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Construction of first ever University in Northern Province to start next month

General News Construction of first ever University in Northern Province to start next...

Construction of the first ever University in Northern Province is set to commence next month.

And President Edgar Lungu is on November 14, 2017 expected to commission the construction works for the University.

Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile confirmed the development to ZANIS when he inspected works on the access road leading to the construction site in Kasama’s Ntumpa area.

Mr Mundubile said the construction of the higher learning institution has cheered people in the Province.

He added that the development is a clear demonstration of government’s resolve to increase access to higher education across the country.

The Minister added that the decision to put up the facility in Ntumpa area will open up more development in the region, saying several supporting infrastructure will be built in the locality.

Mr Mundubile further said the access road to the University will in future be upgraded to bituminous standard.


  1. Well done!!! Who doesn’t want to see such development? Despite dodgy deals by the current government, of which culprits should be punished, opposition need to start giving us substance of what they are going to do for us.

    • Muchinga, formerly part of Northern province has Mushindo and Robert Makasa universities and Northern is about to have one while other provinces remain abandoned. Northwestern province with the biggest mines in the country as well as other provinces remain ignored in terms of infrastructure development. Check the roads leading to Solwezi, Livingstone and Mongu and compare with those leading to Chipata, Mansa and Kasama. We are watching but know that every dog has its day because this is becoming too much.

    • @ Manenekela… I beg to differ, can you advise the state of Mongu-Kalabo road… the state of the art road in modern history cause the americans and other countries failed to build it but only China. Can you advise the state of the roads in Mongu town? I drove on that road and around Mongu – development is on mune. Please, do not divide the nation with TRUMPISM. Your argument has the connotation of the supreme leader himself. You are unbelievable… is that hurt speaking?

    • @flag Divide & Rule – The type of graduates coming out of the UNI despite it’s name, will learn and be aware of what is obtaining in the country. Developing a people with skills and technical competence, who will have a multiplying effect of peer informal education. This leads to a nation intelligent enough to see through a politician’s substance. Right now you have a country with people who are so illiterate and are voting without understanding implications, hence, stalling the country’s development. YOU CATCH THE DRIFT?

  2. Education and Health development are change agents for social and economic development. But they don’t amount to anything if they are not universally accessible to the masses. In the USA, Brazil, Argentina, etc., Trade Certificate and Bachelor degrees are fully funded by the government. Albeit we are a developing country, the Government should devise an effective student loan scheme for easy accessibility of public higher education systems for the less privileged.

  3. Considering that two universities are in muchinga(former northern province) whose geographical location remains northern province, and students can walk between muchinga and northern provinces, why not give this univetsity to other provinces first eg eastern, luapula, northwestern, olo western? Would that not balance development?

  4. What I can see with some of us bloggers here is ignorance, well if there is a government in place, it is the work of planners to do the infrastructure planning and not bloggers.
    We bloggers just say anything we want to say ! but the reality remains with those in charge. Universities in the country are not exceptional to those people around it , the same is with jobs if you are qualified enough you can work in any part of the world; not only Zambia or any one province , just see how Indians the Chinese are working in our Zambian mines .


    • @Anyoko.. This kind of thinking has no place in development what so ever. When people are trying to positively contribute you are engaging in detrimental insinuations.. For most of us bloggers in diaspora, lets take this opportunity to contribute meaningfully as time is of essence. We can’t afford to joke all the time.. It is this kind of laxity that is costing the country dearly!

    • Southern Province has very good schools and the best proximity to the University of Zambia. Northerners deserve a university today because they are the farthest from existing universities in Zambia. Just be patient, once Northern Province University is up and running, the next university will be in either Luapula, North Western or Eastern Province. Be patient and your turn will come.

      Those whose livelihood is academics, what have they done for Zambia? Just head knowledge does not cut it. You need to learn to work with everyone. Learn to share and embrace others. Be respectful and watch your language.

