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Rufunsa Girls Technical School in critical water shortage

General News Rufunsa Girls Technical School in critical water shortage

Rufunsa Girls TechnicalSchool in Rufunsa District is facing a critical water shortage as a result of the cost of running the pump and also that the surrounding villages
depend on the school’s water supply.

Rufunsa Girls Technical School Head Teacher, Harriet Mutale told
council Chairman, Bartholomew Kalambalala who was accompanied by
District Administrative Officer, Lunkuntwe Musonda and District
Education Board Secretary, Stephen Katuta when they visited the school
to check on how the grade nine examinations were going on
that the school was facing a critical shortage  of water.

Ms. Mutale said the cost of pumping water was too high as they were
using 420 liters of diesel to fill 20, 000 liters tank per day which
does not last because the surrounding communities with their domestic
animals were also dependent on the same water supply.

She said it has become difficult to run the school because of the
inadequate water and appealed to Government and other stakeholders to
come to the aid of the school by sinking boreholes in the
surrounding communities and also putting a solar powered borehole at
the school to reduce on fuel costs.

Meanwhile, Rufunsa Town Council Chairman, Bartholomew Kalambalala has
commended the DEBS office and schools in the District for having non
mal practice grade nine examinations since the examinations started.

Mr. Kalambalala urged the DEBS office and School administrations to
ensure that they were no examination malpractices in the District so
that the District can produce pupils with quality results.

And District Education Board Secretary, Stephen Katuta said he was
happy with the way the grade nine examinations were being conducted in
the District despite his office facing challenges of transport to
monitor the examinations.

Mr. Katuta said his office had no transport and officers were forced
to use personal vehicles and from the council to monitor the

He also added that  because of the vastness of the District his office has
recommended for the up grading of more community schools to primary
school level so as to reduce on the distance of learners to schools.


  1. Okay let’s slow down here. I think we are moving too fast.
    What has happened to the $42M scandal? Are you telling me no one is going to jail for misusing public funds?
    Has someone been taking notes on all the scandals that just recently surfaced? These issues are not dying today, trust me. They will definitely need to be dealt with at some point. We need to make people accountable for their actions

  2. Rufunsa no water? That is why Richard Nixon said “Africans can’t rule themselves” With all the water in that area are you saying thebuilders didn’t foresee the need for constant water supply?

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