Govt has no money to fund referendum – Lubinda


The template of the Referendum ballot paper for the referendum voting in the August 2016 elections.
The template of the Referendum ballot paper for the referendum voting
in the August 2016 elections.
Justice Minister Given Lubinda has maintained that Government has no money at the moment to hold another referendum on the expanded Bill of Rights.

Mr Lubinda’s comments come in the wake of a reminder to government by the Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) that the Zambian people are still waiting for a workable roadmap to adopt the remaining part of the constitution, the Bill of Rights.

He says President Edgar Lungu is on record saying there is no money at the moment to hold another referendum following the failed referendum held alongside the 2016 General Election.

He says at the moment, government does not have a program of holding another referendum due to limited resources.

Mr. Lubinda has also told QTV News that government has not gone mute on the issue as perceived, but that the issue of the referendum is not on the table at the moment.



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    but there money to waste of FIRE ENGINES which are worthless,Lubinda is one the dull chaps in PF and he thinks as though he will remain in that office forever DUULL MINISTER OF JUSTICE

  2. +3

    We had the chance to do that, we voted YES. But our prejudiced neighbours robbed our children of this right. Let us teach our children that they are all Zambians and that this is their right regardless of which language their schoolmates or playmates speak. Our generation and those generations before failed them, IT IS OUR DUTY TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO UNITE and bestow themselves this right.

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      …but zoona uli chikopo!!! I meant our neighbours from Southern, Western and North Western provinces not Zimbabwe, Botswana etc. What are you doing in Australia, sweeping pa station??….kwekwekwekwekwe….

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      Iwe masalamaso stop embarrassing aussie. Your hh wasted his campaign time by decampaigning the referendum. That was the only win he has ever achieved in his political life. Him and the same civil society are on record of telling Zambians not to vote yes for the bill of rights and today they have realised that Bor is important govt needs to revive the referendum. Every year voting what a country.

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    Govt has no money to fund referendum, but PLENTY OF MONEY FOR LUNGU TO GO AND LOOK AT NAKED SWAZI GIRLS!!!

    What a shallow excuse!

  4. vote

    These is Cisca again showing it’s foolishness, the organizations stood against voting referendum in last general elections. Now they are coming rolling their short tails between their legs? Ignorance has no defense.

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    Was that the question for a referendum? Such a cranky long and winding question? Who would answer it? Don’t we have political scientists in Zed who could have advised on how to phrase the referendum question?

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    Please don’t listen to losers! Their resistance is no based on knowledge but ignorance! They campaigned against change but when they realized they had made a mistake they want referendum – again! Losers!


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