Mambilima Member of parliament Dennis Wanchinga says the PF government will fulfill its promise to deliver development to the area and Luapula province in general.

Dr. Wachinga, who is also Minister of General Education, has urged his constituents to continue supporting the PF and appreciate the infrastructure development that is taking place in the area.

Mambilima Member of parliament Dennis WANCHINGA (r)

He said Mambilima has continued to enjoy support from government in terms of infrastructure development and people need to work with government so that they continue benefitting from government’s goodwill.

Speaking to ZNBC News in Mwense District, Dr Wanchinga called on the people of Luapula province Not to be swayed by detractors who are peddling lies and making promises to develop the province

Dr Wanchinga was in Mambilima constituency to hold meetings with PF functionaries and to deliver desks and equipment for schools and clinics.

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  1. ……”who are peddling lies and making promises to develop the province” !!

    Which UBUFI POLITICIANS are those? The ones that have been IN GOVERNMENT since 2011? Or the ones that have BORROWED US $ TEN BILLION and have now run out of money so that they are not initiating any new projects?

    2021 is coming soon. If they have done nothing except steal for five years do you really think a leopard can change its spots in the remaining four years?

    Dream on!


  2. Start cleaning the cities first more expercialy the toilets than you can start talking developments



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