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Turkey urges Zambia to transfer schools linked to a terrorist group FETO

General News Turkey urges Zambia to transfer schools linked to a terrorist group FETO

By Ugur Cil in ANKARA

Turkey is ready to cooperate with Zambia against the Fetullah Gulen Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind last year’s defeated coup attempt in Turkey, by assuming the running of formerly FETO-linked schools, Turkey’s labor and social security minister said Wednesday.

Speaking at a reception hosted by Zambia’s ambassador to Turkey in honor of Zambia’s 53rd Independence Day, Julide Sarieroglu said that Turkey is ready to work together with Zambian officials to clear her country of FETO infiltration.

“The transfer of FETO schools in Zambia to the Maarif Foundation will be the best solution to prevent the unjust treatment of students and local staff,” she said.

Turkey established the Maarif Foundation to take over the administration of overseas schools linked to FETO.
It also establishes schools and education centers abroad.

Nineteen African countries have handed over FETO schools to Maarif or closed them at Ankara’s request.
Sarieroglu emphasized that the fight against FETO “continues with determination both inside and outside Turkey” for national and international peace and tranquility.

“Zambia, with its political and economic potential, is positioned between the important countries of the African continent,” she said.

“We take care that our friendly relations with Zambia and our bilateral business partnership is developing in every possible area,” she added.

Zambian Ambassador Bwalya Nondo also emphasized the importance of the two countries’ relations based on mutual respect and common interests.

“Zambia is grateful for the steady support that Turkey has provided in different areas through TIKA” — the Turkish state’s charity arm, the Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency — and other institutions, he said.

FETO and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup attempt of July 15, 2016, which left 250 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

Ankara accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary.

FETO also has a considerable international presence, including private educational institutions that serve as a revenue stream for the terrorist group.

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  1. The corruption will one day land us into serious security situation as a country. There is just too much influx of Arab/Muslim related individuals into Zambia of late. I doubt if all these chaps have been carefully scrutinized. We need assurance from our system because we feel threatened because there is reasonable suspicion that there must be terrorists among them.

    • Have you ever wondered where all those ‘rich’ Somalians got there money?
      You guessed it pirates!
      We have no control on anything this is what corruption brings you.
      This rotten government will lead us to hell

    • Don’t say Arabs. You are using a broad paint brush to describe a small subset. This is how you end up creating enemy elements even where there may be none.

      DJTrump just realized that.

  2. Turkey: what a trustable and non corrupt government they have..

    Look at their history under the dictator Erdogan.. the depreciation of human rights and the clear ties his government has had with actual terrorist groups like ISIS.

  3. which schools are affiliated to this group ?let the ministry of home affiars and defence take a keen interest in this matter urgently.some organization may come in the name of providing charity to the citizen of this nation.

  4. Kalaba and Kampyongo can you please save us from these imports of thieves who are getting everything from our country, land, shops, school places, including our girl children. All of a sudden ZAMBIA has become free for the rest but not for the owners. KALABA and KAMPYONGO work on this!

  5. Why do we continually court these authoritian countries , we will just import their problems.where are we heading as a nation. God bless Zambia….please

  6. Most of the block making companies in Lusaka are run Turkish guys. Could they also be party of the so called terrorist groups?

  7. I was surprised to find a big company in the residential area between Unza and Munali roundabout without any signage in any other language familiar to Zambians but only in Chinese. Is it in order for foreigners to run a big business only known to themselves? I checked the writings on the massive walls and billboards, it was all in Chinese apart from the phone numbers. Is it not good to write in both English and Chinese so that people are aware of what they do?

    • You want investors, don’t you?
      There you have them.
      You didn’t tell them upfront that once they come they are to use only English

  8. I was thinking how LT put such kind of news Which was not proved by any authority .This is very serious. this can put some schools under suspect .I didn’t hear such a terrorist organisation before.These are stories of dictator Erdogan .There are a lot of articles and news about what is happening in Turkey in international media . Turkey and Dictator Erdogan must first cut the relationship with the terrorist organisations after that he can advice us something.

  9. You guys claim that you are a strong media…but look at your so narrow news resources:((( mmm..all international and strong media and strong countries know that it was a self coup done by turkish president to consolidate his power and purge all turkish stakeholders who not approve his political decisions..beside what is the intention of a terrorist group to open a school…such foolish news indeed..hence if erdogan want to contribute to zambia something, come and do..why does he concern about zambia 4 sho…are we stupid to allow terrorist to educate us. Shame:((

  10. Yes I agree with you Bwalya .We have our own relevant departments can know what is good or bad for our country .Zambia is a very peaceful country .

  11. What is Maarif foundation? Any ties with IS? Have to be careful… what about erdogan???? Please don’t bring this type of speculation here peacful Zambia…

  12. I really dont know why these funny organisations find themselves in our country, do the people responsible really track the people entering this country, even when they want to open facilities like schools, are they really scrutinized to see the organisations they affiliate too? One day zizakaipa pano pamunzi

  13. guleen had denied any involvement at the same night/ and he is not living in Turkey, living in Saylorsburg, U.S. since 1999, his age is 78 old and he is a preacher. Erodgna is Political / one day there another day not. school is a school

  14. This is not good news or rumours at all….ooooh! Yesterday heard of family of crooks heading for Zambia’ s Agriculture show as an investimate destination. Today, FETO school? ?????

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