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Kambwili slammed for failure to produce proof of corruption against Amos Chanda

Headlines Kambwili slammed for failure to produce proof of corruption against...

Chishimba Kambwili.
Chishimba Kambwili.
OVER a week has passed and Chishimba Kambwili has failed to expose Amos Chanda’s corruption as earlier threatened, which means that the man is a pathological liar who seeks to build his political base on lies and character assassination, the New Congress Party (NCP) leader Peter Chanda has charged.

Pastor Chanda slammed Mr Kambwili for his failure to produce proof to support his corruption allegations against Mr Chanda, President Lungu’s special assistant for Press and Public Relations as well as other government officials.

He said Mr Kambwili was the worst hypocrite and liar in political space, adding that Zambians should not take him seriously.

He called on Zambians not take Mr Kambwili seriously because he had literally become bitter and jealous after being dismissed from government.

“Mr Chishimba Kambwili lacks wisdom and good morals. He is a pathological liar who seeks to build his political base on falsehoods and character assassination and Zambians should not take him seriously because he has failed to produce proof to support his corruption allegations against Mr Chanda and other government officials,

“The truth is, Kambwili’s hands are not clean to fight corruption and by maligning innocent people for his cheap political mileage, I leave it to Zambians to judge him for themselves.”

Pastor Chanda said it was shameful that Mr Kambwili has continued to make baseless accusations against government officials without evidence.

Pastor Chanda recalled how Mr Kambwili recently also made unsubstantiated allegations when he claimed that he had received information from State House and the Anti-Corruption Commission that President Lungu had ordered his arrest which turned out to be false.

Two weeks ago, the expelled Roan PF Member of Parliament posted an article on his face book page in which he threatened to expose Mr Amos Chanda’s corruption on Saturday.

Mr Kambwili posted a picture of an unfinished building alleging that it belonged to Mr Chanda and threatened to tell the nation of the press aide’s dirty corruption.


    • Kambwili has directly accused lungu and Chanda of corruption, instead of challenging these allegations these two bandits have kept quiet which means they are GUILTY as charged. I wonder why people should even give lungu the benefit of doubt, the man is a thief indeed. He became president for some unexplained mental malady on the part of Zambians, electing a creature with such a thieving past. But there is absolutely no doubt that kateka wa chalo and all his henchmen are thieves. You can’t ask a ravenous wolf to guard your sheep. Zambians did exactly that!!

    • CK started digging his own hole the moment he missed that Saturday announcement. We know it hence we do not need reminders or instructions from you, Chanda. The fact is that you are also trying to gain political points, that is your motivation, we know that.

      When ECL was threatening to beat up CK, why did you not raise your voice to ECL to stop threatening people, who have no power compared to him? Did you ever think of it that as a human being, CK might have felt intimidated by the president, and he can not defend himself against him? So if you want to stay neutral, write about both ECL and CK.

    • Victims of the regime of former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announced Saturday an “international campaign” to bring him to justice.
      Jammeh, a former soldier, ruled the small English-speaking West African country from 1994 to January 2017, but now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea.
      His regime is accused by human rights defenders of systematically torturing political opponents and journalists, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions and enforced disappearances.
      “We will do whatever it takes to get justice, no matter how long it takes,” said Fatoumatta Sandeng from the campaign, who alleges her father Solo Sandeng died in April 2016 when he was detained by Jammeh’s National Intelligence Agency.
      “The only thing that matters is that Jammeh and his accomplices are…

    • Surely, we must not tolerate ghost writers. Even CK was fired a year ago and yet they have not arrested him. Now, you are getting excited about 1 week!!!!

      In fact, the burden of proof would be on Amos to explain how he can pay school fees for his kids that are several times his salary and yet we don’t know any industries that the Amos Group has invested in.

    • Just thank him for reminding you about how much inexplainable wealth attained by ECL. Instead of telling the Zambian people the truth, he opts to threaten CK. Who is acting childish here?

  1. In the left side of the brains of the author of this article there’s nothing right and on the right side there’s nothing left.

  2. You can all call kambwili what you like but the mere fact he has called out people as being corrupt and he has assassinated their characters should be enough for those called out to sue kambwili……but they will not for fear of more revelations….

    Who ever does not sue kambwili for calling them a corrupt theif is indeed a corrupt theif……

  3. It’s funny how someone can say Kambwili is a liar for not producing evidence on one person, when he has provided evidence on many other people but the same person never responded. Why are you not mentioning the evidence he has produced about other people? For example, evidence on the Minister of Home Affairs?

