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President Edgar Lungu says HH is free to pull out of the dialogue process

Headlines President Edgar Lungu says HH is free to pull out of the...

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu by Ndola Mayor,Amon Chisenga at Simon Mwansa kapwepwe international Airport.
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu by Ndola Mayor,Amon Chisenga at Simon
Mwansa kapwepwe international Airport.
President Edgar Lungu says opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is free to pull out of the dialogue process.

President Lungu says Mr. Hichilema is not the only opposition leader and that the dialogue process can be going on even without his presence.

The Head of State was responding to questions from journalists when he arrived from Copperbelt Province on Sunday evening.

And President Lungu has condemned the burning of Mufumbwe Police station by residents in the area.

President Lungu says such acts are not Zambian and should not be left to continue.

Meanwhile, Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has directed North Western Province Police commissioner to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.

Mr. Kampyongo says burning of the police station is retrogressive and that those involved will feel the full wrath of the law.

And President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians to sing the national anthem proudly and let the words resonate in their lives.

President Lungu called for Zambians to be patriotic and stand proud and free.

“I am happy you have learnt to sing the national anthem,” he joked after the the three stanza’s of the anthem were sang to end his Copperbelt trip.

“Stand and sing of Zambia, Proud and Free, Land of work and joy…understand the anthem every line has a very powerful meaning. It gives what Zambia is and who we are,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State went on to explain his purpose of visiting Copperbelt; “I came to visit to see for myself and I will visit regularly. It is important to know what is happening.”

“Ubufi bwafula (there are too many lies), I get reports and I want to compare those reports with what I find.”

He went on to state that he wanted to keep the party alive by visiting as many districts as possible.

President Lungu who is also PF party president urged his members on the Copperbelt to be united.

He encourage a mutual respect among party officials advising them that a divided house cannot stand.

“Let us work together… a house divided can not stand… do not undermine each other,” advised President Lungu.

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    • Ba lungu what will be your dialogue with cosmo mumba, Richard sakala’s younger brother, tilyenji kaunda, etc all about, give us a lay down of what this dialogue talks. Someone help the nation, what will these guys be talking about?

    • Very negative chap. He has HH engraved on his brain. As soon as he owns up and admits stealing HH’s votes and actually relinquishes the presidency, HH will stay permanently in his brain.

    • Lungu is haunted by the unknown whether be it in office or plot one thus the travels to keep him away from whatever lurks in corridors of his work place but one thing for sure is that he has made his bed so let him sleep in it!

    • I am sorry but its either the Zambian journalism level is low or the respective journalist are s.t.upid or Both.
      How can you put up such a heading, without context in the story below.
      Simple information about what the question was for ECL to provide that answer, we have no clue under what context.
      ECL response is just one liner without details and yet you have this big heading, which is open to different interpretation.
      Now do you blame ECL or do you blame HH.
      Ba LT, please improve your reporting !!!!!

    • At no point Mr President did HH suggest pulling out of the peace process. You just want to provoke him so that you can point fingers and put a blame on HH if the peace process collapsed. Be inclusive Mr President.

      God bless Zambia.

    • On one hand he is saying: opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is free to pull out of the dialogue process. On the other he is saying: do self introspection and pursue reconciliation ahead of the National day of Prayers. Let us give these two statements to mental experts so that they tell us who this man really is.

    • NO its not HH to pull out because he is the one dictating the agenda with the help of mediators.

      This statement sounds alarm bell that PF and Lungu want to pull out of the dialogue because Lungu does not want to commit any of the demands tabled.

      Lungu is now running scared hey! Tiye nayo baba nkhani yalula ka. HH is bigger than you thought he was.

      Bachimbwi ba PF muyopa chani?

      ViVA HH and GBM

  1. Both Lungu and HH have a “leadership entitlement” mentality .Maybe its time to crown some small party into plot one to just change this unwelcome culture of entitlement.

