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Nevers Mumba Considers President Lungu’s Presidency illegitimate

Headlines Nevers Mumba Considers President Lungu's Presidency illegitimate

Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference
Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference


By Nevers Mumba, President, MMD

October 12, 2017

Every country has a leader sitting in the Presidency at any given time. Some of these leaders are illegitimate, others dictators, others are corrupt while others are legitimate and have the respect of the citizenry. Zambia has a president as a matter of necessity. Some of us believe that he was not legitimately elected, and we have good reasons for it. We have a democratic right to hold this view until or unless the courts of law prove us wrong.

When Journalist Sindele of Pan African radio asked me if I would accept a job from Mr Edgar Lungu, I responded that I would not entertain such an offer as we consider President Lungu’s presidency illegitimate.

My call to politics is to infuse morality and integrity into the fabric of Zambian politics. To accept any type of job from such a regime would compromise my own fight for morality and integrity. We continue to urge Mr Lungu and the PF to consider legitimizing the presidency as an emergency. The courts must rule on the petition and free us from the unnecessary strife which is tearing our nation apart.

It is against this background that we find the lies and words of one Sunday Chanda of PF claiming that I have been meeting Mr Lungu as repugnant. Is there any co ordination between his office and State House?

Why doesn’t he make an investigation at the gate of State House and ask if I have been to state house since the disputed election. I have not spoken to or met Mr Lungu since we last greeted each other in October 2015 during the National Day of prayer and fasting. The question is, why would one create such a lie. What is it meant to achieve?

Both lies and corruption have the same root. Zambia is at sea in a corruption boat without a captain.

Our only explanation is, either Sunday Chanda is abusing some substance, like cocaine or he has become morally bankrupt. I brought Sunday both into politics and the lime light. I made him my special assistant and encouraged him to embrace the values of faith. I took him around the country and region to meet honorable Church leaders and political leaders long before anyone ever heard of Sunday Chanda.

Unfortunately, it appears as though my young man has thrown all that to the wind. While I cannot restrain any of my sons in the Lord or those young people I have helped along the way from insulting me, I will never humiliate any of them in public. It is for this reason that I leave Sunday Chanda in the care of his conscience and the conviction of the Lord.

The only thing I ask of him is to give to the nation the dates when I am said to have met Mr Lungu. Sunday knows that I walked him through the darkest seasons of his life. I know where I got him from and I know what lies in his history but I will not abuse the oversight God gave me over his life to embarrass him. He is still my son and all his brothers are family. The choice of “stomach” above honor remains his prerogative.

I have however written several letters to Mr Lungu since the disputed election. I have not received a single reply. I have therefore decided to start releasing them so that the Zambians can know that my type of politics are meant to help resolve the conflicts and not heighten them.

Today I release the third letter I wrote to him after the disputed election. It addressed the tension in the country arising from the incarceration of Mr Hakainde Hichilema, President of the UPND.

As a Christian people, let us embrace truth as our standard. Truth will set our nation free.

God bless our country.


His Excellency,
Mr Edgar Lungu
President of the Republic of Zambia
State House
May 28th 2017

Mr President,
There comes a time when a State Counsel in court has to look beyond the interest of the client to the interest of the State. Similarly, those of us who have had the privilege to serve in highly responsible positions of President and Vice President or any other similar position, have an obligation to look beyond our immediate interest to the interest of the nation. It is against this background I am writing this letter to you in total humility to God and a sense of a high call to the values that hold us together as a nation.

The greatness of any leader lies in his or her ability to accept that being human, we shall falter and make mistakes and sometimes, very grave mistakes. This attitude is necessary in making amends. The assumption that a leader, never goes wrong and any one who challenges his views ought to be punished is the beginning of the unravelling of any institution or society.

My focus in this letter is not to discuss your presidency but to look at the state of the nation, in which all of us have an equal stake. It appears to me and many Zambians that our nationhood is under great threat. The image of our nation is no longer what it used to be and we seem to be creating an atmosphere of perpetual hostility which in the end has the potential to bring untold sufferings to all of us especially our children and our children’s children. We must cast aside our perceived camps and rally around salvaging the integrity of our nation. Whether the current crisis in the nation is caused by the Patriotic Front or not is not my focus, at least for now, but that the nation needs to rally together and resolve the current dispute which has divided the nation.

