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Kambwili and Lusambo’s rivalry worries FODEP

Headlines Kambwili and Lusambo's rivalry worries FODEP

Roan Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, addresses Masaiti residents during a public hearing by the committee in the district
FILE: Roan Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, addresses Masaiti residents during a public hearing by the committee in the district

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says it is deeply concerned with the continued rivalry between Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili and Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo.

FODEP Executive Director Chimfwembe Mweenge states that the current happenings between Mr. Kambwili and Mr. Lusambo who is also Copperbelt Minister has become a concern as the two have taken things personal and the situation is likely to disturb the development of the areas the duo represent.

FODEP Executive Director Chimfwembe Mweembe noted that there is no law that restricts a Member of Parliament from visiting a constituency that is not his and it is not right for Lusambo to state that Kabushi constituency is a no-go area

“We would therefore, like to urge the two leaders to consider making amends and forging ahead in the interest of the nation and the people who elected them,” Mr Mweenge said.

Mr. Mweenge further appealed to youths not to allow themselves to be used to champion the feud between the two members of parliament but instead occupy themselves withmore productive ventures to better their livelihood.

On Tuesday 24th October 2017, Mr. Lusambo chased Kambwili from Kabushi constituency when the latter attempted to tour the gutted Kapalala Market.

And Yesterday Lusambo published the statement below


I recently travelled to Luanshya in the company of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the great leader of this great nation to Roan Constituency to check on developmental projects in that area.

It was disappointing to see the level of under development in the constituency where Hon. Kambwili has represented the people as Member of Parliament for several years.

I observed that some of the most neglected people in Roan Constituency happen to be Marketeers trading at Roan and Mpatamatu Markets.

These people are in desperate need of capital to improve their business and there is also an urgent need to improve their trading areas.

It is therefore interesting that today Hon. Kambwili found it convenient to invade my Constituency Kabushi on a desperate mission to lie to the people who were affected by the recent Kapalala Market fire that he has a solution to their predicament.

What was however even more interesting is that the people elected to ignore Hon. Kambwili while a few of those that choose to listen to him ended up booing him after realizing that he was just issuing empty and ignorant statements.

I wish to warn Hon. Kambwili that he will do well to first clean up the mess he has created in Roan than wasting his time coming to Kabushi.

As he found out today, Kabushi is very intact politically and no amount of political buffoonery from buffoons like him would change that .

Kabushi will remain a no-go area for foolish politicians like Hon. Kambwili because we are busy working to improve the lives of our people in the area.

The Marketeers at Kapalala ignored Hon. Kambwili because they are aware that very soon, a modern state of the art Market will be constructed and all the victims of the fire will be given financial assistance in line with the assurance from President Lungu.

For the information of Hon. Kambwili, works to improve the water and sanitation situation in Kabushi will soon be completed while road works have also progressed.
The people of Kabushi know that come 2021, Kabushi Constituency will never be the same again.

From the evidence of his afternoon’s shenanigans, Hon. Kambwili should now be fully aware that he is a political lightweight who cannot compete with him.

His supposed political weight can only be felt in his own house among his own children. If he cares to know, I will be available to offer him some extra lessons in political strategy and relevance-at no fee.

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  1. Lusambo need grow up. The relationship between Kambwili vs Lungu is the traditional “chimbuya”. Same was RB vs Sata.
    So Lusambo has misunderstood, and ukuibikamo mulyashi is bad.

    • NASA statement on Kenya’s presidential elections, “The August elections and the one scheduled for tomorrow are part of the emerging trend of electoral autocracy gaining ground in Africa. This is a system where dictators give a cloak of democratic respectability by organizing sham elections every four or five years, which they must “win,” at any cost.” I see Uhuru Kenyatta visiting a certain southern african country soon.

    • Celebrity 101 – Revisit the Course. Odinga is just an agent of vested foreign interests. His bitterness is the problem and to think that he is destined to rule Kenya is one of his shortcomings. In this country we have had three political parties winning elections and forming govt. Do not reduce this achievement to the level of Mr. Odinga’s bitterness.

    • Abilima-Regardless of Odinga’s shortcomings, I’m sure if you’re following the current ongoings in regards to elections in Kenya you have to agree that at the moment Uhuru wants everything to look like democracy is at play, but in actual sense the wish of the people is not being respected which is what is happened in the 53 year kingdom of Zamunda

    • Celebrity 101 – You may be too young but in 1996 UNIP here boycotted elections – and things came to pass. Odinga cannot beat Kenyatta in Kenya right now and he knows. All he wants is to try to get to Plot One through the back door. I do not know anything about the kingdom of Zamunda where you are.

