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Inonge Wina as a woman of integrity with no scandals-Kambwili

General News Inonge Wina as a woman of integrity with no scandals-Kambwili

President Edgar Lungu is being seen off by vice-President,Inonge Wina at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport before departing for Angola.
President Edgar Lungu is being seen off by vice-President,Inonge Wina at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport before departing for Angola.
Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has described Vice President Inonge Wina as a woman of integrity with no scandals.

Contributing to debate on the budgetary allocation for the office of the vice president, Mr Kambwili who has recently been making corruption allegations against President Edgar Lungu and other government officials says he admires working with Ms Wina unlike other people and other offices.

He says if there is any office at the moment that he has a lot of respect for is the office of the vice president.

Mr Kambwili adds that people working in the office of the vice president are not seen showing off and doing wrong things.


  1. What no scandals …isn’t this the old hen who was both Veep and National Planning Minister for almost a year robbing the taxpayer by drawing two salaries. She is complicit in corruption as she is merely watching it happen, she has access to intelligence reports…to a BUFFOON like ck this is integrity.

    • Guys, tule kwata ko aka muchinshi, that’s your grand mother you are calling all sorts of disgusting names.

      And what you are accusing her of ie occupying two offices at once… so what? What if at the time she’s the only person who could be appointed ?? Is that her fault ? How did she break the law in doing such ?

      Chill my guy.

    • @JayJay, just apologize boyi. I can’t believe you dared to insult Bo Inonge. At least you call her “hen”, she has hatched beautiful chicks. Just imagine Inonge’s 35 year old daughter!

  2. That golden helicopter flew over residential areas twice yesterday. Both times under a 100m.. which is illegal according to our CAA.

    Blatant misuse of government coffers, and a blatant disregard to any law.

    What example do these sort of acts teach the population?

    There is no law…


  3. What she did in Kabwe when she installed the great Leader of this great nation without proper procedure amounts to scandal. But Kambwili cannot see it as such because he was with them in the camp.

    • But has HH responded how much he pocketed from the Privatization of STATE OWNED ENTERPRISES?
      What about the sold SOEs where he has DIRECT and INDIRECT INTERESTS?
      Did he or has he (HH) clearly declared to the Zambians how his ROLE in the process impacted THEN, TODAY and on the future of this Country – CORRUPTION IS CORRUPTION whether occassioned in Public offices, Private Sector and or between the two. HH is a product of Chiluba’s THEFTS!

    • @Mbala Mafia

      You should posed those questions to Chiluba before he died. When Chiluba was alive you all worshiped him like a God, But now you want somebody who was not even in government to answer questions about privatization? No wonder people are accusing you people of being tribalists. When it is one of your tribesmates you don’t pose s.t.u.p.i.d questions, onyl when it is a chap from another tribe. Here it is to your thick heads, HH was just a consultant hired by Chiluba on an agreed professional fee. Privatization was Chiluba’s programme, not HH’s programme. Get over it and get yourself a life, seeing you are so daft.

  4. Talk kindly and good about others, they will also do likewise.
    Before you say anything about others,ask yourself, is it KIND and the TRUTH?
    THINK before you DO anything. THINK TWICE before you SAY anything about others.Physical injuries and Scars may heal and disappear with time.But unkind words inflict pain and leaves Indelible grooves on the Heart – Don’t hurt the feelings of others – it is the biggest sin. God is not happy with people who injure others feelings. God resides in all His Creation.
    God is not happy with people who talk ill of others. Don’t listen to a Tattler, he/ she will tattle about you.
    There is no perfect person on earth. We all have to coexist, with our own frailties, in a brotherly atmosphere.
    We are all Children of the same and one God.Let us learn to…

  5. This man is just a Chameleon. I am sure he will turn around after he differs with the same VP and shower her with all sorts of obscenities. Kaya.

  6. Is she not the one who went to have an injunction signed at 01, simply to perpetrate illegalities of installing a masquerade as a party leader and eventually as a national masquerade? If that is not a scandal or if that is integrity , then I do not the meaning of both words.

  7. Sitting around and watching corruption in front of you and doing nothing about it is as bad as corruption itself. Of course she wouldn’t have a DNA of stealing and ‘nchekeleko’ blood oozing in her veins like our friends from the north and east but she is just being used and installed on the throne as a lame duck. She was rewarded for fraudulently installing Lungu as a PF president following Sata’s demise.

    There was a time when I used to admire Bo musali muhulu Bo Kuku Bo Inonge Wina… when she was a NGOCC chairperson. She really fought for the poor and marginalised in society back then. These days, she is watching Lungu and his kind loot national resources and stealing from the poor. Bo Inonge please… either speak or resign in honour with your purported integrity.

  8. well, have no objection to CKs revelation she’s a model and even if she had done corruption it is something that most of us have done maybe. not corruption iyakweba ati no mwana alemona.

  9. Iwe @ 13.3 Chi Ndaje being summed today after investigating him for almost a year! Then his corruption must have been very complex or ba ACC are very inept, dont be dull ba ndaje naimwe.

  10. Half a loaf is better than none. Munkombwe honestly told us that every politician is in politics for eating and selfish agenda not the other way round. Mwanawasa was the last politician to resign from govt in protest of corruption and he’s the last one we will ever have. Given the appetite for maximum acquisition of material things the citizenry is gripped with, it’s lucky to have a vice president like Inonge Wina despite her previous illegal midnight maneuvers when she did what she did for Lungu and her herself to be where they are today. Given the high levels of moral deficiency gripping our nation, CK is very correct because at least Inonge is better than some of these ministers who are like daylight robbers, for lack of a better term. Nobody is capable of sacrificing there career…

  11. He (Small Leopard) lives in a glass house and loves to stone other peoples houses! Time will come Baba! Look behind and see your trail!

  12. Is part of Inonge’s job description: Seeing off Kamwendo Munjila whenever he is about to earn some perdiem?

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