Zambia stands divided. This is because God made man to be a free moral agent, with the capacity to disagree with his neighbor on any matter. Democracy entrenches this phenomenon. It is how leadership manages these differences which confirms whether that leadership has succeeded or not. A successful leadership is one which brings a divided nation to a place of consensus. To dismiss one side of the argument by use of police force or intimidation is a futile exercise in any society. Such an approach can seem to be working for a while but cannot be sustained. Examples abound, including the evils of apartheid in South Africa and segregation of the United States. Both these regimes appeared indomitable and unstoppable, but today, they are no more. Zambia’s differences cannot be resolved by sheer state power. It is unsustainable. It is for this reason, I am proposing a better way to redeem our nation. To every coin, there are two sides.

Like a host of other Zambians, I hold a different view on the recent developments in the nation from those held by yourself and those who support your views. For instance, I hold the view that the election of August 2016, does not reflect the will of the majority of Zambians. I hold the view that the election petition was manipulated by the ConCourt. I hold the view that the speaker of the National Assembly should have acted as President during the life of the petition. I hold the view that your government should not have banned political meetings for the opposition. I hold the view that you, Mr President should have condemned the brutal manner in which the police conducted themselves in the arrest of UPND leader at his private home. Furthermore, like many Zambians, I remain deeply disappointed that your party immorally attacked the MMD Party by sponsoring an illegal convention spearheaded by your minister of home affairs Hon Kampyongo in May 2016 that has been a source of great confusion and a continuing threat to multiparty politics. Many Zambians share my views and naturally many others may share yours.

In this letter, I have proposed that we agree not to have our differences destroy our nation, but that we subject our differences as a people to a fair process of resolving them as we have done in the past. We must preserve Zambia. Our differences will come and go, but our nation must remain. Mr President, you are not the first leader of Zambia to face such daunting challenges. All presidents since independence went through a “night season” of national tension. We however notice that whenever such tension engulfed the nation, we resorted to dialogue. President Chiluba called it Insaka, while President Mwanawasa called it Indaba. Whatever name you may choose, the truth of the matter is that Zambia’s solutions are hidden in the collective wisdom of all Zambians and never in one individual or any singular political party.

The crisis and the instability our nation faces today arises from several missed opportunities which if we are united again, we are able to fix, together.

1. The August 2016 General Election:

The handling of the election by Electoral Commission of Zambia and the consequent results have been disputed by other participants in the said election. The ECZ missed an opportunity to address the many questions that arose including the absence of G12 forms. This opportunity was lost. The Electoral Commission of Zambia failed the nation.

2. The Election Petition:

Clause 127(1) of the Constitution states;
“Any person may file an election petition before the constitutional court, which shall be presided over by the Chief Justice, to challenge the election of the President elect on any question….”

A petition is a grievance. A grievance MUST be heard in order to restore peace and unity in the nation. Any attempt to technically silence a grievance has never translated into peace anywhere in the world. It was the responsibility of all arms of government to ensure that the grievance is heard and disposed off. This we did not do. The ConCourt decided to contradict itself by setting dates to hear the petition only to reverse their decision on the day of trial. This singular act is responsible for most of the paralysis taking place today. The Judiciary failed the nation and have now created the insecurity we all feel.

Arising from the decision of the court not to hear the petition, a size able number of Zambians have elected not to recognize you as the legitimately elected President. While this may sound offensive, it is the natural consequence of the court’s failure to do its job. The courts have created this animosity.

3. Disregard for the Constitution:

Under clause 127(3) of the constitution it stipulates as follows;
” Where any person files an election petition under clause (1) and the incumbent President is the President elect, the speaker shall discharge the executive functions and if the speaker is, for any reason not able to discharge the executive functions the first deputy speaker shall discharge those functions.”

The Speaker did not respect the constitution to act as President even when the constitution clearly stated so. Neither did you voluntarily step aside to allow this process to take place. An application of compliance was made to both the ConCourt and the speaker himself but they both disregarded it. Such actions are trigger points for anarchy in the nation. The Legislature failed the Nation.

