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HH thanks Dundumwezi for massive 2016 votes

Headlines HH thanks Dundumwezi for massive 2016 votes

Cornelius Mweetwa with UPND Cadres

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has paid glowing tribute to the people of Dundumwezi constituency of Chief Chikanta chiefdom for the manner in which they overwhelmingly voted for UPND and it’s candidates in the 2016 General elections.

President Hichilema in a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Secretary General Walusiku Lyambela said despite having been unnoticed on the Zambian map before 2016, their manner of voting expressed their unity of purpose resulting into their Constituency becoming a household name in the country.

He said this on the sidelines of the Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony of Chief Chikanta chiefdom held over the weekend.

He also said he is more humbled with the love and support the people of Chikanta including the chief himself exhibited themselves during his period of incarceration.

Mr. Hichilema thanked the entire chiefdom for remaining violent free despite provocation.

He promised to reciprocate the love and appreciation for the people of Dundumwezi once he forms government, describing them as some of the most hard working and selfless people in the country.

He however expressed concern at the low cost of buying maize as set by the PF government describing it as a mockery to farmers.

Mr. Hichilema further told the crowd which included chief Chikanta and more than 300 village headmen,Ward Councilors and MPs that ceremonies such as the Lwiindi Lwaa Chuungu should be encouraged as they are not only an avenue for interaction but also symbolised thanks giving to God for the harvests of that year.

He said a good harvest leads to reduced poverty levels and food security both at Household and National level.

The UPND leader further urged all traditional leaders to continue playing the Advisory and Parental role in order to preserve national peace and traditional values.

Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony
Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony

Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony
Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony

Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony
Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony

Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony
Lwiindi Lwa Chuungu traditional ceremony


    • You should have thanked them when there was an opportunity.

      As I have said in the past – UPND has no cult of followers. Everyone that follows them are political rejects from PF. MMD or nobodies.

      It’s time walk away HH and let Chishimba take over UPND. It’s the only chance you have.

      I hold a PhD so I know what I’m talking about



    • @1.6 As I was driving to the emeralds mines through Chief Nkana’s village I saw tens of Upnd members in military regalia heading for Kitwe for the case hearing of GBM. So I don’t see your basis of argument. Anyway even Peter denied Jesus.

  1. Instead of starting with thanking the thousands of voters from PF strongholds, he goes to thank he brothers. Wake up people.

    Mweetwa must stop provoking the state. why wearing military regalia. That is not allowed by Law.

  2. Under5 no longer hides his tribalism. I think Mukobeko removed all the little civilisation and education he once had. Have you seen for example how U5 calls for national unity fron his tribal platforms?
    The behaviour of Dundumwezi was not only despicable but it has also killed the chances of UP.NDonkeys ans their Under5 in the other provinces.
    Oh si I was right there was another tribal (not traditional) ceremony over the weekend. But now, if U5 is thankful to Dundumwezi, surely would he send a deputy secretary general to represent him? Why not the SG Stephen Katuka or better still …. GBM….yes you are right … GBM…kikikikikikikikiki
    But seriously, can a bemba monkey represent U5 at a tribal ceremony like that? In UP.NDonkeys? Lusengo lwambwa!

  3. Those are the results that need to be verified. Where did you ever hear of 91% voter turnout in any election? There are reports that at some polling stations voters were being escorted to ensure they voted for UPND and Hichilema. Even underage children were registered as voters, we will see what will happen in the next election

  4. Monk Mweetwa please stop provoking the police with that military attire. How do you even allow cadres to be dressed like that at a traditional ceremony?

  5. Firstly, Sejani and some chiefs came out in the open saying only a Tonga should take over from Anderson Mazoka and someone conveniently kept quiet. Secondly the Chiefs said No Traditional ceremonies will be held until Our Son is released, again quiet. No it is becoming very clear that these traditional ceremonies are in all essence political gatherings. When we call you tribalists, ati iyo you just hate us.

  6. E B hibalwa your comments are pathetic, why is it that when HH visit areas where he is supported you brand him tribalists but others when they visit their place support base areas evening speaking bemba are not tribalists .let us be civil in our manners you are disgusting. If you don’t buy into the ideas of UPND it is better to shut up not showing your emotional .let us try to build each other not the way you come out.some of you you speak your languages freely no one tames you to be tribalists but when a lozi or tonga speaks their language they are tribalist.let us stop such myopic thinkings please

  7. panda sometimes it does not pay to always bring out ugly things that may further encourage tribalism.I think now we shud focuss on the manifestos of political parties.what is it they are promising not wether the party is led by a bemba or not.Bringing out issues like that one wonders what you want to achieve out of that, to me I see it as pure haterate you have on UPND.If you are a cadre just enjoy whatever you are benefiting not hearsays.i would have appreciated if you cud post here the tabloid that reported what you are insinuating not trying to be an historian nakusulu tamwalecita history.Let us be objective when we report things like that.