  4. Lungu has destroyed the moral fabric of Zambia.. …..he is showing kids that it is ok to called a corrupt theif, just don’t say a thing…..what a hopeless President.

    Being labbeled and called a theif should be one of the worst things that can happen to a leader but lungu seems fine with that.. .

    • If Lungu acts then they will say he is abusing his office, but be rest assured that This chishimba Kambwili is being given enough rope to hang himself. Corruption is there, no doubt but CK should be clever than he is at the moment because he is Party of it.

  5. These guys knows each others dirty dealings! Iam sure he got a mail reminding him of his own dirty deals. Zambia needs new breed of politicians, unfortunately these pipo do not exist.

  6. Respect office of the President bitterness will take you no were guys he is the President no matter how you call him sometimes its good to keep silence coz how do you respond to a lies if you evidence laz is open to you Respect Zambians

  7. Kambwili who was once respected has become irrelevant that even dogs have stopped watching prime TV when he is on air. ECL will be president till 2021. We can insult him anywhere, anyhow anytime but nothing will change.

    • Being president is nothing without honor. Any foolish thief can mistakenly be made president but what matters is his inner principles and what he’ll leave behind long after he’s dead. His legacy defines him.

      A lot of us Zambians believe that success is having a lot of money and goods when it’s not the case. There arecmillionaires who can’t control themselves, let alone their families. Was Chiluba really a successful person?

    • You are even proudly saying nothing will ever change?? Are you normal or what? No wonder Zambia is in free fall economically, socially and morally because many people like you are dumb and stupid. Well FYI CK is telling the truth and if ACC is a transparent and independent body, then they should take action on following up serious allegations made against PF Ministers and MPs instead of saying oh ‘twalibelela’ and nothing will change’ ebupuba bwine.

  8. Reporting what? to who? Kanshi? The government should instead investigate and if they find kabwili as a liar let them implicate him and make him dance to the tune of the law for the lies. It appears somebody is afraid within the investigatory realms and that is why these corruption cases will never take off.

  9. Kambwili must continue exposing if he loves Zambia. It wont help us shutting up in the name of reconciliation. if he is sure corruption is taking place, there is no need to make peace with thieves.

    Ba Chanda, you are the one trying to gain political mileage. I don’t think I know you. Remind me of your name again?? what are you called?lol

  10. I agree that if he does not expose Amos who insulted him so much,he will lose credibility.Why fear an Aide when you have exposed the President.We are waiting to see what you are made of CK.Honor your promise

  11. The problem started in 2002 when LPM abrogated the constitution and forced then DPP out of office. In his place he engaged a group of hyenas to persecute his predecessor FTJ. With the support of the media through the post newspaper, they took a grip on anything to do with corruption. They pointed fingers, accused, harassed, judged anyone they chose and these accusations were amplified in the post newspaper. This unfortunately is the way to fight corruption we are accustomed to; It is what he have come to accept as the normal way to do it, just like Kambwili is pointing fingers and accusing.

    It all reached it’s climax when Levy died and his successor abandoned this method because of lack convictions, chief among the FTJ who was acquitted. Had Levy followed the constitution, listened to…

    • …the DPP, it would be a different story today. Then they would have realised that the ZP (the basis of every investigation) was not equipped, technically and skill-wise, and not modern enough to pursue such matters. The judiciary, the prosecuting arm of the system also needed a shot of modernity and fresh brains to handle this. More specialised personnel were required, the South Africans came up with the Scorpions and now the Hawks. And if Levy had laid a foundation of upgrading the existing set up, today we would have a more effective anti-corruption and crime institutions. But he chose the wrong route, that is why characters like Kambwili still think the outdated method can work….

  12. We need to encourage whistle – blowers to name the culprits so we can shame and prosecute them! CK should not stop at threatening to disclose, he should go all the way so the nation knows who is plundering national resources.


  14. In whose name is Pastor Chanda speaking? He is speaking a language of thieves, paid to defend corruption in the name of a pastor.

  15. Teacher Kapekele : Good morning Class
    Class : Good morning Sir.
    Teacher Kapekele: Class, today we want to explore the definite functions of certain governmental
    departments notably the once Anti Corruption Commission of Zambia. Why was that
    department formed by the way ?
    Pupil Moses: To curb corruption activities in the country.
    Teacher Kapekele: Good answer. Now, in its current form, what is this department called ?
    Class : It’ s called the Corruption Commission of Zambia.
    Teacher Kapekele: Good answer class and anyone who has got a reason as to why that new term ?
    Pupil Chileshe : Because the President, his government officials both ministers and ordinary

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