4. “Banned” opposition political activities:

The basic rights in any democracy include, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of speech and the freedom of association.
Opposition parties in Zambia are not allowed to assemble, march or appear on ZNBC, a public broadcaster which covers the whole country. This policy of the Patriotic Front has heightened the tension and anger in Zambia’s political space. The police have teargassed, arrested and committed to court all major opposition leaders who dare speak against the mistakes of government as a way of stifling freedoms of the opposition. The Police Service has failed the Zambian people.

5. Injurious Foreign Policy:

Zambia is slowly being isolated by the international community because of its policy of high handed ness against foreign nationals. Through the new Ministry of Religious affairs, international Church leaders are now sent back at our international airport, an act which will soon be reciprocated by other nations. The minister of Religious affairs has failed the nation.

Through the Ministry of Home Affairs, Leader of the Democratic Alliance(DA) and Chairman of Southern African Platform For Democratic Change (SAPDC), Mr Mmusi Maimane was inhumanely treated at our airport and deported to South Africa without being allowed to come out of the plane. This is all because, he came to show solidarity with his incarcerated colleague, Hakainde Hichilema. The Minister of Home affairs has failed the Nation.

6. The brutal arrest of Mr Hakainde Hichilema:

The arrest and charging of Mr Hichilema with treason has relegated our nation to the lowest rank on the list of african democracies. The world has roundly condemned us. Our governance record is under threat and our co operating partners are reviewing their relationships with us. This is as it should be because multilateral aid and budget support must be underpinned by good governance which in our case has come under great question. The Patriotic government has failed us.

Mr President the narration of events above is to help us understand that our current crisis has not happened in a vacuum. We have brought this pain on ourselves. To change this we need to cast aside the blame game and correct these wrongs on behalf of our children who definitely deserve better. I am sure you have noticed that different wings of government have been blamed for specific actions or lack of them, but all in all, the buck stops at your desk as President.

We must resolve this stand off in order to avoid losing the great reputation our nation has earned for herself since independence. We are now being likened to nations we never thought could be compared to us on issues of democracy, rule of law, observance of human rights and peace. If you love our country, which I believe you do, we invite you to join the broader group of Zambians who desperately wish to restore the dignity of our nation. The problems as outlined above are created by ourselves and therefore God expects us to use our collective wisdom to solve them. And solving them we can and we shall.

In proposing what we should do, I am in no way trying to take the place of your advisors nor do I think that I alone hold the answers to our current crisis, but I believe that as a minister of the Gospel and as someone who has served my nation in a high position of responsibility, I can advance a few thoughts towards resolving our conflicts.

The scriptures provide for us guidance on the type of leadership which pleases God.
David was described as a man after God’s own heart. I have searched the scriptures to try to understand what God’s heart is like. I discovered that David never rejoiced in the pain or death of his enemies. Even when he could have been justified for hating those who planned evil against him, but he never once rejoiced in the misfortune of his opponents. This set him apart as a true Godly leader.

King Saul was hunting for David’s life and never once did David disrespect or hate Saul. 1 Samuel 24:4-8, …”then David arose and cut off the skirt of Saul’s robe privily, and it came to pass afterward, that David’s heart smote him, because he had cut off Saul’s Skirt….., he said to his servants, the Lord forbid that I do this to my master, the Lord’s anointed.”

When Saul died in battle, the young man who helped him to finish off his life at the request of Saul himself was killed by David for killing Saul; 2 Sam 1:1-16…..” And David said to the young man, how wast thou not afraid to stretch forth thine hand to destroy the Lord’s anointed.”

David’s son Absalom in 2 Sam.15 conspired against his father and overthrew him from the throne. An act beyond treason. Absalom became the greatest enemy to David and yet when his Army Commander Joab killed Absalom, David who should have been happy wept uncontrollably for his son. 2 Sam 18:33…”And the King was much moved…. And wept: Oh my son Absalom, my son Absalom! Would God I had died for thee…”

Mr President, both God and Zambians have expectations from you. To ensure that justice is equitably distributed among all Zambians including to your perceived opponents. I am of the strongest view that you ought to have addressed the nation after the petition was thrown out, after the brutal arrest of Mr Hichilema, after the deportation of church leaders and after the deportation of Mr Mmusi Maimane to distinguish yourself as a leader for all and not just the interests of your party. The opportunity to do so was sadly missed resulting in the current crisis. I however believe that in the Lord there is always room to change direction in repentance and start afresh.