  2. PF violence will never be abated. The only cure is to meet it with violence. If other Political parties continue to cower in fear, this problem will not go away. Buthelezi’s party was very violent in South Africa, but ANC met them head on and that’s how they scaled back. We need a Party that will fight PF tit for tat. That’s the only way.

  3. No need to to spread the violence – a surgical removal of thugs like Lusambo, Kamba, Lungu and Davis Mwila, will end the sh.it! These are the people depended on violence to survive politically!

    • Iwe how can you say that?Dont you know that these two are very educated?They are ndokotas.Can you retract your statement “with immediate effect” kikiki

  4. “FODEP Executive Director Chimfwembe Mweembe noted that there is no law that restricts a Member of Parliament from visiting a constituency that is not his and it is not right for Lusambo to state that Kabushi constituency is a no-go area.”
    Mweembe, as FODEP Director, you should wake up and see reality as it is. Mweembe, you are aware that Kambwili was fired from the PF?? You know that Kambwili is being viewed as a rival now by his friends in PF??? Who can blame them, Kambwili has been on a campaign labeling him mates “corrupt”, right?? You expect them to receive him with open arms??? THAT IS THE MOST CHILDISH THING I HAVE HEARD TODAY, and coming from you, very disappointing. Mweembe, try walking in full PF regalia in the centre of Choma and see what happens to you, you wouldn’t…

    • @Zambian Citizen
      Even yourself you are just issuing a brainless statement, the point here is that there is no law that restricts an MP to visit. Whether CK was fired from PF or is labelling PF as being “corrupt”, that still does not mean he should be prevented from visiting that constituency.
      If you have concerns of being labelled corrupt, solve that issue under a different law, sue CK!!!. But please, do not create your own laws because you do not like what the other person is doing to you.
      No one asked Lusambo to receive CK with open arms, for as long as there were people who were ready to listen to CK, that is okay. Why do you PF take the law into your own arms, kanshi???

    • @Kanyenye: as usual, you don’t understand the dynamics of local politics. Yours is a theoretical view from your station in Europe thinking you can transpose what happens there to Zambia. It’s not copy and paste. Ofcourse there is no law that restricts Kambwili but like I have put it, is there a law that restricts anyone from wearing PF regalia or supporting PF in southern province?? I don’t think so, but people are getting smashed for supporting PF there!! So to avoid this unnecessary debacles, you avoid certain things, don’t you think so??
      Kambwili himself knows this dynamic and has used thugs to control his territory. So why tempt fate??? He’s at fault, and he will get beaten again!!!!

    • Iwe @ka Zambian Citizen,
      You don’t need European thinking or American or Australian transposed to Zambia. Are you telling me Mweembe is also transposing something on you? Why do you think someone wants to transpose something when you have it there as a law, and you have acknowledged yourself. Your problem is that your thinking is broken. Just re-read your statement above, its all PF here, PF there, PF……, you are thinking small and just focused on your PF. THINK big to understand the context. It’s people like you, who think you need to use “local dynamics” to force through your needs. The result is people are getting smashed just as you said. How can you even condone Lusambo`s behaviour? You should be condemning such acts, Mr. Intelligent!!

    • citizen

      Your level of reasoning is disappointing for a supposed educated person, why should lusambo chose who can and can not visit a market ? are you for real ?

    • @ our colonised kanyenye and spaka: suit yourselves. I see how our politics on the grassroots is shaping out everyday. Even car sellers have selling corners that are PF and upnd, I don’t need someone to remind me how the dynamics work.

  5. Bwana Bowman I find it childish for some one of your caliber to behave in such a disgusting manner. Firstly who has put a restriction on movement of people in Zambia who are Zambians? When HH wants to buy any thing from the market PF is jittery, Kambwili moves to greet his fellow zambians , you guys pee in your pants!!! the reason for all this kind of behaviour is dis-honesty. You as a leader should be transparent so that people dont doubt you. for how long are you going to behave like this? on the 18th you were praying and fasting ..for what?. God will punish you guys if you continue mocking him. Let every Zambian go where ever they want, say what is in their mind. You have not reduced PAYE, you have upped the cost of fuel, put in toll gates, bought fire engines at $1m each, were are…

    • Celebrity 101
      Ayi ati calibre?Calibre Luswambo has calibre?That is an insult please withdraw it or send it to the people who sold him his silly PHD

    • Ubwafya; Bowman is simply replicating MMD/RBs politics in PF; if ECL is gonna put a blind eye to what this Bowman is doing the uprising against PF will be unprecedented. Recall UNIP Kamalondo, UNIP Tekere Banda, MMD Scorpion Kodobi the list is endless such characters just subtract from the gains of the Party in government. ESPECIALLY at Ministerial level Zambians are very sensitive people to violence – make no mistake


    • Sure yayayaya! Please send a quotation for upto 12 good boys who have the specialty in ROUNDAS KICKS AYA KULUKOBO I need to move into Kabushi for Prayer & Fasting in order to exorcise the demons and legions in some guy MP there. PLEASE

  7. The one who appointed Bowman Lusambo should be feeling ashamed to have appointed such a terrible cadres as a minister with no idea about the demands of democracy. Two have three the likes of Lusambo, a sitting president stands better chances of losing at the general election because me and my family no vote for PF for the first time. We will come to register earlier Lusambo wait.

