KMC to conduct dog elimination exercise


The Kasama Municipal Council says it will soon conduct the second phase of the dog elimination exercise.

Kasama Town Clerk Zakeyo Mbao says the local authority is working in collaboration with the department of National Parks and Wildlife in ensuring that all stray dogs are eliminated in the district.

Mr Mbao has told ZANIS in an interview today that the local authority wants to ensure that there is compliance from dog owners regarding the dog registration exercise.

And Mr Mbao has expressed concern over the lack of response from the residents in ensuring that their dogs are registered.

He added that it is a mandate for people to register their dogs as stipulated by law under the Control of Dogs Act Cap 247.

The Town clerk has since urged all residents to confine their dogs in respective premises in  to ensure safety of other community members.

Mr Mbao also disclosed that the local authority eliminated 69 dogs in the first round of the dog elimination exercise.


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    I have 3 dogs and I am wondering which one to register first.
    The first pretends to be humble but night time mamama… very viscious terrorising other dogs in the neighbourhood.
    The second is a barking dog. He barks everyday. We tried to cage him for sometime like 3 to 4 months but he has not changed.
    The third one, I jus bought it because it likes to be near my second one. My neighbour spilt water on it the other day and I am told he even stoned him.

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    The dog’s act 247? Registration is now coming with fees, for what if i may ask?Just give them free rabies vaccination s like you used to.

  3. +1

    Animal cruelty !! Why can’t they be taken to an animal rescue centre and be vaccinated against rabies ? Do you have to kill them ?

  4. 0

    We can’t afford animal shelters.
    Feed dead DOGS to hyenas and Lions at Mundawanga say.
    I have a problem jogging around my compound because of some six vicious dogs at one house without a fence.

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    What annoys me very much are those people who overload scotch carts for livestock and donkeys and then whip the poor animals! We need stiff laws to prevent such evil activities! Why torturing these poor animals! Even in the bible it is said that animals should be kept in a good manner! Why don’t we see these fake pastors preach about keeping animals well?? They are just interested in money! Let us keep our animals in a better condition!

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