Mr President, the purpose of this letter is to ask you to initiate a process of healing for our nation. While all of us are expected to play our different roles in achieving this, the burden of responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders. I propose that you communicate to the nation to propose the way out of this crisis. In your message, We propose that you deal with all the points of conflict in the past eight months, amongst them are;

A. On the 2016 election and the petition:

“You should encourage the courts to speed up the case which has been before Judge Chitabo so that justice is seen to be done and encourage the Supreme Court to rule on the question of human rights and need for the petition to be heard as soon as possible.”

B. On the Speaker’s abrogation of the constitution when he was supposed to act as President:

” That the courts pronounce their verdict on the constitutional requirement for the president elect to stand down during the life of the Petition.” The courts are yet to pronounce a ruling on this matter and as President you should encourage them to do it expeditiously.

C. On Police’s misapplication of the Public Order Act:

” You should condemn the police for being unprofessional and usurping the powers of parliament by making non existent ‘laws’ which ultimately have banned all public meetings and processions organized by the opposition. Direct that all Zambians be allowed to assemble, speak and associate with anyone without the interference of the police.”

D. On the arrest of Mr Hakainde Hichilema:

” You should condemn the police for the unlawful manner in which they arrested Mr Hichilema at his private home. Condemn the torture, the teargassing of a house occupied by women and children. Also announce that you are changing the police command by dropping Mr Kanganja as the IG as a way to show your commitment for the respect human rights of all Zambians.”

E. On the deportation of the DA leader Mmusi Maimane:

“You should condemn the immigration command and the police command for illegally storming a foreign aircraft to harass, and detain the DA leader and his delegation. For confiscating their phones and iPads. Advise the officers that what they did was unlawful and embarrassing to the nation and absolutely unnecessary. The delegation should have been allowed to leave the plane and present themselves before the immigration officers and if there were any concerns, they could have taken them to the interview room where they could have summoned lawyers to come and represent them. If they still felt that Mr Maimane was a threat to Zambia’s security, they still could have sent him back after the interview. This is what happens all over the world including the United States. In this regard, the Chief immigration officer and whosoever gave the command must be relieved of their duties publicly.”

Additionally, I propose that you address the nation and recast a new beginning for the country. That new beginning should include the debate and dialogue as proposed in the catholic bishop’s pastoral letter.

I await your favorable response.
Zambia Shall be Saved,
Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Nevers Mumba
MMD President

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    • U want petition to be heard…. Under which law? Plz get it in your thick heads. Ecl is president.. Recognise him or not, who gives a sh.it?

    • Edgar Lungu rigged last year’s election, at first pf thinking they were clever they mocked UP ND to petition and show evidence but as soon as they realized they will be caught pants down they made show the courts dribbled UPND for fear of evidence of corruption and rigging. Especially after stealing the vote PF should be at least humble and remorseful not this level of tyranny and pompacity.

    • Firstly you address ECL as the president of zambia then you call him illegitimate. Who are you trying to deceive? Are you not the one who is an illegitimate party president for MMD? Between you and Sunday, I would chose to believe Sunday’s claims. I know your lifestyle and you CAN NOT do without a Job.

    • He can be called president even though he is illegitimate as it is the custom. Even people who force themselves on people through dictatorship like Mugabe are called presidents without morals. Everyone knows that What president Mumba is saying is the truth. I was doubting at first but looking at the way things are being handled, the fact is that Lungu lost but forced himself on people.


    • Dr. Mumba that’s a wise approach a son is always a son. On the other hand Dr. You have preached Scripture and God has used ways to put people in authority in ways which maybe not what is expected. Lets give it a benefit of doubt. Secondly l support you for a cause to attack corruption. It’s taking the nation backward.

    • Dr Mumba has put it more clearly that this govt of lungu has violated the constitution they swore to uphold. You would think that with such clarity Zambians would finally understand that lungu is an illegitimate president, but no!! lungu needs to to be kicked out of that seat immediately, he is an impostor, a fraud. Zambia is headed nowhere with a myopic president.

