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HH meets Commonwealth Secretary-General in London, recommits to political dialogue

Headlines HH meets Commonwealth Secretary-General in London, recommits to political dialogue

HH meets Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland
HH meets Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland on Tuesday received UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who paid a courtesy call on her at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

According to a statement released by the Commonwealth Secretariat, Baroness Scotland and Mr Hichilema discussed the Commonwealth-facilitated political dialogue in Zambia as it moves to the next stage.

The Secretary-General reassured Mr Hichilema of the Commonwealth’s continued commitment to the process and underscored that its success hinged upon the continued political will and commitment of all stakeholders, especially the main political leaders.

The Secretary-General reiterated the importance of the process being owned and led by Zambians with the Commonwealth only playing the necessary facilitation role.

The Secretary-General once again commended both President Edgar Lungu and Mr Hichilema for the trust and confidence in the Commonwealth, their unequivocal commitment to the dialogue process and the warm reception accorded to her Special Envoy, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, during his scoping visit to Zambia last month.

She added that Professor Gambari is scheduled to return to Zambia to progress the process and outline next steps.

Mr Hichilema reaffirmed his commitment to the political dialogue and thanked the Commonwealth Secretary-General for her assistance.


  1. HH baume mwe! cracked BBC hard talk and now meeting high profile diplomats! Keep it up dude, atleast 1 guy to be proud of pa zed.

    • Shows HH is respectable too. ECL doesn’t like this, but if history is to judge him right, he needs to leave the presidency better that he’s doing now. There will be better things for him after leaving office.

    • lungu has disgraced himself by imprisoning an innocent man for no reason but just to show that he could get away with it. Now he is seen as one of the global village id!ots.

    • HH represents us very well. He talk about the situation as is and provides solutions. For instance , why would anyone be against the idea of an independent electoral commission?

    • The problem with this chap, Hh, is that he cannot be trusted. He tells too many lies…and has no respect for anyone…he thinks he’s entitled to become the president of Zambia, whether Zambians vote for him or not…

    • Hh thinks the opposition starts with him and Upnd and ends with him and Upnd. He will shocked when dialogue starts…he will left outside due to his stup!d demands

    • @Nostradamus
      Kekekekekekeke! Iwe boyi,
      Anyway before I say something, let me look at the picture again maybe I will see what you are seeing…….

    • That picture is poor, above zip, how can we prove that he didn’t have an “election”?
      This is why Laura advised that UPND media team need sharpen up, So much to brag about HH.

    • @Nostradamus
      Am still trying to edit and manipulate that picture… Wait let me see…
      Kekekekeke! Wait boyi, you will have your proof soon

  2. Dialogue with who??? The president you refuse to recognise??? I thought you are waiting for your “petition” in the courts???

    • I am equally amazed about the low level comments above. HH on Hart Talk was talking about the “Petition in Courts of Law”, and reaffirmed his refusal to recognize ECL as President. So, what dialogue, with who? The Commonwealth Secretariat needs to be categorical about this issue. There will be no dialogue with an arrogant loser.

    • Gentlemen,
      Why are you making a fuss out of that sentence that HH refuses to recognize ECL?
      You and I know about this, its nothing new and even ECL is aware of it AND regardless of that accepted to continue with dialogue.
      So what is your problem? Are you saying blindly agreed to have dialogue? The Commonwealth Secretariat cant be categorical because ECL agreed to those conditions.
      Please do not confuse others.

  3. Hate him or Like him HH says let the courst hear the petition he will have no problem to recognise his presidency. 2. Dialogue does not mean HH should recognise Lungu first , he is simply saying he needs the contents of that dialogue… eg If the first item is hearing the petition ..yes ECL and HH or PF AND UPND CAN DIALOGUE OVER THIS MATTER that upnd wants petition heard and pf says no then through talking an agreement can be reached. DONT JUST COMMENT WITH A PRE DETERMINED MIND READ AND THINK THROUGH THE LINES

  4. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Let’s wait until he comes back home and see if he means what he says…

  5. Look at his face-HH cant even smile-very evil indeed!!
    Now Kainde,you will dialogue with who?president Edgar Lungu cannot dialogue with an arrogant creature like you HH who does not believe that Zambia has a sitting president recognized by everyone world-wide!!GO AND DIALOGUE WITH YOUR USELESS PETITION!!!
    ECL IS OUR ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT UNTIL 2021!! so Kainde,you can go and dialogue with your fellow bantustans in Dundumwezi!!

