Following the burning down of Mufumbwe Police Station and illegal release of six (06) suspects and Six (06) convicted persons from Police custody, a total of 19 suspects were arrested for various offences .

14 of them out of the 19 will appear in Mufumbwe Magistrates court on Monday 23rd October, 2017 charged with the following offences.

The rioters demolished a building which is contrary to section 81, (2) Criminal Trespass contrary to section 306 and (3) Aiding a prisoner to escape contrary to section 120 of the Penal Code, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia..

Five of the apprehended have been released due to insufficient evidence.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said this in a statement, yesterday.

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  1. Very weird type of charges from the Police. It is evident that no one will be convicted from the way they have drafted the charges. Why not just “Arson”? The Station was burnt down. Why say “Demolition” how does one demolish a building with bare hands. “Trespass” one could say he was caught when he went to report a case. How do you prove it.


  2. We are still waiting for the arrest of those who burnt Lusaka market. Can we conclude that police and PF cadres were responsible!



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