  1. And so mR Dangerous Mumba, why the press release today of all the days? Responding to under5 accusing you of being a coward?
    Look here Sir, you don’t believe in anything, not even God. Remember that when you launched your NCC as a party many years ago, your first attempt was disguised as a Christian entity but your fellow Christian leaders, the real ones, saw through yoyr svhemes and declined to attend? Your failed political career all started from there in falure and so it shall end not too long from today. Who in his right would support a “leader” who aligns himself to under5, an avowed tribalist who no longer hides that fact? Ba Mumba atu president…kikikikikikiki.. va bo oka vina presidency ka?

    • Please mwebantu.You may be a PF cadre or RB/Mutati gathering/faction or whatever grouping.At least try to see sense of the issues Dr Mumba has brought out.This base thinking is the one which makes our leaders to be un accountable to their misdeeds very un responsive to national issues.Try to help ECL if you really like/love him.Dr Mumba has raised very pertinent issues regarding the sound governance of our country and you simply ignore that as a cadre-sorry state of affairs,where to,Zambia with this type of characters.

    • Typical Zambian.. you are now addressing the imperfections of the Man’s character as a way to misdirect the conversation rather than addressing the critical issues raised which require solutions…

  2. Totally irrelevant too. The relevant topic today is that LAZ condemned under5 for insulting defenceless Judges and demeaning the Judiciary. Linda challenged U5 to adduce evidence of corrupt Judges. I also challenged the boy to be truthful and not selective, not to twist the truth for he knows what he did when his lawyers abandoned him: they never mentioned corruption or any impropriety when the they abandoned the case….. the rest is political NOT legal history.

  3. Nevers considers “president” Lungu’s presidency illegitimate??? He writes to the “illegitimate” president addressing him as:

    His Excellency,
    Mr Edgar Lungu
    President of the Republic of Zambia
    State House
    May 28th 2017???????????


  4. Dr Pastor Nevers Mumba is a man of God,a Nation Builder and asset to the Nation.Lungu should have listened to the words of wisdom and advice. Even at this stage Lungu needs to show Leadership and address the issues that are dividing the Nation. Its not too late to find a solution to the Presidential Petition. The blocking of the Petition Hearing process is the root cause of heightened Tension and disharmony in Zambia. Lets hope President Zuma who is currently visiting Zambia and is current Chairman of SADC can help ECL find a solution to these problems.Well done Pastor Nevers Mumba for your wisdom and advice to the Nation. Those who have ears have heard!!

  5. what a waste of news coverage…the irony of it all? letter addressed to “HIS EXCELLENCY”…the joke of zambian politics who will never amount to anything but a spare vuvuzela for the under 5 party. go away boss

  6. Pastor Mumba, please let’s move on. Of all politicians I expect you to always remember that there’ll never come a time anywhere in the world where a perfect election will be held as losers will always give you one or two shortcomings from the process or people involved as the reason they lost. Let’s prioritise peace please

    • @ Umwine Nkana.Don”t be naive.Don’t settle for low leadership like ECL.Zambia deserves better.Zambia can not move forward under Ecl-it’s really DUNUNA REVERSE-Going backwards.Dr Mumba’s views are necessary to make Zambia go forward

    • …yaba…political analyst or pwetete analyst?? You really think Dr Mumba’s views are necessary to make Zambia go forward??? Is this the same “Dr” Mumba who single handedly brought MMD from a 55 seat party with 1 million votes down to 14,000 votes??? And you call this going forward??? Your hate for ECL has surely compromised your understanding of quality leadership!!!

  7. Dr Contradiction Mumba,never write a letter that makes your addressee’s title legal yet you don’t recognize him as such.

    • @ Respect and recognizing are two differrent things.Dr Mumba has a story between David and King Solomon.Though Solomon was hostile to David,he respected him as King and not that he agreed with his behaviour.Please help your ECL,things are going the wrong way.It’s good for him and Zambia

    • Yaba, ati His Excellence, but he’s illegitimate? @2.1 Priest, as for respect he would have simply addressed : Mr Edgar Lungu, House No.x Chawama Township, Lusaka.

  8. An excellent example to the proverb of one insulting a crocodile whilst standing in the same river the crocodile is in. ‘Dr.’ Mumba hasn’t resolved the issue of who is the legitimate president of MMD between him and Feligo Mutati but goes ahead and request for such to be done by ECL. Hmmm?