  2. Lungu is haunted by HH; when people feel oppressed by state institutions, they react and burn the institutions of oppression; but this is not the answer; and it is more unzambian for the police to oppress and kill the people they’re supposed to protect; Mr Lungu, we are waiting for the killers of Mapenzi and ZAF officer to be charged;

  3. Yes,President Edgar Lungu should not dialogue with arogant tonga bull HH as he thinks he is the only opposition leader in Zambia.
    HH has lost 5 elections since 2006 and he doesnt even feel ashamed of himself.looking at how Zambians vote now (regional voting),HH is likely to lose once more in 2021 provided he wont increase votes in 6.5 provinces where his upnd has been losing since 2006!!!
    Kainde should be ignored as he is merely a noise maker with nothing to offer apart from his tribal crusade!!
    As for PF lovers,please lets remain united and work hard with each other.PF IS STILL VERY STRONG AND ON FIRM GROUNDS TO RETAIN POWER IN 2021!!the opposition in Zambia is very weak.PF GOVNT SHOULD JUST TAKE DEVELOPMENT ACROSS ZAMBIA AND VICTORY WILL BE THEIRS IN 2021!!


  4. PF cadres be serious with all the rampant plunder of national resources. You people must be reminded that there is always a future. Your children will greatly suffer as a consequence of what the PF leaders are doing.

  5. PF cadres be serious with all the rampant plunder of national resources. You people must be reminded that there is always a future. Your children will greatly suffer as a consequence of what the PF leaders are doing.

  6. Kikikikiki……he wants to dialogue with cozmo Mumba & only those “one man parties” affiliated to pf. Zambian politics.

  7. He never says anything positive. He is always issuing threats or mouthing off about something. When he is going to stand up and create the land of work and joy he is talking about because currently nobody is joyful apart from his corrupt ministers and friends.

  8. There was no need for this so called dialogue in the first place. Both Lungu and Hakainde know what is expected of them as leaders of the 2 largest political parties. Let them just grow up

    • One of terms and conditions for hh release from prison was his commitment to dialogue. If he is not interested its Scotland who will be disappointed most.

  9. PF Bloggers should hold their heads in shame. They kept on saying the Petitioners failed to give evidence in 14 days. Now JCC has ruled that the Petition was not heard and out of 14 working days Concourt only used 10 days and 4 days were not used to hear,determine and dispose off the Petition. So Concourt wrongly dismissed the Petition becoz 14 days never expired. Now the PF Bloggers will say Concourt’s mistakes are Final. What a circus Concourt!

    • It’s concourt to give the interpretation of the 14days not any other court. According to concourt 14days expired in accordance with the provision of the constitution.

  10. We all know there has been a tradition of dialogue in Zambia.
    What is shocking,however,is that the UPND boys think the dialogue is all about them.
    Dialogue is about national issues and NOT tribal,regional or personal issues as the UPND boys would like us to believe.
    We all know the next election won’t bring in UPND.
    The next election will be for the 6.5 provinces to demonstrate pure tribalism in exchange for what the south did.
    The result will be the same even if a frog stood on the PF ticket.
    Just look at the level of bitterness on display here on LT.The UPND know the truth.

    • When did upnd put conditions for dialogue? Why do you even attempt to think for the UPND because judging from your childish comments; you are not capable of dialogue with intelligent learned people like HH; plus all this prayer and reconcilliation day is being made a fuss of will the president be around? No He is flying out when he should be heading this day. So what is your comment on that?

  11. Imwe ba UPND you can rant all you want but nothing will change the fact that ECL is President and PF is still very strong in the 6.5 provinces . Yesterday he was in Roan constituency and you should have seen how he was welcomed. Up to now can’t you see that your hatred is taking you nowhere??. 4 years nipatali show us how democratic you are go to a convention

  12. Comment: We as civilized citizens of Zambia should not be treated like new born babies that don’t know anything, how can we stand and sing of our Nation? we are wallowing in POVERTY!!! Zambia was supposed to be one of the best countries in Africa but where is zambia today. Zambians where are we heading,our economy is bad!!! Every students dream is to study hard and contribute to his nation but now we are changing our dreams cause we can’t study hard for less. No salary increment, no medicines, no working equipments and no freedom of speech!!! Graduates are going to other countries were they will be given what they have worked hard for and make sure they do the best for that nation. Stop the Tonga bull name calling and wake up to reality, OUR DESTINY IS BEING DESTROYED!!!

  13. HH said he will persue both Dialogue and the Petition. JCC has just ruled that the Petition was not heard and 14 days to hear the Petition did not lapse Concourt only used 10 working days and abandoned the Petition with 4 working days still remaining. HH & GBM have been vindicated and their Rights to be heard were violated by Concourt. The Petition is alive and will be heard whether Lungu likes it or not. It is Lungu who wants to walk away from the Dialogue becoz every Agenda is against him.Dictator ,Sadist and illegitimate Lungu is just buying time and clinging to power illegally. Lungu will have to account for the irregularities and illegalities he committed while in Power Malandu tauboli!

