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City Market on fire again

Headlines City Market on fire again

City Market

Lusaka’s biggest market City Market has again caught fire.

The fire has affected the remaining section of the market after the last fire incident which hit the market on 4th July 2017.

This time around, the entire market was engulfed destroying merchandise worth millions of Kwacha.

Eyewitnesses said the fire started around 23:30 Hours on Friday night from the southern part of the market.

Fire fighters only managed to put out the flames around 02 Hours on Saturday morning.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of the fire.

Government has not yet started reconstructing the market almost five months after the initial fire incident.

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    • HH for how long are you going to hold this beautiful country at ramson?
      this behavoiur is uncalled for, zambia is not southern province

    • Truth be told that the piece of land where City Market lays has been bought off by the Chinese to put up that “Modern Structure” Mwale talked about. It is actually long over due but since the GRZ has no idea of how to spill the beans to the marketeers the best they can do is send it up in flames and act like the good guys to say we are going to build you a modern trading complex…. Let he who has ears hear (or read??)…

    • After the first fire I would believe that security measures were put in place since it was blamed on some individuals. So how did they again do it?
      Then we rule out the possibility of those individuals doing it.
      What then caused it? Is it possible that this cause of the second fire might be same of the first one?
      Instead of blaming the opposition let’s be serious and rectify the problem. Propert of innocent people is being lost but we are busy politicking.
      Let’s be serious for once!

    • Let’s be sober minded this fire has nothing to do with HH, there are only two likely causes 1) sabotage or 2) an unintended accident
      If it is the first sabotage it is highly likely some youth who are feeling the harsh economic pinch as a result of widespread economic mismanagement by elements within govt that have failed the vision of the Late Great MCS.
      The second cause should not be ruled out, a trader, guard or police officer using a charcoal burner may have accidently caused this as has been witnessed in Ndola and other places. Electrical faults can not be ruled out either.
      Let’s not jump to conclusions, I’m 100 percent certain this has nothing to do with HH.

    • On July 11, the nation was told “Committee resolves to rebuild Lusaka City Market in 6 weeks”, 5 months later, we are reading “Government has not yet started reconstructing the market almost five months after the initial fire incident.”
      On July 15, Kanganja said”The Police Chief also announced the arrest of more than 11 suspected Arsonists in connection with the burning of City Market, adding that investigations in the matter have advanced and that the perpetrators will soon appear in court.” After 5months….Zero progress
      You have a many disgruntled traders who lost their only means of income, and you guys from a comfort of your PCs, you are busy accusing the opposition, honestly???

    • Only a fooool can not see a pattern developing here…this is the swiftest way to get rid of tenants by the corrupt PF officials and their Chine Construction team…to release the overpriced project figure of $20 million. This tactic is used in the UK to speed up Planning permission for abandoned buildings by rogue property developers. I mean up to now their has been no fire report or arrests …..these lazy people in govt are simply corrupt and soulless individuals.

    • HH while on your travels in UK to get your awards -please go and tell these folks that my party is burning markets. This is a low below jab by UPPD

      You want the country to be unmanaged so that you can reasons to sell yourselves abroad and say he current regime has failed.

    • This has all the unintelligent hallmarks all over it so it points to PF/lungu. Remember how they tried to kidnap themselves and later blamed UPND? in Bweengwa? Their brains are not wired to accomplish anything successfully.

    • Corrupt Lazy Lungu and tins would burn their grandmas houses with their nannies in it just to sell the land to the Chines…these are the most dishonest Zambian people I have come across yet these people with their flamboyant bishops will never miss National Prayers day!!

    • Either it’s Kambwili and Musenge or it’s another excuse to buy more wheelbarrows. Zambians should now brace themselves for a fresh set of wheelbarrows turning up, National prayers will follow meanwhile Jonathan Chaima Lungu will carry on travelling and burning aviation fuel.

    • @Hehe mwaibala pamene apa ati you was fasting and praying, how will God answer your prayers when mukalibe kusiya boza. So sad the exponential ignorance among youngsters in Zambia.

  1. The one who did it first is the same so now the mission has complete, Zambia police investigation (yapa first atibwaji)

    • And they want to spend $20 million on a mere market where people are selling cheap second hand cloths, Kapenta and Impwa…..they simply throw figures about like its roasted maize in a tin. I mean how did they come up with such a colossal figure 7 days after the fire? It really pains me and even worse than that they know that we are a docile people.

  2. amagedon. ati the fire started from the south. read the article word by word.

    look at the Dollar now

    why did you release him

  3. Lungu wants to create an army state. They will continue burning markets and other strategic points in order to state that is why we need to increase military prescents. I fear for our peaceful country – ever since PF came into power there has been nothing but chaos, corruption and erosion of unity !

    • Not at all…this is just one way to steal – how can a fire break out twice? You mean there are no fire extinguishers….these people want to steal money through overpriced contracts!!

  4. going to polls with 3provinces

    no councillor in lusska. cb. north. muchinga.east.luapula.

    how did he win in kalulushi and lundazi.

    u5 thinks hs is a heavy weight yet he is just a tribal heavy weight.

  5. before 2021 you will see a modern mrket. the idea is to remove street venders.

    we are aware u5 wants to use vendors . copying sata tricks

  6. The Supreme leader Hayatolla Hakainde is still unleashing Armageddon on poor Zambians.
    His ending will be his worst nightmare.

  7. fire outbreak news for city Maliketi is now a circus just get used to it people and move on. Just look at the people in that picture they are not concerned there busy going about there business. Unless you are like Mushota who doesnt have anything else to do exccept blogging on LT.

  8. While marketers are crying over the burnt market, KCM miners on copperbelt are also crying of outsourcing and farmers crying of expensive fertilizer but cheaper price of maize buying by FRA. What a country with leaders who do get information from grass root.

  9. This is kapoyongo and lungu wanting to justify spending $42 million.

    We said this before, expect more fires to deflect public attention from the outcry of 42/42…..

    • Chine market coming with Chine Tenants selling cheap Chine poisonous products….who is going to afford rent in a market corruptly built for $20 million from selling Kapenta?

  10. The powerful fire engines were finally put to use, the time taken to put off the fire doesn’t add up, we should have gone for the
    $4, 000,000 ones, they are able to put off the fire in 2 minutes.
    Must be ashamed of yourselves for stealing from our government with the pretence that it is for the protection of beings and properties. Pray that God makes holes in your pockets.
    To my family members that lost their livelihood in these fires, I will say vote wisely next time.

  11. Up to now, investigators have not found out who caused the first fire. Is it not because the outcome was not favourable to the authorities just like Gabon disaster? Or is it embarrassment after some loud wild accusations of a rival political party for nothing? You can’t keep mocking God with falsehoods when he has given you authority over His people. God does not rejoice in such. Respect God’s people and He’ll lift you higher.

  12. so if ka u5 kicked a bucket then the ruthless illiterate becomes presidentof zambia.

    honestly would you think u5 loves zambia. he wants to leave us in the hands of illiterate brute.

    just wait soon he will be told. NDEFWAYA NDALAMA SHANDI IWE KA ch****ka

  13. Was there another goods worth millions of Kwacha??
    Just around 19hrs, all roads around city market are closed by youths and manned through out the night. So am thinking these propensity have seen the fire and alerted the 42+ fire tenders to stop the fire from spreading.

  14. The best is to leave UPND to HH alone. These fires will never end. This UPND has a primitive way of handling political issues. Soon they will start burning churches and malls. Be careful with them.

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