  9. Lungu is so corrupt and mortally bankrupt with zero integrity that he does not mind being called a theif all day long.

    Lungu , respond to kambwilis allegations that you are stealing money from the Zambians.. .

  10. People who say lets move on and forget about the Petition are wrong and naive. HH and UPND can forgive but they will never forget about their stolen victory in 2016. Lungu can continue to ignore Pastor Nevers Mumba’s Advice at his own Peril. The stolen election and the Petition are an albatross hanging around Lungu’s head. Lungu and PF will not be in Power forever and as soon as they lose Power these irregularities and illegalities will be revisited. It is therefore in Lungu and PF’s interests to Legitimize their Rule while they can. The unheard Petition will haunt Lungu and PF for life. The truth will free Lungu and his PF Party which are in Power illegally. Time is the greatest equaliser!!

  11. Iwe Sparka The President has no time to respond to a fool like Kambwili. You guys in Upnd are so dull now Kambwilli is your favourite???. And in your dullness you think he will split the Copperbelt vote??. You are so dull that it will take hh to loose for the sixth time to realise that you need to change your Presidential candidate. Go to a convention! !

  12. Iwe Sparka His Excellence the President has no time to respond to a lowlife like Kambwili.You guys in Upnd are so dull now Kambwilli is your favourite?? And in your dullness you think he will split the Copperbelt vote?? You are so dull that it will take hh to loose for the sixth time to realise that you need to change your Presidential candidate. Go for a convention!!!

    • We don’t care about HH, we care about the looting and plunder lungu is committing..

      # bring back our $42 M.

    • Have you noticed that Edgar has never said anything bad against Mr Michael Sata, Dr Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa, Mwaliteta, Wynter Kabimba and others.

    • Mambwe, I wouldn’t be so confident of ECL winning come 2021. Get it in your head that the vote difference was just 103,000 votes and it was within the statistical error range.
      The way you guys rant gives an impression that ECL won by million votes margin. 103k is nothing.
      And instead of ECL working toward being a good leader, he is digging his own grave, by constant scandals like the named FF trucks, his ineptness to act on corruption, his failure to address the questions like how he accumulated wealthy, the list goes on.
      Please don’t take Zambians for granted, this time the 103,000 will not be as stu.p.id like you to vote for ECL. Wake up.

    • 90% of Zambians are believers in somethings. The trouble with believers is that they don’t think – logically that is. That is what explains their election of a convicted thief to look after their treasury. Similarly, believers are so easy to beguile and deceive. Just fold your hands like you are in handcuffs and they will exclaim in excitement that you are humble … Kikikiki. What a nation of retards and dotards!

    • So why did his Excellency appoint a low life?

      How many more low lives do we then have in the current government ??

  13. Too bad Nevers will always be riding on the wrong bus. By the time we reach the destination (2021), he still be in 2016.

  14. Which looting show us evidence not speculations. I remember how RB was accused of being corrupt his immunity was lifted and Mmembe and the Nchito brothers failed to prove anything all they came up with was that Nigerian government to government deal. We know that this corruption crusade you have embarked upon is nothing but politics trying to get you ka god into State House

    • You speculate about corruption charges and you want evidence and yet you are also speculating that he wants ka god into State House, without evidence.

      This doesn’t make sense. Your brain must be broken bro…
      Fix that ..sh..it in the brain first.

    • Kaili these people don’t know how to campaign. They brought the issue of Fire engines (of course they are expensive, but was there any stealing ), they brought up the issue of the Lusaka Ndola dual carriage without conclusive evidence of collusion so they go to the archives and retrieve the election issue. There are many issues affecting Zambians such as lack of jobs. Tell them how you’re going create jobs not simply “when we form government we shall give everyone a job “.

  15. Nevers Mumbas letter begins as follows;

    His Excellency,
    Mr Edgar Lungu
    President of the Republic of Zambia
    State House
    May 28th 2017

    Mr President,………..

    So who is Nevers Mumba adreesing the letter to if he does not recognise Lungu, seeing the intro of the letter

    Quite confusing

  16. So Nevers, if Edgar is illegal why don’t you go to state house and evict him. Or better still why don’t you block his motorcade. …especially when he goes to see off Zuma?

