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Striker N’gonga’s family home attacked in Kitwe by angry Chipolopolo fans

General News Striker N’gonga’s family home attacked in Kitwe by angry Chipolopolo fans

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga

Chipolopolo striker Alex N’gonga’s family home in Chimwemwe Township in Kitwe has been attacked by thugs following Zambia’s 1-0 loss to Nigeria in a decisive 2018 World Cup qualifier.

Copperbelt province police commissioner Charity Katanga said a group of people emerged from a white Toyota Land Cruiser ACC 5492 and maliciously damaged two roofing sheets with stones.

Mrs Katanga said the group accused N’gonga of missing scoring chances that crashed Zambia’s hopes of qualifying to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

She said police have launched a manhunt and a case of malicious damage to property has been opened.

And N’gonga’s mother Charity has told Muvi TV news that she feared for her life when she heard another person threaten to destroy the house completely.

Nigeria became the first African team to qualify for the global showpiece courtesy of Alex Iwobi’s second-half strike at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium in Uyo.


  1. Such barbaric acts. Perpetrators of this despicable attack must be arrested and left to rot in jail. Why do people take football so personal. Get a life and invest your energy into something productive at personal level

  2. This is the era we are living in…of no self respect, no morals …this is exhibited from top leadership down to the common man. Happy to cheat themselves that they are a Christian nation whatever that means.

  3. No matter what you say Ng’onga is a good player and contributed a lot in that game. I can assure if you ask people that have done Costing Accounts you do not just drop a product because it is making a loss because if you do so net profit might be reduced because of fixed cost. What is needed is to train him what to do in of front of go. What part of the foot to use. If a player is found in a position where he can score then is a good player.
    So I am asking Power coach and National team coach to concentrate on training Ng’onga on tactics to use in front of the goal and you will see profits.

    • Exactly why our country is still backward. We have learned people like who are so theoretical. You are applying principles on wrong situation. How can you apply cost analysis in soccer? You can not have a player in the national team who needs to be taught how to kick a ball. Your Ng’onga is very old to start learning soccer Technics now. He is no national team material period!!! We do not need he to just be found in good position but score goals. Soccer is about winning not just playing well. We are not going to the world cup because we didn’t score. I hope you not some of the Advisors to the President……………..

    • Why are you so obsessed with going to the world cup?

      Soccer is a game. Icangalo!
      Playing well is everything.

      Ifipanda only poison the chalice. You have been conditioned think in terms of profit when the people benefiting from it are eurpeans.

      Year in and year out you spend millions. You could put a dent on poverty if you changed your view.

  4. Ngonga should have by now polished his finishing. He is too old to be taught new scoring tricks. I do not believe he is second best from Brian Mwila and Patson Daka. Zambia has so much talent. The Ngonga name has been too long on the Zambian football pitch, his best is behind him. The sooner we realise that, the better for Zambian football.

    • The prophecy has come true! This fake, false and hypocritical “Day of Prayer” of Lungus has brought evil bad luck to Zambia.
      Mark 12:38-40
      38 In His teaching He (Jesus) was saying: “Beware of the scribes who like to walk around in long robes, and like respectful greetings in the market places,(Airport welcomings)
      39 and chief seats in the synagogues and places of honor at banquets, (Swaziland)
      40 who devour widows’ houses,(Convicted embezzler stealing from a widow) and for appearance’s sake offer long prayers;(False hypocritical day of prayer) these will receive greater condemnation.”

      Is this not the same “lawyer” called Lungu that stole his widow clients money? and now “for appearance’s sake offer long prayers” ? God is punishing us for this evil man!

    • You are very right. Where’s sanity gone to in this country? God help us before Zambia disintegrates into a lawless state.

  5. I have told you that PF is just evil; violence is the language they know even on the innocent; cry my beloved Zambia;

  6. PF SG Davies Mwila started it all. He said they will continue beating Chishimba Kambwili and Jean Kapata said she is Jean ‘the baptist ‘ . So folks stop complaining when you become a victim too. You should have stood up for Kambwili but you joined in rejoicing his beating, now it will be your turn.

  7. You took your campaigning to Nigeria, mwati ni politics time kanshi abanenu baleteya bola. Lelo Chakalipa you harass an innocent family for your failed ambitions. Please leave this young dedicated footballer’s family out of it. If you think you can play better, why can’t you get in and play.

  8. What manhunt when you have the registration number? Just go to RATSA and trace the number plate to the owner of the vehicle

  9. The country has turned into a savages den. That is what you get when you allow savagery to lead you all the way into undeserving place like plot 1 and signing poorly written agreements to sell votes and petitions. You have not seen much yet. Akuidununeni.

  10. First of all, let’s not forget that we are in a country called Christian nation. That player was not put in the pitch alone but by the coach. Yes he missed lots of chances coach was suppose to substitute him, we had JUSTINE shonga on the beach etc. Eg we won Algeria because of patson Who just find one chance and he scored a goal that’s how the striker should be not out of 10 chances you score nothing, it means you are not a striker .and for me, the only way now let’s give the national team in the hands of under 20 national team coach. That’s the only solution coz that coach knows how to select players, and how to substitute.

  11. The action is justified ALEX N’gonga had several chances and wasted them in a game we needed to win, the PLACARD FOR ECL was their How do u insult the head of state by missing like that? We wait for him to come and deal with the boy with hard gloves. FAZ pre-paid all allowances to the team plus technical bench and they flew in Business class emrates (Technical bench plus captain) Why loose when chances were very obvious that we were winning

    • Bad loosers !!! Zambia wake up! U lost this world cup ticket in Ndola last year! When Nigeria won 2-1. Every body looses chances in a game. Even the best player miss chances. Don’t blame ur player .he did well. Nigeria no 9 missed more in that game

  12. I don’t support such behavior but I will add my voice to what I think went wrong! The coach became big headed when they beat Algeria and thought it would be smooth sailing in Nigeria. The problem we have with our Zambian coaches is that they become so petty and the PHD syndrome that most of the people suffer from does not spare them that is why some good players are unfortunately snubbed despite their potential. Jealousies, prejudices over players has cost us a big deal! We need a better coach who understands the game…. a match at such a level needs seriousness in terms of player choice. Even phasing out tired legs has to be gradual you don’t just make an overhaul change of mostly inexperienced players! We need a better coach!! We don’t need to take chances and pray that God will be on…

  13. And what are we solving by engaging in such barbaric acts? It is stupidity of the worst kind. In the next game all those who broke into Ng’onga’s home should be included in the soccer team and we shall see if they are going to score

  14. It’s is painful to lose especially when you know that the team you are playing is not even a team that can beat you if you had taken the right players? If Nigeria was so good as the Nigerians think they should have hammered us with a lot of goals but they also missed opportunities and only chanced one goal with our inexperienced youngsters. I just wonder what the Nigerians will do at the World Cup level? My Humber appeal tot eh coach is to swallow his pride and reconcile the players and make a better team. Respect all players and they will respect you and that way we will build a better team.

  15. Alex played very well he has the uncanning ability to get into spaces that only an intelligent player can I also wished towards the end that we had much quicker reactions from Fashion to ease the pressure on the double man marking the two light skinned Nigerians did to stop Alex. We also let sekuru have too much space in the middle of the park Mikiele we should have been closing him fast and make his work difficult -. I don’t see how the offside was called in the disallowed goal but hey I am just another soccer fan at the end of the day

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