Government has dispelled fears that teacher recruitments across the country are partially tailored to deny graduants from private colleges and universities an opportunity to be recruited.

ZANIS reports that Copperbelt Provincial Principal Education Standards Officer Dominique Nyambe said government does not show any partiality when recruiting teachers because it has a policy that encourages fair competition between the private and public sectors.

Speaking when he officiated at the first graduation ceremony of the University of Zambia and the Zambia Open Univerity in association with Mufulira Professional College, Mr. Nyambe noted that graduates from government owned and private owned higher learning institutions stand equal chance of being employed.

Mr. Nyambe said the Teaching Service Commission encourages all graduates to apply whenever the commission puts an advertisement for employment, regardless of whether they got their qualification from a private, or government higher learning institution.

He reiterated government’s continued support to all private learning institutions, saying they were important partners in the development of the education sector.

Mr. Nyambe called on teachers to show exemplary behavior because the Teaching Service Commission would not hesitate to discipline any teacher found wanting.

He urged the graduants to develop close teacher learner relationships once they are employed, stating that the relationships are beneficial to pupils.

And Mufulira Professional College Prinicipal Jeremiah Simuusa said the learning institution had introduced a program of sponsoring vulnerable students to study at the college.

Mr. Simuusa said the college also sponsored its members of staff with sixty percent bursary, to upgrade their academic qualifications.

Although the college has been in existence since 2004, this year’s graduation was the first to give certificates that were approved by the University of Zambia and the Zambia Open University.

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  1. some of these private colleges and university are producing raw and indiscipline teachers….!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I know some teachers who were recruited last year 2016 who up to now are not on payroll. These recruiting government does not care about poor graduates they brag of recruiting every day, all they want is to paint a picture that they are creating jobs.
    DEBS should be cleaned of corrupt officials who want to be bribed to do their work. They ask poor graduates for bribes just to start work and sometimes even to be put on payroll.


  3. The government of Zambia is the best. And the ministry is never biased..the junior officers are the ones who are corrupt.. On private and government university and colleges. There are outstanding government and private university such as university of Zambia, copperbelt university etc and outstanding privates university such as Rusangu university, Lusaka university etc..for me if a university does not feature on the top 10 university in Zambia then its standards are compromised. But we are all Zambians whether poor or rich we need equal opportunities.


  4. Why top 10 and not top 3 or 4 or 20? So arbitrary for you to settle on 10 as the required standard. Who is to compile this list in any case?



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