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New fire truck successfully puts out fire in Ndola

General News New fire truck successfully puts out fire in Ndola

Fire Truck

Ndola City Council successfully quenched fire at a Global Industries using a new fire engine.

A plant belonging to Global Industries Limited, a cooking oil manufacturing firm in Ndola on Nakambala Road on Thursday night caught fire.

The fire which started on the top floor around 21:00 Hours was quenched in time by fire fighters who arrived on site at 21:05 Hours saving most of the building and the lower level which harnesses machinery valued at millions of Kwacha.

The newly acquired fire engines was used by the City Council with the aid of Luanshya and Indeni fire engines.

The three fire tenders manned by 23 fire fighters and the aide of Global Industry workers battled the flames for about three hours and spent another five hours cooling the ducting which had layers of oil fats which had accumulated inside.

The cause of the fire has not yet been established however, investigations are underway.

And Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said,” As a Local Authority, we would like to take this opportunity to appeal to members of the public not temper with the fire hydrants located around the city. The Local Authority would also like to acknowledge that the newly acquired fire engines aided us to combat the fire promptly and more effectively.”

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  1. Kudos to the galant firemen and their swift action.
    However no one said the controversy has to do with their inability to put out fires its the cost at which they were purchased for, they drip with corruption.
    The purchaser should have shame own up

  2. The newly acquired fire engines was used by the City Council with the aid of Luanshya and Indeni fire engines.
    Why didnt you hi-light the AID in the head line.

    • The story also states that 3 fire engines were used…but LT Editor is so useless that he/she just copy and pastes..

  3. “fire which started on the top floor around 21:00 Hours was quenched in time by fire fighters who arrived on site at 21:05” and “workers battled the flames for about three hours and spent another five hours cooling the ducting”

    • It does not make sense …its all spin …how can fire started in the Top Floor end up affecting the cooling ducts. What was the cost of damage?

    • And the response time was so Super-fast! 21:00hrs Fire starts, 21:05hrs, Fire engine arrives on site, along with other Fire engines from Luanshya and Indeni on site! Super-efficient if you ask me!

  4. Kuti waseka. Zambia in the sun. Atleast there is a return of 10 ngwee from the 1 million dollars after the fire was successfully put off. yaba

  5. Upnddonkeys everything is politics that’s why you Freemason hhakavotela will never rule this country. He is a looser, looser,looser,,looser ,looser,looser and he will die looser of elections. It is shameful to be loose elections more than four times. An historical looser

  6. “New fire truck successfully puts out fire in Ndola”

    We expect No less. Absent from this headline is the assistance this fire engine received from the Indeni and Luanshya fire trucks. At $1Million a pop, I would have expected a solo run. Next Fire Please!!

  7. Expect more convienient fires ….BTW can we have an update on the case involving UPND caders arrested for starting the Lusaka market fire ????

  8. Wow!! These $1m fire trucks really do work! “Successfully” putting out fires where the old ones would have failed lamentably. Money well spent…

  9. There is only one “company” that starts fires in Zambia! Officially, it wears red, for fire. It hates Fire Engines to!

    • Can you update us on the 11 UPND arrested by police for starting the Lusaka fire market pleas or was it lungu and kapoyongo behind the fires to justify this corrupt $42 million deal ??

  10. And again LT deleted my post,, because i questioned how a truck from the golf course get to industrisl in 5 minutes.
    INDENI might have been able but its just indicative of LT being used to disseminate propoganda.
    Amos wanted to know what abuses tha Amnesty was talking about, abuse of the press , restriction of freespeech, censorship of divergent view, am sue this will not get posted but i tried

  11. If these overpriced fire trucks are so damn good with all those extra features why did we need indeni and luanshya
    to attend also, headline says new fire truck puts out fire, fact is it couldn’t it needed help.

  12. Zambia fire brigade can make a lot of money by making those fire trucks a tourist attraction ……..every body wants to see what a $1 million fire truck looks like…..

  13. Kosheni naumbi bafikamba so that we taste the fire fighting equipment in Lusaka Kabili it looks like you want to justify the purchase at all costs. Ocheni taller building

  14. I think ignorance is at play here. Don’t take a fire tender for a fun cargo or Toyota collora my friends. Fire tenders are designer made most of the times meaning they are made on request as per your desire and that makes them expensive but the talk here is of kindergarten level where you criticise anything without offering a solution. Fire tenders are not wheel barrows my good friends. These are specialised equipment that cannot be compared to Ford rangers or fortuners. Wise up. If you are honest just take the specifications you need on fire tenders and try to Google and see what price you will be arriving at. The world today is in your pocket via that smartphone and it should wise up somebody that to be laughing at something one least understands. Don’t take the price of a fire tender…

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