    • 4 days left is nothing but a technicality. What you should be asking yourself is, did hh and his team present SOLID EVIDENCE in those 10 days??? Was that evidence beyond reasonable doubt to prove irregularities in the elections??? Raila Odinga successfully nullified Kenya’s elections only to withdraw from the re-run and plunge the country into a constitutional crisis. He realised his plan to achieve a national revolt against the incumbent flopped and a re-run would about produce the same result. Most problems in African elections are institutional, an official not completing the paperwork etc BUT THEY NEVER TAMPER WITH THE BALLOTS!! This latest ploy will just keep hh in denial and by the time he realises, PF would be ready and prepared for 2021-I WOULD NEVER CHANGE MY VOTE FOR UPND…

    • @Zambian Citizen,
      As you said “Most problems in African elections are institutional”, and totally agree with you, do you want Odinga or HH to go into elections that are institutionally flawed, knowing very well that because of this he is going to lose? If the court nullified the elections highlighting areas that needed to be improved, and those areas have not been improved within the mandated period, then it really doesn’t make sense for him to go election instead he should demand that the institutional flaws are fixed.

    • @Flag Moomba. you should read the constitution and understand it. The decision of the Concourt is final and can not be appealed. HH should advise his MPs to be active in parliament pushing for changes in the law and doing all the things expected of opposition MPs. HH and all you UPND characters are wasting your time mourning about the 2016 results.Get it in your thick heads.

  14. If i was and i repeat If i was ECL I could not have agreed to this animal called dialogue. Dialogue on what? ECL won clean and there is no need for the so called dialogue……..Dialogue for what? How do you dialogue with a loser ? That will mean accepting what the loser is thinking or has been thinking…HH LOST HANDS DOWN. ECL please keep working, don’t worst time with losers…

  15. Pure self-centreness! Who is JCC? is it the last court of appeal in Zambia now? When was it created and which law? The other day someone took offence of Hon. Mushimba for having made a ministerial statement about weather predictions for 2017/2018. Really there is too much ignorance on LT. I think this is danger that HH has created for himself by ruling his people with deceit. Fortunately for him, majority of his supporters have a photocopy-type of thinking because they cannot read between the lines. Think! gentlemen think! Understand your man’s vision and way of doing things. This is the mistake that South Africans made when voting for ZUMA through their MPs. The only reason was that they needed a Zulu from Natal not his ingenuity! JCC is not a court of appeal. But it is entitled to…

  16. Just this part: “President Lungu says Mr. Hichilema is not the only opposition leader and that the dialogue process can be going on even without his presence.”

    Twatasha ba ka teka. That is National Unity put in one sentence. The country must forge ahead!!!!!!!

  17. Lungu is trying to divert attention from the JCC Ruling on the Petition. HH has No reason to walk away from the Dialogue. After all the Agenda Items for Dialogue are more favorable to HH. HH said the Petition Hearing and Dialogue are separate and that he will not withdraw the Petition from the Court. JCC has vindicated HH and GBM by Ruling that Concourt erred when they dismissed the Petition on the basis that the 14 days had expired. JCC says Concourt only used 10 working days and 4 working days were not used to dispose off the Petition. Concourt bungled the Petition and were wrong to dismiss the Petition on false grounds. JCC confirmed that the Petitioners Rights to be heard were violated by Concourt. The question is what is the remedy to this wrong? The dismissal of the Petition by…

    • Hh is not the only opposition leader to be involved in the pending dialogue. With or without Hh other political leaders in the opposition will attend!

  18. @Moomba and JCC. The constitution says 14 days and not 14 working days. HH’s lawyers knew that from the word go and court would have convened even during weekends. The was absolutely nothing that would have stopped them especially if HH’s lawyers had raised that. Mbuzi!!!!!!!

    • @ Iwe Mbuzi,
      If they could work over the weekend, why the .h.ee.ll did they not sit on Saturday but instead adjourned the case to Monday for that unpopular decision? If the concourt itself was not sure, how can you be so sure to say this?

  19. “Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free” unfortunately, majority of Zambians are living in poverty and only the few pf affiliates are getting richer by the day!! What has a struggling Zambian got to be proud of, I wonder!
    Lungu is avoiding responding to the real issues citizens are asking him to explain, and all he does is throw abuse and threats at Zambians. Zambians are not *****s and they don’t need lies and empty promises. Where is the money for these silly projects? More and more debt so that the next government inherits debt.

