Chief Mumena of the Kaonde people of North Western Province says the indiscriminate cutting of trees for charcoal burning is alarming.

The traditional leader is calling for a stop to the practice in an effort to protect the environment for future generations.

The Chief was speaking when Transmission ELTEL handed over the Ecological Assessment document for the proposed stocking of wildlife animals in the Royal Mumena Ranch in Solwezi.

He noted that it is unfortunate that most forests in the country are now depleted because of the indiscriminate cutting down of trees.

And Transmission ELTEL Director Bengt Rostlund said the corporate world need to do more in giving back to communities where they operate.

Meanwhile Transmission ELTEL General Manager Edwin Matokwani noted that wildlife management can be used for both conservation purposes and as a tourist attraction.

Earlier, North Western Province Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo thanked Transmission ELTEL for sustaining an active social responsibility programme.

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  1. Agreed @1 Numbian. As a CHIEF he is a LEADER, so if he CRYING WITHOUT OFFERING SOLUTIONS, how is the problem going to end?


  2. Chief what is your nshima cooked on ? How can pipo afford electricity to cook with what other power sources are economic for the majority of zambians, talk to the government sir



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