  8. That’s the caliber most sought after in PF, and they are enjoying it very much. So to day the one who appointed him must be feeling bad is an understatement, to say the least.

    • Because the so-called PF founder is a f.ool. He can’t continue with his f.oolishness just because he is a “PF Founder”. A political party is NOT personal to holder like yours.

  9. The statement from FODEP is hollow – let us not confuse freedom of movement and assembly to be equivalent to freedom to be s.tupid: Kambwili’s action was antagonistic and seeking publicity and sympathy – we all know this including FODEP. So, to single out Lusambo in this fracas is being careless and that will not help this nation. Let us be honest and condemn reckless behavior by anybody – and to be honest, it was not necessary for Kambwili to do what he did by going to grandstand in Kabushi – especially on Independence Day. If he was a sincere and mature politician, he should have worked with his fellow MP for the area and possibly visit the market together – wouldn’t we all have loved that?

    • that is how dictatorial corrupt thieves work………if you are a popular as you claim to be , why do you fear other politicians visiting your areas ?

    • I cant even respond to your shallow thinking.Ulye sana coz soon ni beans ilya mwalepela HH.Please just chew dont also insult our intelligence.The curse of the African man even education is abused for his stomach.Just chew baba.iSE TIVUTIKA.Responsible governments have always had your likes but they tried to control the economy and governance so we survived by working hard.You 4uck up the economy governace is left to pipo like Kampyongo and Kaiser and all we get are your insults?

  10. Fisakala fyonse fye. Ba lusambo just keep on stealing come 2021 you are a goner soon you will become irrelevant politically. After all we don’t even you educational back ground may you are just a grade two who knows?

  11. The PF needs to think through a political strategy that will keep the copperbelt and lusaka province intact. The formation of the NDC and earlier the Rainbow party is not good for PF as these 2 parties are chipping away its stronghold. As things stand, NDC is going to replace PF on the copperbelt and hence lusambo is clearly under pressure as he can see grassroots changing camp. With the political dynamics everyday changing, PF will become increasing under pressure as it tries reestablish lost ground. For 1, having lusambo who clearly has no political tact apart from cadre mentality is a minus for PF and the earlier they make changes the better as wise kopala is gone so is lusaka

    • Kabs
      You must be one of them filling stomachs till you vomit.Us we are happy let them continue on their path to destruction.Today we cant even express ourselves on the untold suffering they have brought they actually arrest for complaining about their agony,WHILE..Just chew with them IFWE TULECHULA.

  12. Is this abilima goon a body guard for lusambo or just another brother to one of his girlfriends? He seems to have lost all senses of right for crumbles he is eating under the table of lusambo. There is no law ristricting freedom of movement in the area in question, it is primitive politics that a respected position of a minister should be use as a cadre. You keep membership through development not by gangsterism,those are backyard politics used in the time of Mobutu of Zaire, when democratic was not known.

    • Your failure to distinguish between politiking by Kambwili and freedom of movement tells a lot about the level at which you are.

    • Abilima

      even kambwili has freedom of movement and freedom of assembly……if he politics , that is his democratic choice and right.

      Tell us what law is CK breaking by visiting a market ?

    • spaka like lilo – Please I expect you to be wiser than that. Did I say Kambwili broke any law? There are repercussions for f.oolish behavior though even when one is operating within the confines of the law.

  13. @abilima; In total agreement with your comment. If Hon Kambwili meant well or had to behave normal he should have used this opportunity to improve his bitter relationship with Hon Bowman Lusambo by surprisingly informing his counterpart of this intention to visit Kapalala market. But because of his egocentric attitude of, “Imbwili ni Mbwili” and out of excitement of trying to prove his political relevance to his new found friends in NDC Party decided to venture into Kabushi Independence Day tour. I thought FODEP knew who Hon. Kambwili was, for their own info Hon CK he is very antagonistic and enjoys playing to the gallery

    • Ba Fair Judge ubupuba.. My quesion to u…When Bowman Lusambo and the President travelled through Luanshaya..Did any1 say that Luanshya is a no go area for Lusambo…

    • Ba Mwansa – I expect better reasoning from you. Can you really question the visit by the President and the Provincial Minister to any Constituency in the Province? Forget about the no-go area rhetoric – it is just that, rhetoric.