  6. HaLOmbe, HaJayJay, Nose Demon and HaSpaka are jealousy Hagain! Go Zambia go! You guys (GRZ) are doing a good job! Please do not listen to armchair critics they are fond of giving out Free Mansions!

  7. Put up sports facilities at that universities . In Muchinga the Kapasa Makasa university has no sports facilities,even a trained sports officer and yet it is a long the Muchinga mountain has sports facilities and yet we want educated sports men and women. We producing graduates who not fit ,every day ni BP office

    • The University Administration should work at putting up sports facilities. Don’t expect the government to take care of every cm of university grounds. Think strategically and act responsibly. Be accountable.

  8. President Lungu only commissions foundation stones. Non of the so called universities have been officially opened ask people in Chinsali. He will appear to be opening some of those during election time, better you ask Kabwe people who have vast experience in having elephant structures appear to be opened election time. They will tell you about Mulingushi Textiles where the president himself opened it with an allowance his pocket and those of his advisers.

  9. This is controversial but are thse universities going to be recognized internationally
    Why are we building universities when there is no employment for graduates as one blogger said we have educated chinese, chilean, australian, south african, english americans working in our mines.
    We want to diversify our agriculture so why dont we build agricultural colleges, aquaculture colleges.
    Look at sth africa and australia they both have huge sheep industry that gives , meat, and wool.
    That wool and cotton can be used at the defunct mulungushi textile mills to create employment for our less educated pipo. Graduates are too proud to do menial factory or farm work after 5 years of uni.who blames them

  10. Where is the money coming from which ZAMBIAN company is building it.
    The only compnay making money in Zambia is the company making the shovels for the president to turn the soil to start a project…..they are probably imported anyway.kikiki

  11. University construction is a welcome venture. It will be good to know what faculties are to be introduced at this particular University. Emphasis on research and development must be paramount as the country desperately needs to find answers to the current pertaining developmental issues..

    • Northern Province needs good leadership, good business enterprise, good engineers, good teachers, and a good environment overall. I suggest that the university have the following faculties:
      Faculty of Public and Local Government Administration
      Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources Management
      Faculty of Commerce, Business Management and Entrepreneurship
      Faculty of Engineering Sciences
      Faculty of Education and Democratic Governance
      Faculty of Real Estate Development and Management
      Faculty of Agriculture and Agribusiness
      Faculty of Health Sciences

      Studies in these fields will produce well rounded talent for well balanced development of Northern Province.

  12. Too many universities in one direction.
    Look at Eastern, Southern, northwestern, central and Western… Zero government university why?

  13. One Zambia One Side… That Northern province is a parasite province and contributes less to the treasury but it is the number one province in receiving development. What is the secret? Is it the usual tribal division we experience from the people from that province.
    As long as this country was not made by God but colonialist. So one day we will cut it back in its original form.

    • So you want to leave it a parasite province for ever. That is terrible thinking. Please allow Northern Province to change. I support what the government is doing.

  14. Kukuki I don’t think you know much about Northern Province. If you actually spent time in Northern Province you will return to your province with your eyes full of tears. Northern Province despite having the first president from there is the most neglected province. The leadership has always been afraid of being accused of biased development towards Northern Province, so over the years there was no development at all. It is only now that it is trickling there. Please don’t prevent the little development Northern Province is about to receive from reaching it. Be kindly considerate. Just imagine Kasama airport has no paved runway, the whole province has no university, there is no one factory producing any product you can point to in Northern province. The place is only known for beans and…

  15. @ANYOKO If Bembaz are illitrates, thieves, and bad people, then the government has made the right decision so that the vice you seemingly think is there could end. Then will be like other improved people like yourself. It is their tie so that they do not still your text books, since you said you are an accademician. Talking ill about other peoplle will not help you. You may think you are better when you have failed to change your villages and educate your illitrates yet you are proud to be very educated. Respect other people then they will respect you as well. Hate speach will not improve your well being.

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