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Chilenje House, which is a National monument, contains things used by our first President Dr Kenneth kaunda

Photo Gallery Chilenje House, which is a National monument, contains things used by our...


    • Yes, you would say property grabbing, but I was a primary school teacher with no accommodation in Lusaka and no relatives, I had just been posted to Lusaka from College and had no where to start from, them I discovered this abandoned house in Chilenje with a burnt Land Rover balancing on rocks, so I started inquiring over the owner, went to Cabinet Office, knocked on some doors, only to discover ati yaba Kateka mukalamba and it was on the agenda for renovations. However, this process landed me a flat at Government Flats behind Kabwata Police. My Voice was heard and probably pushed the government to renovate the Chilenje State House.

  1. Continental Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Korea, India, Arab World, Israel, Scandinavian Countries or simply I should say all other countries in the world cherish their heritage. Here in Africa particularly our country Zambia our aim is to destroy them. What kind of people are we? Imagine our Cabinet office, ex ZIMCO/INDECO buildings, with such beautiful architecture, we do not even have running water and people occupying the offices are more than happy to use drums for water. We must be serious…..

  2. If a lot of our young generation spared a bit of their leisure time to visit the Chilenje Old House and took a look at what the KK family possessed. They would learn a lot of things. Good things don’t just come like that. From that humble house and just a stone’s throw from the Colonial Governors’ house and the Arakan Bks KK and team were able to plan how to liberate this country. What has the current general learnt from the past? There is just greedy for possession of material things and immoral conduct etc. the list is endless. There is no more PATROTISM ZERO ZERO. I cry for this country and our current generation if not careful will end up auction this country to cruel foreigners. The govt. has to move fast and change our education curriculum otherwise we are in trouble.

  3. Nice to see that Mama Betty Kaunda’s (Zambias a First Lady); rudimentary kitchen and items are still intact!

    • Actually, that Wood Stove, where the kettle is, would fetch quite a bit on the antiques market these days.

  4. Zambians why are you comments so negative in all issues, people lets grow to show maturity when start commenting positively then maturity begins…………..

  5. All those things including the hause can be put into a Museum so that the land can be used for something else!
    Rosa Parks house was moved to berlin.

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