    • @abamano, I am not the one creating these problems for your leader. Mwebanamo, we are looking at someone who frankly speaking has a very high chance of leading this nation at some time in future. He should therefore start building himself as a national leader by distancing himself from some of these comments and actions. You remember what happened to Senator Barack Obama when his Pastor, Pastor Jeremiah Wright some preached some racially charged sermon, Obama distanced himself from these sentiments.
      Sorry bro, I was very bad at history and I dropped it in Grade 9, but I remember doing “Can You Remember” at primary school.

  8. So any Tonga ceremony that HH attends will be called tribalist ? He is familiar with the traditions of the Tonga so why shouldn’t he proudly attend if he is invited?
    So backward thinking , and what’s wrong with Mweetwa wearing that outfit? I’ve travelled various countries and no one bothers about army dress … It’s style and it’s acceptable to wear even in countries with strong military standing.
    I don’t see any delusional ideation in attending a ceremony or even in thanking those that have been kind to you , we call it having manners. By the way , most successful and educated people live discrete lives and they don’t show off their “Phd”. Very shallow !!

  9. I am reliable informed that some political party sponsored that click of supporters do disgrace government. The PF government to investigate, please…

  10. So these PF-type political thugs are also in UPND?

    The dawn of political sanity ain’t breaking any time soon. Political thuggery of today already runs deep in the veins of tomorrow’s govt.

    I give up.

  11. Zambia is so backward. While other countries move on with military like clothing in Zambia it is against the law. How backward. Gorilla warfare does not require military attire. Have you ever seen Boko Haram in military attire? It is good HH is thanking his tribesman next time they should give him 95%. Where is the thieving president? How does Zambia allow thieves to take over government? A phD does not make you any wiser! you are actually near to lunacy!

  12. Purpose of Unity….which Unity? Tribal or National? Every minute the Chief is slowly admitting that he’s tribally based.

  13. ecl has never inspiried but having u5 and his deciples run this country is a crime against humanity

    if you belive u5 will never rule Zambia press RED

    if you believe u5 is hardcore tribalist press GREEN

    if you know u5 wants to separate sp from Zambia reply to this post

  14. panda what I mean is that let us try as much as possible to be objective and not perpetuate more tribalism.By the way I am not even a member of UPND but I have been following some of the comments that pipo make on social media.In my opinion we can defeat this trbal thing by just avoiding it .Some of us we are intermarried so if we perpetuate such vises ,it is not for the benefit of anyone .sorry if you are offended my brother

    • Mwebamano, I am not offended and I can assure you that I am NOT a tribalist and do not intend to perpetuate the vice. Believe it or not, two of my nieces are married to wonderful Tonga boys. I just don’t like the way some Politicians (including chiefs) are taking advantage of some of our less fortunate brothers and sisters for Political mileage.

  15. DUNDUMWEZI DOES NOT HAVE THE Population reflected in the voters turn out, imagine Lungu got 200 and HH got 35,000 but look at the people that attended the ceremony..less than 20 people which is likely the voters who voted for ECL so in reality we beat you ba UPND in dundumwezi u created ghost votes

  16. UP.NDonkeys…… kikikikikiki……they do not know when they are coming or going.
    And even attending Mukobeko school did not help under5 kick off the destructive habit of shooting himself in the foot at critical times…….yaba, kwena not even Mukobeko can improve your strategy iwe under5!

  17. UPND manufucture numbers in rural South! The new Electoral Chairperson must check the registers! Maybe utu madonkeys are also registered!

  18. people don’t die in Tongaland. what these cows do is that they don’t throw away their deceased relative’s NRC s like the rats who bury their loved ones with their NRCs has if they have gone to look for work Ku mayad. or like the monkeys who keep their deceased NRC s in picture frames. cows even fight for this document, it’s common to find them with more than ten NRC s each. they use these documents to get fertilizer. all they do is just use their deads NRC number and get a new one. now they have gone a step further by registering their deceased as voters.this method is known as dundumwezi formula.

  19. Please do not waste time thanking your tribes mates. Thank the few supporters who voted for you for the first time in Shiwangándu. ECL thanked the 282 who voted for him in Dundumwezi. In 2015, ECL got 83 in Dundumwezi. This showed that there were additional voters for him in that area.

  20. Ati when he forms government. Which provinces will vote for your tribalism? southern, western and northwestern. Can these three enable you form govt., NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  21. @#27, that explains why Southern Province villages could beat Copperbelt, a most populous region of Zambia! I hope the new Electoral Chairperson will root out this nonsense from the nonsense.

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