  20. BREAKING NEWS The state has entered a NOLLE in the matter in which HH and GBM are charged with unlawful assembly in the Luanshya magistrate court

    Zambian Eagle

  21. Ba General Kanene the 14 days elapsed by mid night on that Friday when the Court adjourned to the Monday you are referring to. Imagine the court could sit that late and why not weekends. Mbuzi!!!!!

    • @Iwe Mbuzi
      My question still remains, why did they adjourn to following Monday, when business was to be completed within 14days? Don’t “imagine”, say the reality, the fact is they did not sit over the weekend, and if it was inclusive in 14days, they would have done so.

  22. HH makes this illegitimate president see red all the time. Ask Esther, she will tell you the man has nightly nightmares because he stole the election and had HH incarcerated out of pain malice and problems with his own complex. Lungu’s misdeeds will come to haunt him in the fullness of time.

  23. The ruling affected both sides. It could no go beyond 14 days others, it was going to affect the rights of Lungu

  24. Ba General Kanene, It was after the supreme leader HH and Fat Albert had been abandoned by their lawyers. They took it upon themselves and pleaded with the bench to allow them sometime. Unfortunately without consulting the lawyers representing ECL they came up with that adjournment. Remember Kanene that ECL has also got constitutional rights and both sides had to be treated accordingly. If anything it’s HH’s lawyers who are probably at fault and maybe not because those weekends i can imagine used to give them sometime to try and put a reasonable case. What I have said before is that the 14 days is not enough for such a case. Even the Kenya situation was rushed through. What we need is to re-visit the constitution and give this more time.

    • I want ECL to enjoy his Presidency as legitimately elected, and then we will not have this noise from UPND.
      The point is there are flaws in the laws and a certain group of people (ECZ & ConCourt) misused these gaps which have brought up the confusion. You can not solve the situation by just saying, forget and let’s move on, it’s like you sweeping dirt under your carpet. Someone needs to be held accountable or at least ought to acknowledge the mistake, upon which an agreement can be put in place on the next steps. Currently, PF is clinging on to their slight victory and refusing to acknowledge the flaws. And then you have UPND, who has no proper strategy on how to handle current situation in order to move forward. But “Just forget and Move on” is not the answer. Its not HH or ECL to…

  25. Taking people for granted these back door politicians,the country is in shambles we vote for you to run the country you turn into tourist all over the world…ala mukachula

  26. But all that concourt proceedings happened without the announced elect handing over power to the speaker in line with the provisions of the law.if that was done then there was no need to cry foul as we continue to see.and the petitioner of the case are partly to be blame for not ensuring that the instruments were handed over to the speaker while the proceeding were being head in court.

  27. Why pull out when there are scores to be settled. Dialogue is the best option to settling disputes. We need development and not war. We need peace.

    I urge the UNSC and the International Community to tell President ECL and his Opposition President HH to take this opportunity and include eradicating the obstacles that have clearly shown how Zambia is still lacking behind in as far as gender parity and eradicating gender violence by 2030, is concerned. They must accept to convene an international justice mechanism to probe those that violated International law, international Human Rights And Humanitarian Law; and account for breaching the 1969 Vienna Conventions; failing to which, Zambia must face the repercussions of breaching such convention and other treaties; from the International…

  28. The Judiciary needs capacity Building in as far as jurisdiction is concerned. I have been a victim of vexatious suits, when the national state has no jurisdiction.

    I need Amnesty I ternational to look into these issues and ask the international community to rescue me from the hostage taking. Just because I am a UN Diplomat, I should be paraded in national courts because of my money and what I achieved. I need justice. Salil must look into these issues.

  29. I know , it is in our blood to comment on any story that we come across on social media regardless of whether we understand its contents or not, but we need to weigh these stories before we display our one-sided mind in our comments. I strongly feel there is nothing to comment on the above stated story because it is not giving any details of what was going on. I agree with the other blogger who stated that the story is different from the headline. This is purely POOR JOURNALISM if at all there is any.

  30. UPND are really slippery troublemakers. They want violent discord because they know they can never win an election in Zambia at large.

    Their modes operandi is to make false human rights allegations left, right and centre, abroad and anywhere gullible people listen to them. Of course they don’t want the dialogue…they would have to behave themselves in that process. Like telling a fidgety child to sit still!

    But this sounds like they’ve run out of steam. How do you ask for a dialogue and then pull out when you spring out of jail? They are back with the violent rallies.


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