    • @Fair Judge: Remember he was also trying to incite civil servants to rise up against the salary increments last week?? The civil service unions told him off and told him to stay away, reminded him that when he was minister he didn’t care. Only a shallow minded person can’t see through Kambwili’s antics. Roan constituency is in a mess, hospitals that were supposed to be completed with CDF funds remain incomplete, what is the sudden interest in Kabushi and the marketeers????

    • Zambian citizen

      That is why you savages will forever live in poverty……if roan constituency is a mess why are you and lusambo not exposing this mess ?? You only want little no go areas for your selfs where you can steal unhindered ….

  14. The reaction from BL is significant of the level and calibre of the man who is minister of the province!! I read this rot and my heart bleeds that these are the people charting the development agenda of this great nation. This man also exemplifies an apology of leadership that constitute the current government. They are a pack of praise singers who will foolishly defend the fire tender corruption because the present occupant at State House has instructed that all in cabinet must defend the rot at all cost! Its pathetic and insulting to the intelligence of nationals of this country to for them to convince themselves that we believe the empty little lies they tell.

  15. we need dialogue peace and reconciliation in this country not what these two guys are doing can you please grow in you thinking guys and concentrate on working than what you are doing now, don’t be like north Korea and USA.

  16. Its very disappointing that Hon MPs. from the same ruling PF can go to an extent of taking their political differences personal. In politics there are no permanent enemies but common political interest. The bitter exchange of words between the Hon MPs is uncalled and the top leadership in PF should ensure there is sanity in the behavior of its leaders at all levels. The two MPs are planting bad seeds to the future generations. For sure what lessons can Hon Bowman Lusambo teach Hon Kambwili? Mbwili may have his own bad side but to those of us who follow political dynamics of Zambia the Mbwili needs a degree of respect. These are the guys who propelled PF to where it is. We are coming from holding NATIONAL PRAYERS and celebrating our 53rd year of political independence and yet we have…

  17. There you are. You heard it from the horse’s mouth.PF HAS FAILED TO DEVELOP ROAN CONSTITUENCY. Bowman Kabongo Wa Lusambo does not realise he is dissing his own party instead of Kambwili. No MP uses own money to develop a constituency.

  18. Ck has just met his match coz he overates himself .i wonder how he claims Pf is corrupt and yet doesn’t want to leave the party… It’s paybacktime 4. Ck

  19. Hon.Bowman Lusambo is doing a splendid job by caging Kambwili because he thought he can destroy PF by sticking to it like a lice.CK must know that PF is bigger than anybody.
    All these upnd cadres who are supporting CK think he will split PF votes in Lsk and CB a thing which may favour HH as his tribal votes will remain intact in 3.5 provinces.BUT UPND CADRES FORGET VERY FAST BECAUSE THEY HAD A SAME VIEW WHEN MILES SAMPA,GBM,GUY SCOTT,ETC SUPPORTED HH IN 2016!!upnd again thought Wynter Kabimba would split PF votes.DID IT HAPPEN?NEVER!!SO IT WILL BE THE SAME WITH KAMBWILI IN 2021.PF LOVERS CANNOT VOTE FOR A SPOILER KAMBWILI IN LARGE NUMBERS-NO!!Kambwili must mind his movements or else he will regret!!

  20. Kambwili and HH are just empty tins such as Kenya’s Raila Odinga who after winning a presidential election petition in Kenya, decided to boycott today’s presidential by election!!!
    Odinga knew too well that the current president will win once more,hence boycotting to avoid a second embarrassment!!!
    Once more,well done Hon.Lusambo.you must go further by beating CK like you did to Major Kachingwe so that he can learn some good manners!!!WE NEED DEVELOPMENT IN ZAMBIA AND NOT EVIL POLITICS BEING DONE BY CK AND HH!!CK and his fellow losers must wait to try their luck in 2021 and not now!!

  21. If FODEP has any thread of intellect in its Officers, it should worry more on the Kambwili’s political gymnastics and lust of sowing confusion and brewing anarchy in other MPs’ constituencies.

  22. May be it is now time for the rich traitors, such as Kambwili, Musenge, HH, GBM, Obasanjo, Mmusi Maimane, NUMSA’s Secretary General, Fred Mmembe, Chief Mukuni etc took a trip to visit Kenya to console a politically ailing Railla Odinga about to fade into oblivion.

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