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Lusaka City Council bans the sale of ready to eat food stuffs on the streets

General News Lusaka City Council bans the sale of ready to eat food...

Lusaka Street Restaurant

In a bid to curb the spread of Cholera in the city, the Lusaka City Council (LCC) has banned the sale of ready to eat food stuffs on the streets.

The decision has been communicated to street vendors and through their representatives who attended the Cholera sensitization meeting held at Nakatindi Hall in Lusaka.

The meeting which was convened by council was aimed at engaging and sensitising vendors on the outbreak of Cholera in some townships of Lusaka and the measures taken stakeholders to prevent it from spreading to other areas.

One of the measures taken is to ban the sale of ready to eat food stuffs on the streets of Lusaka but the measure could not be effected before sensitising vendors.

The ban is with immediate effect will remain in force until health authorities declare Lusaka Cholera free.

Vendors are therefore advised to comply with the ban as it is aimed at saving people’s lives.

During the ban vendors have been advised to find alternative businesses for then to continue for their families

Cholera cases have been recorded unusually early in some parts of Lusaka with one death recorded so far.

The Cholera outbreak can be controlled with cooperation from all stakeholders including vendors and now is the best time to take action before the rains intensify.

The council is also appealing to all Lusaka residents and all those visiting Lusaka to observe basic hygiene practices such as keeping environments clean, washing hands with soap and clean water after using the toilet, boiling and chlorinating water for drinking among others.

Meanwhile, Kamulanga Ward 9 Councilor, Jonas Phiri has launched a “watch your neighbour cleanness” awareness campaign following the Cholera outbreak that hit different parts of Lusaka.

Mr Phiri says the campaign has come as a preventive measure against water borne diseases in in ward.

The launch took place on Friday. October, 13 2017 at Kamulanga Health Post in Lusaka.

The councilor notes that the indiscriminate disposal of waste has been one of the main causes of the Cholera outbreaks apart from water pollution and has urged residents of Kamulanga ward to keep their surroundings clean to prevent water borne diseases such Cholera.
Councillor Phiri says the campaign will involve regular door to door sensitization on wellness and cleanness in the ward until 2021 when his tenure of office will come to an end.

He says his wishes to advocate for the criminalisation of indiscriminate disposal of waste in Zambia if the current registration is not loud enough.

The councilor says he wants every community member’s participation in the campaign, in line with the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) provisions of prioritizing citizen participation in governance.

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  1. Good move but it should be extended to all street vendors not only those selling food. Where do those vendors go when they want to answer the call of nature. Vendors have a very bad habit of using shake shake packs and throw them anywhere.

  2. This is a mere pronouncement, people will continue selling. The council is toothless. How many times have they announced end of street vending and yet it continues

    • Nobody is saying street vending is ending. What the council is simply saying is that during this time of cholera, ready to eat food should not be sold in the street. Can someone explain this in Tonga to Muntu?

    • After the cholera disappears its back to eating on the floor…we have seen this story replicated over the past 25 years. Imagine cholera outbreak in this searing October heat that should mean its just too filthy everywhere…when the rains come its back again!!

  3. Fools. this thing has never been allowed becoz it has been against the law since 1964. So how do you ban something that has all along been illegal? you have had no powers to allow it in the first place. you failed to implement the law. *****s. OK when are you going to ban urinating on the streets? for all i know its been an offence since humans came on earth.o

  4. Cac you get you remove all those street vendors selling around the hospitals, Chainama, Levy hospital and UTH. These vendors each time the managment chanse them they run to counsellors who go to threaten the managment. Please stop these rot

  5. “to curb the spread of Cholera in the city, the Lusaka City Council (LCC) has banned the sale of ready to eat food stuffs” !!!!

    This is a public admission that these clowns have FAILED to DO THEIR JOB ! Cholera is spread mainly by the lack of collection of rubbish and poor, insufficient, poorly planned DRAINAGE ! – Which is the JOB of the Lusaka City Council !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was on a flight to Lusaka via Nairobi from Holland..on approach to JKIA the Dutch Air hostess after thanking us for flying on their flight concluded by warning us to leave all plastic packaging or bags on the aircraft as they are banned in Kenya. I commend the Kenyans for this policy …not only do they keep the environment clean; they also promote their own cotton industry as local manufacturers will make more reusable cotton shopping bags. This what you get when you vote for smart people not political parties.

  7. Its about time to severely control these dirty street food contamination sellers.Next step is what Jay Jay has said to follow Kenya’s commendable plastics ban too.

  8. Lusaka city council should’ve banned these street foods BEFORE the cholera outbreak .Very shameful to bring foreign guests to Lsk and they’re get scared due to the low standards of sanitation that we’ve come to accept as “just normal”

  9. When people are voted into leadership with no vision & proper education, this is what we get; instead of banning the whole street vending and selling food in unhygenic conditions, you encourage them to do so again later; shame on LCC & PF who legalised street vending; I tell you cholera will always remain with us under PF if they don’t remove street vendors and maintain cleanness in compounds;

  10. why don’t they just forget about political mileage and revert our CBD to its Silvia Masebo days? Whether they stop ready food to eat vendors or not,.chorera will still be there because City Council has failed to keep Lusaka clean because of political expediency

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