  6. It’s a pity that Stephen Sackur does not know that a presidential petition in Zambia has a life span of 14 days, whether 14 days plus 4 days of weekends is immaterial now aftet 365 days plus. And that there is no appeal as the Concourt is final. Under5 is therefore hallucinating about a dead petition. Look here under5, as Stephen told you, there is a limit and an end to everything, you cant spend 5 years fighting legal battles and holding the nation at ransom when the nation has more important things to attend to. This Stephen is intelligent and focussed, certainly under5 has been exposed badly on this one.

    • Stephen Sackur knows that when a suspected rapist refuses a DNA test because of some technicalities regarding the arrest, that suspect is hiding something…..

    • What happened to the 1200 votes in Kalulushi?.
      Like Governance Activist, Leslie Chikuse says fresh elections will be inevitable if the recent video confession making rounds on social media is proved to be true.
      A video in which United Party for National Development(UPND) Kalulushi Candidate Evaristo Mwalilino’s  driver  is revealing how Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s Kalulushi Constituency  votes where concealed has gone viral after it was aired on Prime TV.
      In the video, Wanna Chiyanga is confessing that his boss Mwalilino was given K21000, K360 000 for 21,966 votes and dropping the election petition respectively.
      He disclosed THAT  President Rupiah Banda, Information Minister Kapamba Mulenga and axed PF Deputy Chairperson for Elections Kelvin Fube Bwalya(KBF) and…

  7. Meeting foreign power brokers is what Raila Odinga and HH love cuz it gives their thirst for power new legitimacy and fresh impetus.

  8. @mzambia wa zamani please note that Uhuru Kenyatta won the rerun by less than 39% of the voters cast in the first round, after Rails Odinga called his members or supporter to boycott the voting, it looks suspicious, though Kenyatta won he has no full mandate rule. Ondinga can still make a point what happened to the more than 61% who voted in the first round did they listened to ondiga’s call to boycott? What a smart way to catch a thief. Africa is full of election presintial fraudters.

  9. But how do you jump to the rule of law and the courts only when being questioned and when in court you don’t believe in the justice system? When arrested you believed in political dialogue with the president but after your release, you decide to take center stage and refuse to acknowledge Zambia has a legitimate president? Perhaps it, for this reason, you feel that your reckless act with the presidential motorcade was because you felt President Lungu was just an ordinary citizen like you? If this is your view then the charge of treason was the correct.

  10. In Africa elections are only fair when the opposition win ,electrolcommissions are only impartial when the opposition win election, check across the continent, sad.

    • are you aware the stephen shukr visits these social media. thats how he new frm our comments that u5 is s just cry baby like odinga

  11. she looks very ashamed and embarrased from her body language

    but zooona.

    he says this on bbc

    he does the opposite that side

    he says that in sa

    he says this at chatan house

    the problem with u5 followers is that they fail to see all these anomallies because they are pre occupied with tribe.

    why does he keep losing. he failed to answer on bbc.

    the answer is simple

    he goes to polls with 3 provinces based on tribe. nothing else

  12. This hon. lady is sayin the procces of dialogue is owned and ked by zambians..

    in short telling u5 to stop his internation adventures in order to gratify his ego

    he lost . period!

    dont listern to kaluluship story. maureen mwanawasahip 2000 balots in a bin. lundaziship 29 000 stollen

    at least if he had a concillor in these areas one would listern to him

    so far iyi ni nkani yamukachasu.

    when pressing RED use brains not tribe

  13. Why is it during none campaigns Upnd always talks mor on social media but when elections come the all travel to dudumwezi…. Message approved

  14. 2021 you will lose again and as the BBC put you will petition the election fail to recognize the one who defeats you for 5 more years patron of all Tonga traditional ceremonies and leader of a bantustan

  15. The wheel of life does turn. The last time these two met was in Mukobeko prison when Scotland came to mediate HH’s release. Today they are meeting in London with HH as a free man! Still the wheel is turning and what will happen in the future remains a mystery. Those in power today may not be in power tomorrow, such are the vicissitudes of life. A lesson to live life in a manner that does not propel us into awkward light when tomorrow comes. Life has a way of making things we expect the least happening and history is littered with many stories like that.

  16. HH represents a people! A people with interest to buy off Zambia! He is a seller! Privatisation was just an icebeg. You trust him at your own peril!

  17. The Secretary-General reiterated the importance of the process being owned and led by Zambians ….with the Commonwealth only playing the necessary facilitation role.

    Does HH have to cling to the Secretary General with both hands to hear that sentence again?
    Let him come home to the round table for reconciliation so that the people at grassroot can regain the confidence in living as a united country.

  18. This meeting was simply awesome and gratifying. We salute our beloved President HH for being a true son of Africa .

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