptly undo this oversight by your reply with the particular articles and jurisprudence pertaining to this ‘new law’.

    • [email protected]: You have raised a fundamental issue on ‘innocence before judgement’ which you have misunderstood. Nevertheless I will respond separately in combination with other bloggers as it requires a detailed answer. Curiously I note that you too have used “I confess I am always…….”. Welcome to the club///

  22. Brigadier General Miyanda, you once were very close to the PRESIDENCY under the Chiluba Administration and you understand the legalities of Government and the presidency! Instead of us the citizens of Zambia to wait until ECL is no longer president for us to investigate him and his PF, what is the LEGAL way to try and do it now before more damage is done ? Please shed more light on the legal way to go about….

  23. Fellow Zambians, we all know that no matter how much one tries to conceal the truth, it always has its own divine way out. And no one person can out live time, we all know that. It will be very soon when those that think they are immune to the truth, will be exposed. What we need now is the ability to sustain the pressure to get answers from all sectors of our society, starting with our political leaders down to individuals on the street that benefit from the alleged corruption. One comfort that I have is this: God is on the throne and He will not allow a few people to act with impunity, subjecting the masses to live in sub-human standards while they enjoy the fruits of our sweat. We must use all means provided to us by our God to get the answers we want. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s…

  24. This Brig Gen should just go back to bed and sleep….he is a finished politician, Look after your beautiful wife. From slumber to ranting!!!!
    You had your own time please rest in peace iwe Ka general>>>>

    • [email protected] FYE: Completely irrelevant but I will respond to make things absolutely clear so you do not waste your energy next time. God created Man to be awake most of his life and rest only one day out of seven! Sorry to disappoint you; I choose to emulate God’s way. I shall continue to write whenever I feel like and whenever I am requested to. If you do not appreciate my articles do NOT read them. But I see that you respond quite frequently – admit it, you enjoy reading them!

  25. let kampyongo join upendi and Sunday chanda. they will be be cleared automatically by ka mukuni.

  26. The citizens of the Great Country Zambia voted the PF in Power.So when issues of such nature arise the citizens expect answers.If there no answers it raises alot of questions as to why?
    Please The Government of Zambia give us the answers.

  27. Ba general Miyanda, don’t join the vuvuzelas of this world who are trying to divide us. if ck knows that there are people who are corrupt in gvt, the best he can do is to report them to relevant authorities like ACC and later the court will take its coarse. the gvt can answer in the court of law. surely you want the gvt to start responding to rumors. No ways, you are the same people who will be accusing the gvt of being defensive. ck has the right to take the gvt to court so that those that are being accused can defend themselves. why forcing the gvt to start denying via the media when there is proper place to deny from. Ba General please be objective not being subject. some of you people we just hear your comments when they issue is against the gvt just to be noticed that you are…

  28. Ba general Miyanda, don’t join the vuvuzelas of this world who are trying to divide us. if ck knows that there are people who are corrupt in gvt, the best he can do is to report them to relevant authorities like ACC and later the court will take its coarse. the gvt can answer in the court of law. surely you want the gvt to start responding to rumors. No ways, you are the same people who will be accusing the gvt of being defensive. ck has the right to take the gvt to court so that those that are being accused can defend themselves. why forcing the gvt to start denying via the media when there is proper place to deny from. Ba General please be objective not being subject. some of you people we just hear your comments when they issue is against the gvt just to be noticed that you are

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