    • Fake General, it’s you and Nevers who are childish. I’m sure if tomorrow Nevers gets a job from Edgar, Nevers will become childish to you. By the way did you know that Nevers had originally wanted to support Edgar during the election but because of the belief that HH was going to win by landslide he jumped from Mazhandou and jumped on the wrong bus? Mutati was smarter this time around.

  17. Ba Nevers. Please you are an embarrassment. Mwatusebanya fwebena Chinsali. Keep quiet and leave complaints to tribes that are trained to complain.

  18. We were told officially that Chagwa passed the threshold of 50+1% by a paultry 13,000 votes. Then came the Lundazi bombshell that eroded that by 8,000 votes leaving us with 5,000. One year into the presidency, another bombshell is dropped in Kalulushi of 12,000 votes stolen from UPND and given to Chagwa. As we speak, Chagwa is in red. His account is overdrawn. Simply put, his alleged win was fraudulent! That can explain why they never wanted to have the petition heard at all costs! Nevers is right!

    • Don’t live on rumors. People will always create stories to destroy other people. Using the media for lies will never help you. Just start campaigning with a progressive agenda. Ask yourself why Edgar got 200 votes against 30,000 votes by HH. He was president and could have easily rigged the result. Maybe even to get the 200 votes he rigged?

    • That is why we have courts to clear your name and able to sue for deformation of character…..let lungu sue those defaming his character by calling him a theif…

  19. YES its okay. 2017 we shall rig again. let u5 go anywere he wants.

    You really have a sense of humor to imagine u5 will one day rule Zambia.

    tell him there is no vacancy at statehouse.

    let him stand as a mayor in sp

    if you know u5 is a tribal leader Dont respond

    if you know believe he,is bitter press GREEN

    if you know u5 wants to enter state househouse through concourt press RED.

    if you think u5 wants to separate sp from rest of Zambia on tribal lines, respond to this post.

  20. How come you want only the PF to follow the rules when your president (with a lower P) declared the results EVEN before we had gone to vote. Did the UPND not say they would not accept the outcome before we had voted? Where were you when the alleged stealing was taking place? Lastly, there can only be one President and that is the one you have saluted to in the preamble of your letter.

  21. Rev. Nevers Mumba….I may seem to know why President Lungu has not responded to your booklet herein called letter, agreed you have valid points not all of them deserve his response but others sure do.
    The major reason H.E ECL one of Zambia will not respond to you is solely because you have impersonated Mr. Mutati who is the real MMD president.
    Had you written all the stuff above in your personal cognizant, definitely, state house would have responded.
    STOP masquerading as MMD president and wear the cap of reverence which Zambia knows you for…

  22. very unfortunate comments against Dr mumba BY BOGGERS ON THIS PLATFORM.To me he is objective and brought out valid issues but to see comments on this platform that are disparaging is unfortunate.Sometimes I wonder whether truly we are a Christian nation because the pipo that leave in Zambia are very intolerant ?PIPO PLEASE PIPO LET US BE CIVIL IN THE WAY WE LOOK AT OTHERS.AND ALSO RESPECT OTHER PIPO OPINIONS

  23. Nevers Mumba is an ilegal MMD president and he thinks ECL is ilegal like him-NO BO MUMBA!!
    Nobody cares whether Nevers Mumba recognizes ECL as Zambian president or not because us voters elected him to be our president until 2021.all these useless words about ECL from Mumba and his evil friends such as HH,Kambwili,GBM wont change anything.its simply empty noise!!
    As for those claiming that in 2016 ECL won with 103 000 votes so in 2021 it will reduce.NEVER!!recall in 2015 HH lost by less than 35 000 votes.SO IN 2021 THAT 103 000 COULD GO BEYOND 300 000 VOTES OR REDUCES,SO NOBODY KNOWS!!

  24. Dr Nevers Mumba is correct. Once an Election is properly Petitioned to an Electoral Court it is only that Court which can legitimize the President Elect by giving him a Validation Certificate to enable him to be sworn in officially. Lungu is illegitimate becoz Concourt didn’t legitimize his Election. Instead of erroneously and illegally dismissing the Petition Concourt should have heard, determined the Petition and then declare Lungu duly elected and Winner of the 2016 Election. This Concourt did not do this and that makes Lungu’s Presidency illegitimate and illegal in terms of the Zambian Constitution and Electoral Law. The Validation of the Election Result by Foreign Election Observers does not confer Legitimacy as shown in the Kenyan Case. Lungu cannot claim Legitimacy from Foreign…

  25. this man is a mobile civil war dealing with issues of hate and rejection… you have the right to hate ECL for chosing to go with FM..

