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Seventy Ethiopians Arrested in a Suspected Smuggling Case

General News Seventy Ethiopians Arrested in a Suspected Smuggling Case

The 100 Ethiopians Prohibited Immigrants intercepted by Police on Monday at Kanona security points in Serenje district. 53 of the Ethiopians are juveniles.The Department of Immigration has apprehended seventy (70) Ethiopians in a suspected case of human smuggling. This was in an operation carried out in Chazanga, Lusaka, which started in the late hours of Saturday, 14th October, 2017 into the morning of Sunday, 15th October, 2017.

The suspects who are all males, where found in a small house situated near Chazanga Primary School and did not have any documentation on them at the time of the raid. Investigations into this matter are ongoing.

This brings the total number of persons arrested in suspected human smuggling cases to 113 in a period of one (01) month. This goes to show that the crime is quite rife in Zambia. At the same time, the fact that we have arrested such a huge number in a short period of time should serve as a warning to perpetrators of such crimes that we are relentless and that we shall continue to pursue them.

Smuggling a person across a Zambian border or agreeing to be smuggled are serious crimes which attract penalties of between 15 and 20 years imprisonment.

We wish to thank members of the communities for their cooperation during these operations. It is because of such cooperation that we are making headways in curbing these transnational crimes. We appeal to the members of the public to continue reporting suspected cases of human trafficking, smuggling and illegal migration to the Department.


    • Do you realise that there are thousands of Indian – Zambians right? Citizen…who are 3rd for 4th generation Indians born in Zambia. These are the ones who are maybe just multiplying very fast and not as a result of illegal migration. If you want to talk of another uncontrolled influx of foreigners, look no further than the Chinese.

    • No , you can not have 3rd and 4th generation Indians who can not even speak English let alone any Zambian language….

      Just go to an Indian shop or factory or club you will find them in the back …

  1. Surely with ALL those roadblocks along the way from our Eastern/southern/western boarders, how is this possible? Ine mwandi l can foresee a situation where, Zambia shall be at war within itself very soon if this corruption going on proceed further and unchecked, it shall make Congo DR strife and even the genocide in Rwanda look like children’s Picnic, mark my words…

    • @The face does not tell lies, this is a very Interesting observation, all the roadblocks and the chaps to be caught deep in the kombons of Lusaka! I can foresee a possibility that someone can even bring in an assortment of weapons and the numerous roadblocks will “miss them” until it is too late.



  3. ethiopians are Africans, we should help each other onthis uncertain times…the world is becoming very dangerous place to live…..who knows God forbids, Zambians can face the same situations, meaning refugees.

    • Kubwela mu Zambia si ti lesa yayi.. manje kabweledwe! We’re not refusing to help assylum seekers, it’s the vice of entering the country through criminal means that we’re against!

  4. These ETHIOPIANS their sisters are very beautiful such that UR ZED GONG’AS Would be divorced immediately u are in adis ababa. YES ethiopian economy is better than zambia and strong, check the facts its just the population of ethiopia almost 100milluion pipo and men have pressure to maintain their beatifull women from rich guys kubampula

  5. Find out how they entered Zambia but no need to imprison them; they’re peaceful and not like Somalians; there are illegal migrants world wide; formalise their stay or deport them; but deal with corrupt immigration officers; and yes, Ethiopian economy is far much better than Zambia’s; they just have a large population;

  6. In most cases only Ethiopian migrants are targeted and smugglers are not punished at all they use selective enforcement aginst Ethiopians.there is a very clear motivated issue,systematic genocide is taking place.if you go and see how they are treated in prison, it’s horrific.there any many illegal migrants from Eritrea,Somalia, Chinese,Indians and other African countries but those who are most targeted are Ethiopians.

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