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Chisamba woman killed Step Daughter, burnt her body and buried the remains

General News Chisamba woman killed Step Daughter, burnt her body and buried the remains

Police in Central Province have arrested a female adult identified as Charity Banda aged 36, of Fringilla Compound, a sales woman at Fringilla Butchery in Chisamba in connection with the murder of her step daughter aged eight years on 07th December, 2016.

The accused stacked the body of the deceased girl in a sack and burried it in a rubbish pit after burning it, four meters from the entrance of her house.

To disguise the whole ordeal, she planted some sweet potatoes on top.

The accused person led the Police to the scene and the body was exhumed.

Postmoterm was conducted and results indicated a broken skull.

The remains have been handed over to the deceased’s relatives who have burried them.

The accused person was innitially picked for pouring hot water on her husband identified as Kennedy Chola Chansa aged 35, a welder in Mansa, whilst he was asleep and he is admitted to UTH.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said all started when the husband came to check on the family and inquired about his daughter whom he had not seen since December, 2016.

The accused person who was a step mother to the girl claimed to have taken the girl to a boarding school in Mwachisompola area.

Whenever the husband visited, she pretended the girl was in school.

The accused only revealed after she was apprehended that she killed her step daughter by hitting her head against the wall on 7th December 2016 at about 17:30 Hours.

She is detained in Police custody charged with murder and will soon be slapped with another charge after police officers establish the gravity of injuries suffered by the husband.


    • Pleas, don’t be shallow minded, this has nothing to do with PF. A smart person can play stupid but the opposite isn’t true. You don’t always have to say what pops up in your head.
      Condolences to the bereaved family.


  1. Please do not waste the meager government resources to guard and feed this devil of a woman. She is a witch and MUST BE TAKEN TO FIRING SQUAD OR HANGING ROPE WITHOUT DELAY.
    I have bought high quality beef and sausages from Fringilla Butchery but little did I know that the hands serving me had brutally murdered and burnt the body of an innocent 8 year old girl? The girl died defenseless.

  2. My My My God in Heaven!! The devil at work! You kill a person, bury the body and you are even able to sleep well at night??

  3. Gosh, gelo uyu alikwata ama issues in her head. How can someone be so cruel, let alone have the courage to kill a child, burn the body and burry it just meters away from her entrance. Mambala alimapo ne fyumbu. So in her head she would pass the spot everyday and feel normal about it all? This is super shocking!

    • Some 20 years ago a woman in Chibuluma township killed her boyfriend and hid him under her bed. To kill the stench she used target to spray the body but after one month she gave up and reported herself to the police. These things happen but due to lack of communication as we’ve it today it never reached many people.

  4. @Christ Ambassordor ,she was NOT able to sleep for sure.Every evil act has an “expiry date”,rather a “shelf life”, one day it shall be known.The woman killed the step daughter without any witness,but the blood of the girl was “speaking”,hence the exposure of her evil act.

  5. As a single mother I am going to say something very unexpected. Having consciously decided to have a child outside marriage, I realized a number of pitfalls of my decision later on. But because I am a very firm person when it comes to taking up responsibility for ones actions…. I took another decision. And that is to always put my child first and that means not getting married until my son is able to fend for himself. Human beings in general can be very cruel and evil. I don’t want my child to ever have to suffer for some of the stupid and hopeless choices I have made. This is what I have to endure for my choices. He did not apply to be born so therefore should not have to be burdened with my life choices.

    This is a classic case of a father simply not caring enough. Why would you go…

    • Ba Dundumwezi, he will still be burdened with your decision, like growing up as an only child, without a father’s input etc. etc.

    • 11.1… So many kids grow up without fathers and they turn out ok. what’s the point of staying with a man when you constantly argue? kids are not stupid they can see when parents are not happy. I don’t know what input the man gives the child. All I know is a child will always thrive in a happy place. father or no father. Mother or no mother. The child needs love and I equally deserve to be happy. so I chose the lesser evil of the two. As for 11.2. I don’t push his father away. He did that himself by being irresponsible and philandering. So worry not. My son is a very healthy and happy child doing very well at school too. I am grateful to God that i am able to afford him a good life. Otherwise the story would be different.

  6. @Mutale one, i wonder the type of person you are. Your statement shows how irresponsible and devilish you must be. How can you make a jettison of a matter of such repute. I call on police to get you arrested.

  7. Oh come on single mother! How do you know maybe the biological mother to the girl died and her family was unable to look after the child? Is it wrong for the father to take custody of the child, if he is able to? maybe this unfortunate girl was born before he got married to this devil woman . There are many circumstances where children like her can fall into the hands of “DEVIL STEP MOTHER” and have no choice but live with such women. Besides, Murder is Murder for anyone, step mother or not. My sincere condolences to the family.

  8. The woman is a killer but the husband needs further investigations: He lives in MANSA and gave his wife to keep his Daughter ?? Is he a poligamist? he is 35 married a 36 year , OK THAT a side the wife claimed she took the daughter to school ? Who between the two must be responsible for the girls School? where is the mother of the girl ?if she died the man should have been keeping the girl in MANSA. This is a syndicate , the two work together.

  9. Wow ,so this is the story that’s making headlines on Nigerian websites? This heartless biatch has become infamous worldwide for this gruesome murder and scarring her man with boiled water.

  10. Sad reading especially as I know this girl from fringilla when I went to buy meat. She was always so humble. May the soul of the girl rest in peace.

  11. Unfortunate situation! How can a woman, a mother do such an evil thing? Or is she just a woman and not a “MOTHER”? Does she live alone? in a wall-fenced house? I still wonder how her neighbors and workmates did not see ANY strange behavior in this woman after she had murdered her. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be inquisitive when we suspect something is not right somewhere. I am pretty sure someone will start saying something now in relation to some strange behavior they saw in this woman. But now it’s too late because if it had come early, we could have saved the father to the girl (not the husband to the woman) from being burned.
    Heartless woman she is and she does not deserve to live in the community. She wanted to kill her husband so she could burn and bury him in the same way she…

  12. I cannot allow my sons to marry a Zambian woman. Terrible we had had so much pillaging, my daughter was killed and state sponsored banditry. What a shame. Innocent child brutally killed by a psychopath.


  14. Zambian are becoming heartless like Nigerians and Somalis-the reason why God has punished those two nations with civil strife.God will strike this woman too.

  15. I have watched movies of that kind but little did I know that it really happens in reality and in our own country. God help us. That woman is a psychopath for real.

  16. sad,only a foolish man will bring foolish politics in such a very serious issue.pliz Mr foolish man take your politics away.

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