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Ndola City Council successfully quenches fire at a Global Industries using new fire engines

General News Ndola City Council successfully quenches fire at a Global Industries using new...
New acquired fire tenders in Ndola used
in putting off fire
A plant belonging to Global Industries Limited,  a cooking oil manufacturing firm in Ndola on Nakambala Road on Thursday night caught fire.
The fire which started on the top floor around 21:00 Hours was quenched in time by fire fighters who arrived on site at 21:05 Hours saving most of the building and the lower level which harnesses machinery valued at millions of Kwacha.
The newly acquired fire engines was used by the City Council with the aid of Luanshya and Indeni fire engines.
The three fire tenders manned by 23 fire fighters and the aide of Global Industry workers battled the flames for about three hours and spent another five hours cooling the ducting which had layers of oil fats which had accumulated inside.
The cause of the fire has not yet been established however, investigations are underway.
And Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said ,” as a Local Authority, we would like to take this opportunity to appeal to members of the public not temper with the fire hydrants located around the city. The Local Authority would also like to acknowledge that the newly acquired fire engines aided us to combat the fire promptly and more effectively.”


    • Pathetic.

      Now they are starting fires on purpose to justify the purchase of these wheelbarrows.

      Why do they not bring in foreign investigators to find out why our beautiful country in being torched at will? Who do you really think is starting these fires people? And they are being very careful to make sure that no lives are lost, otherwise it would be murder.

      Zambians wake up to the deception at hand.

    • “The three fire tenders manned by 23 fire fighters and the aide of Global Industry workers battled the flames for about three hours and spent another five hours cooling the ducting which had layers of oil fats which had accumulated inside.”
      So you are telling us that one Fire Truck carries 8-9 fire fighters…really laughable…this is not proper use of workforce. They are lucky the fire was at a factory with water supply as there is no way the trucks could sit for 3 hours using water from their tanks.

    • This is a PR story by the procurer. Don’t believe it! Quenching a fire takes skilled firefighters not just a hose and water



    • So are you trying to justify procuring a Fire Truck for $1 million dollars…there is nothing special that happened there; any well maintained truck with access to hydrants would have put out that fire …read the whole article.

    • Mukwayi, fwebo twa sonta po, nga mwebo finshi mwala tu langa??? If $1m was too much, naimwe sonteni pa quotation which will justify your argument. Simple, don’t you think????

    • Follow the link @Spaka like lilo has pasted on this selfsame thread which states a firetruck costs £250K….
      Wake up from your folly!!

    • My goodness this citizen chap is a pure cadre. Pure cadres do not understand logic and objectivity is an alien thing. I would advise all bloggers to stay clear of this guy coz I feel it may be the Lungu @$$kisser and praise and worship singer Bowman Lusambo himself. 🙂

    • Jay Jay, you would have more chance of seeing a flea wear a bra than to convince dull chaps like this citizen person. Save your breath.

    • @Dudelove: The biggest difference between me and you is that you are GULLIBLE: easily persuaded to believe something; credulous. Yes, I voted for PF but that doesn’t mean I believe everything they tell me. Take the dictatorship rhetoric you upnd zombies were championing, how can a normal thinking person believe such hogwash??? It made such headlines but when the real players in global politics scritinised the situation, the Americans for example and their super intelligence machinery, it showed them the opposite-no wonder even at the UN meeting Trump spoke about Burundi and not Zambia. For me, don’t show me internet links, show me actual quotations from equipment manufacturers, then I will believe you!!

  2. But, any vehicle with a water tank would have been successful. Its not the capability we are questioning, its the cost.

    • You are wasting your time trying to urge with dumb corrupt cadres…only when they take their child to clinic and find there is no medicine will in sink in their thick skulls or they see people sleeping on the floor in hospitals with rats circling them.

  3. google.co.uk/amp/s/www.crawleyhappytimes.co.uk/new-state-of-the-art-fire-engine-for-crawley/amp/

    Thieves, you can not trust lungu and kapoyongo , expect more fires the louder citizens question the corrupt fire deal. We have said this before.

    By the way , can the PF kaponya rats on LT provide any news on the UPND supporters arrested for starting the Lusaka market fire ???

    • State Of Emergence was all a ploy…three months wasted by these thieves, then Amos has the cheek to ask Amnesty to point to injustices. No one those about that lie when they were praying!!

    • Let’s hope this cooking oil industry is not owned by our Lebanese cousins, they be linked to the suppliers of the fire tenders and try to justify their “state of the art” purchase.

  4. Expect fires in Lusaka soon to be quenched by New Fire Engines…remember the Market fires caused by Lazy Lungu to justify SoE.

  5. If there had been no fire tender to put out the fire which might have led to loss of property or even worse, loss of life, the same reactionary malcontents commenting above would have not spared a second in condemning the govt.

    • Are you telling us Industrial town Ndola had no fire trucks before…does it not sink in that those 3 firetrucks cost $3 million. That 3 million would have bought 9 trucks instead of 3.

    • I don’t understand how PF supporters are not understanding that it is the COST of the trucks people are concerned about and not the trucks themselves. What level of dullness is this????

  6. When RB was President, he was vilified for the mobile hospitals ad noseum by PF. Lo and behold Pf continued using the mobile hospitals when Sata was elected president.

  7. A job well done fellers! When we shall have recovered from the current hardships please lets buy more of the fire tenders. Some do not know whats good for themselves. As long as “their man” shouts they shall echo without doing their own analysis of the situation. Your job,Fire fighters, is a nobble one which puts yourselves at risk while you attempt to serve other’s lives.

    • Next Local Govt will procure Refuse Trucks for 1.2 million dollars each and you will thanking them for collecting refuse…..Proper Fooools indeed.

  8. Mobile hospitals were a good idea but not the most brilliant because they are assets that require constant maintenance and put the life of the driver and the rare commodity called Doctor at high risk due to poor state of our roads. Abandoning them before a replacement means is put in place would have been a foolish move hence why the GRZ continued to use them.

  9. Kudos to the galant firemen and their swift action.
    However no one said the controversy has to do with their inability to put out fires its the cost at which they were purchased for, they drip with corruptio
    The purchaser should have shame and own up

  10. Fire startedvar 21hrs yet it took only 5 minutes for the fire tsnders to arrive,, 5 minutes from fire station opposite golf course to industrial area, maybe the knew it was going to happen, time frame doesnt work. If these trucks are so good why trucks from luanshy and INDENI the fire trucks from indeni wpuld be there in 5 mins not from ndola.
    Why place stupid headlines to justify a purchasing dusaster ny government
    Amos you want examples of why Amnesty were here, LT reporting stories in this manner a classic example of government manipulation of the media. Wake up ZAMBIA we are being conned

  11. With the help from indeni fire trucks. See, on its own, it cant even quench the fire! Had it not been for indeni fire trucks, the entire industry would have been history by now. The $ 1 m fire truck cant even quench the fire on its own – but with help from other fire engines….WTF!

  12. A serious concern. Why should a fire engine costing $1m be assisted by old fashioned fire engines in quenching fire on a single building? I doubt the capability of these new fire engines. I believe that if they were effective engines, one fire tender would have done a big job.

  13. The Fire Fighters put out that fire. With the help of the company’s employees. They are trained for the job. It had nothing to do with the Wheelbarrows.

  14. Goes to show how we think it is an undeserved favor when sectors excute what should be their business.Why should it even be news?Know that even when Govt.completes a project,it is their duty and owe it to the electorate.Why boast over what should be normal?The reaction conots incompetence.

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