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Neither Kambwili nor Lusambo Is Innocent

General News Neither Kambwili nor Lusambo Is Innocent

Mr Lusambo stresses a point during a live Let the People Talk programme
Mr Lusambo stresses a point during a live Let the People Talk programme

It is somewhat disturbing what characterised headlines at our parliament buildings, pertaining to the fight and a bitter exchange of unpalatable language between Hon. Chishimba Kambwili, Hon. Bowman Lusambo and Hon. Jean Kapata.

As a young democrat and political activist am deeply perturbed that our once noble institution of parliament has been allowed to degenerate into a “mini kangaroo court” to settle personal scores other than to advance the needs of the Zambian people. My disappointment goes to the three honourable members, Hon. Lusambo, Hon. Kapata and Hon. Kambwili, because neither of them is innocent in their actions.

The continued standoff between Hon. Lusambo and Hon. Kambwili is unhealthy for our country and must be stopped. Can the two rise above themselves, and face reality. Hon. Lusambo must realise that he is a leader hence he is not insulated from criticism, insults and provocation. To whom much is given, much is expected. And Hon. Kambwili must realise that much as he has issues with Hon. Lusambo, Lusambo is now his Minister and must be accorded the respect he deserves however young he may be.

It is but an outrageous behaviour what has been allowed to obtain in our parliament, where the civility of honourable debate has completely been lost. For us as young people we are not inspired by the current crop of most political leaders in our parliament.

On one hand Hon. Bowman Lusambo slapping a fellow member Hon. Chishimba Kambwili on parliament grounds is an inescapable and inexcusable injury to the appointment of more young and vibrant youth leaders in politics. Hon. Lusambo is expected to be a shining example to us young people, and must be civil in whatever engagements, irrespective of whether he is under maximum provocation. Otherwise youths will continue to be seen as tools for violence.

On the other hand Hon. Chishimba Kambwili using personal provocative and unpalatable running commentries against his fellow honourable members inside parliament is not only uncivil but immature coming from an old and experienced parliamentarian. By and large, the Zambian people expect alot more from Honourable Kambwili in the manner he behaves and conducts himself, because he has served longer in parliament.

Also that he is a former cabinet minister in the same government. His level of provocation can be construed to be a recipe for whatever transpired and it must be curtailed. We implore the two colleagues to be more civil and uphold the decorum and shape of our parliament and leave it the way they found it.

The Zambian people are closely watching and they will not only judge them for the development they take to their constituencies but far much more for their conduct in public life. They must realise that it is not an entitlement that they are in leadership but a great privilege given to them by the Zambian people.

Issued by;
Prince Ndoyi

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    • Did you call them honorable? On what grounds you take them for honor? As a free minded Zambian patriot, I find them to be despicable hoodlums period.

      No ways can our poor people be bankrolling this thuggery in public tax. We deserve better.

    • @critico, SC is right. In the USA system we don’t use u on honor. Just like what the British system call a “cheque”, Americans call it “check”. He must have blathered in the USA education system. Not a big issue just thought of highlighting.

  1. so you expect it to be business as always when people are making them selves rich from suffering tax payers funds, and i think Honorable s should have their ministerial allocation streamed down, its sacrifice to lead.

  2. You have written a paragraph for Lusambo and another for Kambwili… What about Jean Kapata?? Then you somehow give equal weighting to the ‘crime’ of verbally provoking and to physically assaulting.. Has it all of a sudden become ok to beat whoever insults you? Last I checked, if you are taken to the cop shop for beating a guy because he insulted you…bakulongaa!!!!

  3. It takes two to tangle.kambwili needs to torn down if he has got all this evidence he talks about let him report to the relevant institutions.All this noise he’s making provoking people is a scape goat he has also amassed himself with a lot of wealth.All what Zambians need is to start with the same Kambwili and clear all the corrupt ministers .people of Zambia are tired with this drama.Everyday it’s Kambwili he’s not the only politician in Zambia.When he was fired his statement was that he’ will concentrate on his business that’s what he knows best.Suddenly he has turned into a pest because his business depended on his political career.

  4. And it begins. You ripe what you sow. I expect more of this. This is the true nature of the majority of people in charge of the nation. Empty tins

  5. CK is a better evil! At least he has some sense of reason unlike the other pompwes! Instead of bad mouthing CK, PF must exculpate themselves over the serious issues CK has raised, especially the money laundering aspect where peasant farmers are denied a fair floor price for their produce because some dirty pompwes want to clean their dirty money and make abnormal profits on ill-gotten cash! We want answers. We see a lot in PF spending the rest of their lives in misery. It’s not fair to deplete citizens through abnormal taxes with such thieving going on. Jail is waiting for you! Our current leaders are very wicked thieves!

  6. @Critico-ati teacher of English when you don’t know that there is a difference between American English and British English. Even words such as Analyse can be written as Analyze. Kwikala fye ukuchila ukuyimweneshamo!

    • He should read the postings on Yahoo News. Man you wonder whether these Americans have another language as first language.

  7. Ati “the Zambian people are closely watching and they will not only judge them fyototo fyototo….” Where?!… Which Zambian people…? The same Zambian people fwe ba votela pa lwimbo…? Umhu! Biggest problem with you educated Zambians is you’re too idealistic!

  8. I fear for illiterate Bowman, ati I did not slap Kambwili, but what he did not in his ignorance is how cctv cameras work. Zmabians, I call upon you to stop abusing the title Honourable on the street fighters and women who need alangizi.

  9. I fear for illiterate Bowman, ati I did not slap Kambwili, but what he did not know in his ignorance is how cctv cameras work. Fellow Zambians, I call upon you to stop abusing the title Honourable on the street fighters and women who still need alangizi even in their old age.

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