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Government re-affirms its determination to improve livelihoods of security personal

General News Government re-affirms its determination to improve livelihoods of security personal

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Government has re-affirmed its determination to improving the conditions of service for security personnel in the country through provision of decent accommodation.

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says that the construction the police houses throughout the country was one of the way government is helping provide security personal to live in decent houses while rendering their noble service to all Zambians.

The minister said this when he officiated at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of 110 housing units in Kasama today.

Mr. Kampyongo explained that the construction of new housing units for police officers in Kasama will be completed within 15 months.

2, 350 housing units will be constructed for security personnel across the country under phase one and that an additional 2,200 houses will be done in the second phase.

Mr. Kampyongo also disclosed that the government is addressing other challenges faced by the Zambia police service such as rehabilitation and construction of offices, provision of uniforms, transport and modern equipment , among others.

He has since called on police officers to be disciplined and ensure that they maintain law and order in the country.

And speaking at the same function, Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile said the construction of the police houses in the provincial capital will bring about decency in the livelihood of the officers.

He has called on Zambians to support and compliment government projects running throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Regional Police Commissioner Richard Mweene expressed happiness with the move by government to construct the housing units for police officers in the region.

Mr. Mweene said the construction of the police houses will greatly motive the officers to work extra hard and will in turn bring about improved service delivery to the public.

He urged police officers in the province to look after the houses once they are constructed warning that regular inspections will be carried out to ensure all police housing units were kept clean at all times.

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  1. Whuch Zambian company is building these houses and at what cost, is loan money being used to finance this.
    Where does this building show in the budget. Many questions few answers

    • I am sure its either a China Exim Bank loan meaning a Chinese Construction Company will build or a single sourced to the Israelis…..these are the types of contracts that should go to ZNS, they are have trained Civil Engineers, Architects simply overseeing useless projects that involve mere grading of bush roads.

    • The intention is okay and should be encouraged, on whether the loan is from China Exim Bank and contracts awarded to Chinese Construction Company or single sourced to the Israelis, that is a different question.

      In all honesty, I do not understand how on earth construction of simple houses can be contracted to a foreign company, when you have the local companies including ZNS, if you think about it, this can only happen in Zambia.
      This should be a no-brainer, contract to local companies. period.

  2. Mr Kampyongo; police live in colonial houses built for the then native police. You give no moral to these men and women in uniform. They want to go home to a nice house like all of us when their shift is over but instead they go to little hovels that look like the servant quarters; They work without gloves most of the time risking their lives when there is an accident. Give the police dignity you have reduced them to almost mere beggars.

  3. In all honesty ..what good can come of out of a former Katondo Street currency dealer Kampyongo? The little fat man has not responded to the allegations leveled against him…he was the minister responsible when that Fire Engine Tender was issued.

  4. Police unprofessionalism and incompetence is not attributable to the poor housing Units they live in. But Having incompetent and unprofessional top cops is what Stephen Kampyongouse should address. I lived in Sikanze for so long and I took over a dilapidated house, which I renovated and improved and maintained nicely. I moved over to another house, which I equally renovated and spray painted in and outside. And I was very hard working.
    But as soon as I left for the UK to study, than my own surbodinates, whom IG Kakoma is aware of, all envied the cleanness of my house and illegally evicted my family to stay in a good house, yet such junior was older than my father and had lived in dilapidated Accomodation all through out for more than 20 years.
    Teaching Police Officers and their…

    • Our Cops are so corrupt that the set up road blocks at will and when you drive away at Check points they chase you instead of simply taking the reg. plates and crosschecking them with RTSA.

  5. I improved my livelihood and you let your illiterate cops pillage what they cannot pay back. Such gender inferiority complex undermines governance.

    It is immoral what you have done to me and you be ashamed of it. Why sit on my money just because you failed to join the UN. Why aid armed robbery to help Gilbert Phiri steal from me.

    We used to enjoy the Police as we had clean minds and we were very innovative. You don’t kill a girl child because her mom joined the UN and then compound such murder.
    Policing goes hand in hand with professionalism and integrity mwhich your cops don’t have. Since you cannot tell the world why you are sitting on my benefits, then your integrity is also questionable.

  6. You must come and repair the vandalism your cops did at my house than build houses which are not covered in the national budget. Finacial Investigatirs should start following up such projects.

    I mean it’s really immoral to mob and pillage a woman who worked so hard and improved her livehood in tough policing schedules. What improvement are you talking about if you cannot take full responsibility of the mess your officers did. As a Policing graduate myself,mI think this is a wrong person talking about policing

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