Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Communications Manager Desmond Katongo says the pulling out of football cubs from the Barclays tournament has nothing to do with lack of funds by the football body.

ZANIS sports reports Katongo to have said during an exclusive interview that it is FAZ aim to ensure that there is enough funding in every tournament.

He said contrary to the assertions in sections of football fraternity alleging that FAZ was lacking enough funds to run football, the football body was still appealing to stakeholders to come on board and support the development of the sport.

“FAZ has been for a long time appealing to various stakeholders to come on board to support football,” he stated.

He explained that the pulling out of certain clubs from the tournament is due to the clubs own reasons such as expenses of lodging facilities.

Only Barclays Bank and MTN mobile company where FAZ sponsors for the annual Barclays Cup and the FAZ/ MTN super division super league sponsors.

However , Katongo revealed that First National Bank (FNB) which is currently sponsoring the Zambia under 20 team have expressed interest to sponsor the top league.


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  1. Greediness at faz is killing football. Accountants are in most cases bad managers because of their auditors mind. I see this in politicians as well. Accountants are not good leaders, they’re mean


  2. Mr Kamanga has failed ,teams are pulling out of the competition because the money involved is not much to cover expense for the games.He has also failed the soccer fans and the country at large by refusing to appeal to fifa for the denied clear goal.
    Kamanga your days are number you will be one term Faz president.



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