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Minister of Education justifies policy to transfer teachers around

General News Minister of Education justifies policy to transfer teachers around

Minister of General Dennis Wanchinga
Minister of General Dennis Wanchinga
General Education Minister Dennis Wanchinga has said improving learning materials in Zambia is an integral aspect of fostering development in the teaching environment.

Dr. Wanchinga said the transfer of teachers from one town to the other is aimed at reducing residence monotony for teachers that have overstayed in one part of the country.

Dr. Wanchinga has since urged teachers in the public service to cooperate with his Ministry as a way of elevating the education standards in Zambia.

“Teachers in the public service to cooperate with his Ministry as a way of elevating the education standards in Zambia” Dr. Wanchinga said

Meanwhile, Teacher unions have called for a halt on the recent spate mass transfers of teachers in Zambia.

Secondary School Teachers’ Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) Vice president Kennedy Zyangale says the mass transfers of teachers has an effect on teachers’ social lives.

Zyangale says the abrupt transfers of teachers also disturbs the learners’ academia, adding that the transfers have torn apart the teachers’ families.

“The mass transfers of teachers has an effect on teachers’ social lives” Zyangale said

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  1. Nonsense, why cant your thick head think about Teacher retention in rural areas. Train the people there to be teachers for starters!

  2. Transfer them Shikulu before they are finished by Kachasu. One place for too long makes one become dusty and limited in thinking. Transfer your skills to other areas and not bad behaviour some teachers display

    • That’s why vigololo vapaka mu ziko, wife in luapula, husband in Southern, and you want to set up a commission of enquiry on the high levels of divorces.

  3. Transfer corrupt police traffic officers. Maybe we can have decency in the villages as the guys will be managing the flow of cows because traffic they have failed.

  4. I read this decision with major concern. Was this decision informed by hard core data or was it is again a knee jerk reaction? If not properly thought through, it can be a clear recipe for disaster as it can disrupt learning and families lives. Besides, it is a huge cost to a government that is battling financially. Rotation of labour has been used by some countries to infuse new ideas but they did it in a more systematic and planned manner to limit disruption of core business processes and families. Such decision need to be debated before implemented. But if it is done properly, Zambia can benefit. I just hope it was not targeted at certain societies to weaken social and political fabric.

  5. This system of transferring civil servants is colonial and outdated. In my view it’s a breach of human rights. It disadvantages families and their future plans. How can you plan your future if you’re being tranferred all over the Country? When you applying for a job in a rural area you have expressly agreed to stay there. If you don’t like it don’t apply because they are other people who would love to work and stay there for good. These transfers have nothing to do with improving standards. A bad worker in the rural area is not any different from one in the urban area. If a teacher is not performing he or she must be fired and the job readvertised period.

  6. Please Mr minister, think about yourself suppose you’re working from Lusaka and your wife is in Luapula,how would your marriage be? This is the reason why we’ll not stop killing each other because you leaders forge certificates before you are appointed minister.

  7. I think honourable minister is right. There is a lot of ethnism, nepotism and regionalism in the teaching fraternity practised by people holding offices more especially if they hail from places where they are currently working. Transfers will reduce this nonsense. This nonsense is worse in rural provinces such as northwestern.

  8. Generally these transfers disturbs marriages and the husband in luapula wife in Eastern, the Marriage won’t last

  9. The minister for General education should as well think about the impact that would cause on families and pupils themselves. Its not just a matter of introducing policies to prove you are working. Do research before you formulate any policy otherwise that would cause misery.

  10. Plz Mr minister there is a lot of other things that you can do in that office than transfers.don’t you know that you are just disturbing our learners? This is too much, is this the way you can improve the quality of education in zambia? Pliz let teachers enjoy their jobs ,don’t politicise teaching,

  11. Please bwana Minister ensure all the Tonga teachers in Southern are transferred to the following areas so as to ppromote One Zambia, One Nation:
    1. Kaputa
    2. Kapalala,
    3. Kabende,
    4. Kalaba,
    5. Chienge,
    6. Kalimankonde,
    7. Bwalya Mponda,
    8. Chishi Island,
    9. Katansha,
    10. Milambo

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