  26. soon as he came out of chimbokaila he hired hungry bembaz to start talking on his behalf pilato and nevers

    why was nevers and pilato quite while u5 was inside

    u5 will and cannot win as counselor in Lusaka. press RED if am right

    if you believe he is separatist leader respond to this post

  27. Lungu can illegally cling to power but he has got issues. At Law Mulandu tauboli. The irregularities and illegalities committed by Lungu, ECZ,Concourt, High Court etc remain. It can take years but these irregularities and illegalities will keep on haunting Lungu and his Election Riggers. Lungu will never find peace until the Petition is heard and disposed off. No wonder Lungu tried so hard to use force and ransom to coerce HH to drop the Petition and recognize him as a Legitimate President. That sceme failed miserably and Lungu remains illegitimate. Until the Electoral Court legitimize him by giving a Validation Certificate he will remain illegitimate and illegal.The day that Lungu will leave Office these irregularities and illegalities will follow him. The longer he clings to Power the…

  28. Sekwila,mwaiche wandi,Kabila we mwina Chinsali,why did you not file a petition agnainst Lingu’s re-election in your party’s own right? Surely kuti umwina Chinsali aba cola boy wa muntu uuli onse?

  29. At 9.1 do you really know and read the Bible? Solomon was David’s son and at no time his enemy. I hope the correction is Saul who wanted to kill David because he knew that he was announced king over Israel while he (Saul ) was still the substantive king of Israel.

  30. Haha! Ba Nevers, you have addressed the President Lungu has “Your Excellency, President of the Republic of Zambia” acknowledging that he is the President of Zambia while saying he is illegitimately elected. Am confused! Are you not exhibiting self contradictory pedigree?

  31. Unless its mistaken identity, this looks like the guy who abandoned his job as a technician at the former ZCCM saying the pay was poor and he was going to the pulpit to realise his “dreams”. Don’t ask me what dreams those were and why he is today aligning to U5. If you hear that Nervous is lobbying State House, you better believe it. At one time he said that a political job was beneath his status, and soon after he accepted the “beneath” job of vice President to Mwanawasa. This man of “God” has a history baneene naba chembeele!

  32. You never get used to this failed man of god. He says: “Zambia has a president as a matter of necessity.” Which country has a president as a matter of otherwise. This g.oon has really lost it. He even addresses the letter to the president and at the same time says the president is not the president. I can see and smell some left over smoke in his head from the time he started weeding from the pipe. Talk of headless thinking!!!
    Awe its just too much c.rap, c.rap and all that rubbish!
    Lets leave politics when we are no longer relevant bane!
    What a Disaster of a being!

  33. Comment:
    Truly, truly. Nevers agonizes daily over the lost opportunity, remembers his mistakes undertake Mwanawasa, and agonizes further at opportunities lost, for good! SAD!!!

  34. This letter could have been authored by the Brenthurst Foundation, approved by its Chairman, General Obasanjo, and used the unpatriotic Nevers Mumba as an conduit. The question is that: which Presidential Election did Mumba feature-in to prompt him generate this high level of hatred for President EC Lungu? Mumba is hoping to emulate a Kenyan imperialist Agent Raila Odinga whose political eclipse is on the horizon. Treacherous politicians(??) like Mumba, HH, GBM, Katuka, Kakoma ,Mulongoti, Kambwili, Musenge are preparing a dark future for their children and grand children in Zambia.

  35. This letter lucky merit ,how come ati i dont recognise him but in your letter again ati your exallence malabishi that is the problem wen a paster loves money you turn away from god

  36. Why worst time listening to a Man who has left a trial of destruction wherever he has been. He abandoned the Church and wanted personalize a house donated to the Church. He abandoned the flock when Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) dangled a few carrots near his Mouth. The Man was so hungry that he forgot about his principles and integrity in the state of hunger. He was fired because he was found wanting. RB sent him to Canada. Auditors up this time can’t close their books.





Comments are closed.

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