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There are no arrears in VAT refunds to the Mines

Economy There are no arrears in VAT refunds to the Mines

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says the payment of Value Added Tax(VAT) refunds to the mines is up to date.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda says there are no arrears in VAT refunds to the Mines.

Speaking to ZNBC news in an interview in Chirundu, Mr. CHANDA disclosed that ZRA is paying about 80 million United States Dollars in VAT refunds monthly.

He explained that ZRA has some refunds in the pipeline that are being verified and audited.

Mr. Chanda said the refunds were accrued in 2013-2014 because VAT rule number 18 which demanded mining companies to avail certificates of sale from the countries of destination.

And Mr. Chanda disclosed that the Authority is in the process of establishing an office which will specifically be dealing with VAT refund verification to protect government revenue.

He said ZRA has recorded many VAT refund frauds where some companies are demanding twice the same amount.

Mr. Chanda was responding to media reports that ZRA is owing millions of dollars to mining companies in VAT refunds.

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  1. This dude reaaaaaaaally loves limelight like Emmanuel Mwamba.
    People who crave for publicist are inherently incompetent and mask their incompetence through sweet talk. If you don’t agree with me, just think about those people who are overly talkative in your organisations, you will get an idea of what I am talking about.

  2. So when the mines pay VAT they brag about it and publish it as “taxes paid”

    Meanwhile ZRA then refunds them $80m per month.

    A few years ago Sata was teaching us that the Kwacha is the sovereign currency of the Republic.

    When you go to USA you do not get any tax refund in rupees or pesos you get a cheque in USD.

    Why in our country are we obliged to give tax refunds in any currency except our own ?

  3. Only in Africa…..

    Can extractive mines be allowed to claim input VAT


    A commercial farmer producing maize or soybeans cannot claim VAT on any of his inputs

    He who pays the Piper then calls the tune

    • Why not? Its your own docility for not taxing them fairly on windfall…VAT is another matter you can only understand if you are in business.

  4. We are upto date with VAT refunds but the ones from 2013-2014 have not been paid they are in the pipeline.
    Well my friend they ARE NOT upto date. If you are paying out $80million per month and 12 months havent been paid thdn you have a liability of approx $960 million. Is this accounted for in the budget and to the IMF.
    This man should be a politician, we are upto date there are no arrears but we still owe for 12months.
    Where is the credibility for zny figures coming from ZRA when the head of ZRA can make such a statement

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